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WELCOME to FULFILLED DESTINY Blog - Where YOU get to Discuss, Share, Contribute YOUr Mind’s thoughts to the HOW, WHEN, WHERE, & WHY to Fulfill YOUr Destiny NOW! Fulfilled Destiny is a Lotus of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, YOUr Wisdom and Wellness Community Lounge, whose team of Wellness Professionals, YOUr Soul’s Family, have each dedicated their WHOLE BEingness, to Uplifting, Enlightening, Transforming, Transcending and Empowering YOUrs!!!. Showing gratitude for the things you already have is a key element to making daily affirmations effective. Using daily affirmations improves anyone’s mental status, regardless of circumstances. The universe responds to our BELIEFS…and belief is part thought and part emotion How much of each is a blend unique to each and every one of us. Even though I lack proper direction and I have no idea where I’m going in life (or even why I am here), I deeply and completely accept myself.
You can use daily affirmations and intentions in all areas of your life; self esteem, financial, relationships, activities, interests, feelings, anything!

Print these daily affirmations and put them to great use by reciting them every chance you get!
NEXT POSTBetter health for more people - HEALTH, BEAUTY & FITNESS Another essential healthcare Insurance that covers the operating cost happens because of existence threatening or Major Medical Ailments and actions is known as as Critical Care Plans. By enjoying the small things, you will be open to the larger things that make your life full. I choose to see my purpose in life with ease in clarity This is the basis from which your goals in life are created. Using affirmations on a daily basis in our lives, can help attract money, success and whatever our subconscious mind is programmed to believe.
You can add content to this area by going to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard and adding new widgets to this area. Using a few minutes at work to meditate on your positive affirmations before the afternoon kicks in, or say it out loud in your car with conviction will aid in keeping focus..

I truly believe that telling yourself good things when you wake up, throughout the day, and before going to sleep is a very healthy thing to do. I have been going through lists of beauty, fashion, organic beauty and etc blogs just to see how girls are handling all the blogging. Create affirmations that are present tense so it is easy to run through your mind when you start the process.
You may have to retrain your subconscious mind to really grab onto what you are training it to make you believe.
I usually hesitate from commenting (I should stop, because interaction is the best way to learn), but this time I feel I have to let you know that you are amazing!!!!

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positive daily affirmations definition

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