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THE LONG-TERM PHASE – After the disappearance of acute symptoms and the stabilization of the state, negative symptoms can continue to exist over a variously long period. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. This catchment area essentially covers all of Dublin 2, Dublin 4, parts of Dublin 6 and 8, all of South East Dublin and North Wicklow. Simply refer to your local catchment area services as usual, but additionally, if your patient is residing in any of the catchment areas listed, you should mention DETECT in your referral letter, and some of the symptoms you are concerned about.

Your patient will receive contact from a DETECT clinician within 72 hours of the referral, if community mental health services are satisfied there is a query of psychosis from your referral letter. The assessment involves a diagnostic interview (SCID-IV) which clarifies if the person has a psychosis, and if so, which one of the many types of psychosis.
On receipt of your referral from community mental health services, a DETECT clinician will phone you to let you know they are seeing your patient. Part of the disorder is that you possibly have difficulties in understanding that you are ill.

This will fast-track the referral to us and we can usually start the assessment within 72 hours in a location that is convenient to the patient (e.g. Following the assessment, the clinician will forward you a copy of the feedback report, giving you full access to the patient's diagnosis (and any co-morbid diagnoses) and symptomatology.

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positive symptoms of psychosis schizophrenia

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