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Positive Psychology is the youngest of the various types of psychology practiced today and although a coach does not treat mental disorders and illnesses, I have studied and I’m Certified as a Positive Psychology coach.  To help answer the question of what positive psychology is and what the positive psychology coach does, I believe it helps my clients to know the short version of its basic history. As a positive psychology coach serving the Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas , I will use the scientific techniques, methods and tools developed as a result of many scientific studies to help you ENVISION YOUR GOAL, USE YOUR STRENGTHS TO MOVE THROUGH TRANSITIONS and ACHIEVE LASTING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE. Martin Seligman, a research psychologist, author and teacher at the University of Pennsylvania became the President of the American Psychology Association.  Being an expert in psychology and knowing well the tremendous contributions research had made to advanced the treatment of mental illnesses, Dr.

Seligman set as the goal for the APA, a standard for scientific studies, data collections and analyses of various human traits and characteristics, inherent and learned, including optimism, motivation, individual strengths and individual virtues. Seligman proposed similar scientific models and methods of research to determine what is working or will work for a person to be happy and flourishing in their lives.

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positive psychology coaching training courses

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