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The giveaway was part of a promotion aimed at giving the lottery more attention.  Lottery officials also sold tickets outside the ballpark right up to the 8pm deadline.
Lotto officials also have the following information on help for anyone with a gambling problem. One woman from Michigan reportedly won the entire $310 million jackpot on Wednesday night after almost two months with no winner.
The winning ticket was sold at a Shell gas station in Three Rivers, with M Live reporting that the manager of the business said she knows who the winner is but did not reveal her name.
Whether there is a winner tonight or not, it will be even harder to win the jackpot in the next Powerball drawing on October 7. The slimmed-down odds may lead to bigger jackpots in the future, with a chance that lottery players could see a billion-dollar jackpot as a result of the rule changes.
SCOTTSDALE, AZ - No one in Arizona won the $564 million Powerball jackpot , but the state does have two new millionaires.The Arizona Lottery announced on Thursday morning that two $1 million tickets were sold in Arizona. The chances of winning are just a little better than 1 in 300 million. And yet at least three people defied those odds and walked away winners.
Powerball Conspiracy: Top TheoriesWith no one winning yet and the pot growing to over $1 billion, some think Powerball may be a conspiracy or even rigged. There are very few situations in life where the odds of it actually happening to you are slim and very slim.

With no one matching all the right numbers it has prompted millions of people around the nation to head to their local gas station, super markets, and other shops for a chance at winning a new historic power ball lottery. The previous biggest powerball winning was back in 2006 when eight employees at a Nebraska Meat packing plant claimed the $365 million power ball. There may even be a chance that with so many people expected to buy the $2 Powerball tickets that the already record high of $425 million could be even higher come Wednesday.
The $425 is not only the biggest in Powerball history, it is also the second biggest amount for any lottery(In March, three winning tickets shared the largest U.S.
Close to $3 million dollars after taxes is still a lot of money to me at least, I don’t consider myself to be lucky but I’m still going to buy a ticket, will you? The Powerball jackpot has grown to $425 million, the largest in the lottery’s history, after no tickets matched the winning numbers in a drawing Saturday night.
Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer said the jackpot could get even bigger before Wednesday, because sales tend to increase in the run-up to a big drawing.
In Kansas, one of the big winners of the record $656 million Mega Millions jackpot has come forward – anonymously. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Baseball and the Powerball collided at Busch stadium with some Cardinals fans receiving a surprise on Wednesday.
Saturday night’s jackpot is $40 million after one lucky lottery player won a whopping $310 million jackpot on September 30.

There were no winning tickets sold, so the jackpot rises to $50 million for the October 7 drawing.
If you win and want to take it all in one lump sum, keep in mind that your check will be based on the cash value of the jackpot ($25.4 million) before federal and state taxes are deducted.
USA Today reports that there will be more numbers to pick from (white balls) starting with the next drawing.
After running some rather complex number simulations, Walt Hickey, who runs the blog Five Thirty Eight Economics, states that the new odds will create a much bigger chance of Powerball going more than 17 weeks without a winner — and that may be the key to pumping the jackpot up to a billion dollars. They were from Chino Hills, California, Florida, and Tennessee. You can read more about the winners here. She's also a featured cat blogger for CatTime, runs a post-apocalyptic blog, and is a guest writer for a number of publications. Ticket sales were said to have skyrocketed before the then new Powerball record, and now ticket sales are once again, expected to make a major jump before the Wednesday Powerball drawing. The balls will be numbered 1 to 69, up from 59, making the odds increase from one-in-175 million to one-in-292 million.

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powerball winning numbers saturday night

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