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Your goals will be automatically achieved when you start noticing and applying positive thinking in the various small areas of your life.
Do not let upsets bother you: Remember, success and failure are just two sides of the coin.
Do not classify things sharply: It is not right to form strong and definite opinions about people and situations.
Something that appears as a threat to you today might actually be a disguised opportunity. Just as you cannot force the next day to come sooner, it is no use fretting about money and expected rewards.
Everyone makes mistakes, but it is more important that you are willing to grow and give things a try.
A positive mind is able to deal with problems in the right manner and arrive at more creative solutions easily.
He is a certified speaking professional and humorous motivational speaker who will be able to help you decide on the ‘right’ course. As I listened to him speak and trot out all the usual tropes of positive thinking, I couldn’t help but think about how misleading positive thinking can be, and how it can reinforce the inequality present in society. You will also notice that some of the very successful people who enjoy their life fully possess a lot of positivity.

I say that with a provision nonetheless, which is this: When used properly, positive thinking can be a useful tool in your toolkit. It shows up in the law of attraction, which argues that what you think about is what you’ll attract and manifest in your life.
For example, if you are poor or obese, according to the law of attraction, it must because you attracted such states of being with your thoughts (we’ll discuss the problems with the law of attraction in more detail below). The other common conception of positive thinking is one where you adopt a positive attitude and thought about any situation and use that positive attitude and thought to get you through it.
The concept of positive thinking shows up a lot in our culture, to an extreme that leads to a lack of empathy and non-recognition of others’ circumstances. Not every person faces the same circumstances or has the same options available to other people.Reinforcement of privilege. It reinforces privilege by arguing that the only thing stopping a person from succeeding is their own thinking. It does not recognize that a person will encounter different experiences because of their race, sexuality, or class and that those experiences may limit their opportunities. It is not enough to think positively in such situations, especially when such situations will not change by positive thought alone.Lack of understanding and empathy.
When we blame others’ circumstances on failure to think positively, such lack of understanding creates an inability to connect to or empathize with what other people are experiencing.

This thinking poisons our ability to connect meaningfully with other people and makes it much harder to enact social justice.Victim-blaming.
It even creates a lack of perspective for the person believing in such thinking, because when that person has bad experiences, they will see those experiences through the lens of the law of attraction, instead of actually seeing the circumstances for what they are. That lack of perspective can cloud a person’s ability to determine how to remedy the situation. Even if a person utilizing positive thinking has some degree of success, the lack of awareness the person may have in regards to the situations other people are experiencing can reinforce the divides and problems our society faces.It is important that we examine our spiritual practices carefully and make sure that if positive thinking is part of such a practice, it is weighed carefully. The proper perspective on positive thinking allows us to utilize it, but it also keeps us grounded in the realities of life and recognition of the challenges other people face. Taylor has a background in both Eastern and Western Magical practices, as well as being an experimenter with magic.
When Taylor isn't working on his latest magical project, he is a business coach, who helps businesses grow, as well as an avid gamer and exerciser.
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