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Safety and risk management education benefits managers and leaders across any organisation. This course is designed for managers, professionals and senior leaders who are required to understand and apply safety and risk management principles.
You'll gain a solid understanding of leading, managing and ensuring effective implementation of safety and risk management systems in industry. We can tailor the programme to satisfy your individual, organisational and continuing professional development needs. This allows you to complete individual modules for University credit which may be useful for those looking for career development or building a CPD portfolio.
Assessment Assessment is based on continuous assessment of written assignment - there's no examinations.

This programme is designed for people who already have a suitable combination of academic ability and work experience. Applicants holding a recognised University degree or equivalent qualification will be eligible to join the Safety and Risk Management Leadership Programme at Postgraduate Certificate level.
We're home to an International Study Centre offering international students who do not meet direct entry requirements the option to complete an undergraduate or advanced foundation course and pre-masters programmes. We've a thriving international community at the University of Strathclyde, with students coming here to study from countries across the world. This might be in daily decisions, as part of a strategic overview or as a requirement of continuing professional development (CPD).
It can be customised to individuals and their organisations, all with the support of a personal tutor providing the appropriate level of guidance and feedback.

Modules are designed to deliver current, relevant and applied safety and risk management training and education. You can undertake one or more modules over the course of the academic session and pay your fees per module. Applicants who don't have the relevant qualifications will be assessed for admission on the basis of their portfolio of courses undertaken, accreditation of prior learning and relevant work experience.

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postgraduate risk management courses in india

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