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Caroline Adams Miller is offering a six-hour virtual course to coaches and other professionals who can benefit from her unusual knowledge base and resources in this area, and who want to get 6 hours of continuing education credits for their participation. For many years I’ve taught the perennially popular “Positive Psychology and Coaching” course to hundreds of aspiring coaches through first, the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and more recently the University of Texas-Dallas School of Management’s coaching certificate program.
Students frequently say that the course opened their eyes to the extraordinary power of Positive Psychology and how it can be successfully applied in any coaching practice, but that it has also transformed their lives by shifting their focus to how they can embrace the positives in their own lives, too, while creating more purpose and meaning. The course you taught on Positive Psychology is the most influential course I have ever experienced in my coach training … It served to help me become more aware of the benefits of incorporating positive psychology as an approach to facilitate opportunities for me and for clients. Your course on Positive Psychology provided a practical and passionate perspective about human wellbeing and achievement through recognition and self-appreciation of individual capabilities. Positive Psychology and Coaching has been a life-changing, awe-inspiring class and I am very much in gratitude to you for guiding us through this truly beautiful mindset of positivity! Now for the first time, I’m offering a six-hour virtual masterclass to coaches and other professionals who can benefit from my unusual knowledge base and resources in this area, and who want to get 6.0 hours of continuing education credits for their participation. Students successfully completing the course will receive a certificate for 4 hours of Core Competency training and 2 hours of Resource Development.
Caroline, this is the second time I took your class, the first in 2010 with UTD, and now in 2014. I gave this course five stars because the only way I can see to make it better would be to have longer class sessions, so that there would be time for more group interaction. Caroline’s energetic teaching style is the perfect compliment to the useful and sometimes amazing material she presents in this fast-paced course. There were many professional Personal Coaches taking this course, and I think it is equally useful for anyone who wants to learn positive psychology science and techniques and a helpful optimistic approach to living for those they coach in their lives — themselves, their families, their sports teams, and their teams in the workplace. This is the second time that I have taken a course from Caroline, the first being during my coaching training at UT Dallas. I really appreciate the fact that Caroline provides many interesting articles that are great supplements to the learning. Caroline, thank you for the rich updating of the evidence-based body of research from the fields of psychology, sociology, adult learning and neuroscience and for sharing in an emotionally honest way from your life experience and journey. Hi Caroline, I am a former student of yours and absolutely loved the coaching course you led through UT-Dallas. Your book “Creating your best life”, blogs and this course are making me a better person and a better psychotherapist. Positive Psychology is the youngest of the various types of psychology practiced today and although a coach does not treat mental disorders and illnesses, I have studied and I’m Certified as a Positive Psychology coach.  To help answer the question of what positive psychology is and what the positive psychology coach does, I believe it helps my clients to know the short version of its basic history. As a positive psychology coach serving the Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas , I will use the scientific techniques, methods and tools developed as a result of many scientific studies to help you ENVISION YOUR GOAL, USE YOUR STRENGTHS TO MOVE THROUGH TRANSITIONS and ACHIEVE LASTING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE.

My experience has been that it’s impossible to be the same person after being exposed to the research on happiness and its implications, so I get a lot of joy out of both teaching the course as a masterclass and also learning what people do with that knowledge going forward. Caroline has so much of interest to share, and delivers it with clarity and zest – no one wants to take time away from that!
Caroline, her knowledge, and all the resources she shared with us have already been tremendously helpful for me in my own journey.
Getting useful knowledge and excellent perspectives from an seasoned coach and author was very beneficial. The last week of the course I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of malignant cancer and subsequently did not take the ACC exam as half my tongue was removed, radiation did significant damage, and I was mute for five months.
This started what has become a lifelong pursuit of learning and helping others to benefit from the life changing impacts of applied positive psychology. Martin Seligman, a research psychologist, author and teacher at the University of Pennsylvania became the President of the American Psychology Association.  Being an expert in psychology and knowing well the tremendous contributions research had made to advanced the treatment of mental illnesses, Dr. Seligman set as the goal for the APA, a standard for scientific studies, data collections and analyses of various human traits and characteristics, inherent and learned, including optimism, motivation, individual strengths and individual virtues. How can a business coach frame the validated positive psychology interventions in a context that is appropriate for a corporate client?
The content is both interesting and useful, both personally and in the coaching environment. I have been a coach for some years and I’m also studying positive psychology, so seeing how Caroline uses positive psychology in coaching was worth the price of admission! Caroline is absolutely one of the most knowledgable experts in the world in the field, along with other seminal peers like Marty Seligman, Sonja Lyubormirski, Barbara Fredrickson, etc. Seligman proposed similar scientific models and methods of research to determine what is working or will work for a person to be happy and flourishing in their lives. The course content is evidence-based and was the perfect complement to all the experiential coaching training I have undertaken. I was also blessed to be presented with the Excellence in Mentoring award in 2013; the gold standard of WGU. I learned things that I put into action right away with my own clients and I continue to explore and use the many resources she provided.
This course is arguably the highest concentration of proven and emerging science and content in the field of positive psychology. In recent years, a highly successful partnership was formed between coaching and positive psychology, otherwise known as the science of well-being and happiness. I want to thank you again as your course was possibly the best I have taken in a couple decades and staying positive and using visualization techniques is why I can share this with you.

Both coaching and positive psychology are natural allies in sharing an explicit concern with the enhancement of optimal functioning and well-being, challenging traditional assumptions about human nature and arguing for a strengths rather than deficiency-based approach to performance improvement. I have been using many of the worksheets and processes and finding them very beneficial for myself and my coaching clientele.
I recently spoke at length with my oncologist about this and she confirmed many of her patients die in the first few weeks as they do not realize the impact that a positive approach to any problem is a very powerful tool.
Both claim that attention should be redirected from ‘fixing’ the client, or looking for signs of pathology (which may be framed as a job of therapists), to finding what is right with the person and working on enhancing it. The concepts of grit, attunement, and the ability to maintain a sense of humor are very powerful in achieving ones goals. I listened to a recording from one of the sessions five times to digest all the content and still haven’t scratched the surface of all the resource materials she provided. Judging by the number of papers in coaching journals and keynotes in coaching conferences, positive psychology has become an essential fixture in the coaching world. I may be the only person to regularly laugh during speech therapy as I found it humorous that I sounded like a stroke victim, and KNEW that I was going to learn to speak again (there aren’t a lot of mime jobs in Phoenix ?). If you are serious about applied positive psychology and helping people, this is likely to be the best investment of time and money you will ever make to progress your knowledge and tools in the field, as it has been for me.
Frequently seen as a theoretical panacea on which a convincing explanation for coaching effectiveness can be based upon, positive psychology has indeed offered a number of theories and empirical studies considered useful by coaching professionals. I highly recommend this course for everyone as Positive Psychology produces great results and as mentioned can get one through even life threatening events. However, despite these apparent successes, few practical positive psychology tools and models have been integrated into coaching practice. First of all, apart from a limited number of validated interventions, few attempts have been made to “practicalise” positive psychology concepts. The workshop aims to address the above reservations by discussing context appropriate ways to utilise existing positive psychology interventions, as well as introducing and practicing new positive psychology based tools and models developed specifically for coaching practice. Thus workshop will offer coaching practitioners a tangible ‘toolkit’ that enables them to translate concept to action in a ‘nuts and bolts’ way.

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