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Developing Pre-Writing Skills in Early Childhood Infographic Most research on early writing has focused on lower primary-aged children which means studies on younger children (from 2-5 years) are a little thin. I bought 3 pencils which are colored with 3 different colors on the outside ( regular pencils available in any craft store). Keep visiting this website for lots more workbox activities for children with autism as well as preschool children. I am an early childhood development and learning specialist with over twenty years experience as a pre-k teacher and also as a licensed child care provider. Working on holding the chopstick properly and encouraging a three finger (tripod grasp) is the foundation of pre writing skills.

There are so many ways to build up pre writing skills so that the challenge of actually writing on paper won’t be so difficult. When he has done that, he picks up the second pencil and fills out the corresponding color card.
Not only do I get to host an awesome blog hop with amazing ladies, I get to try out great fine motor play ideas to share with you. Tracing or making lines using a finger, the eraser part of a pencil, a stick or even a chopstick (like us) is awesome fine motor practice for eventually writing letters on paper. He enjoyed making swirls around them and whatever lines he wanted which is awesome pre writing practice.

The 3 different cards and pencils break up a longer writing activity into 3 parts and help to keep a child motivated. Please check out all the other great ideas here for developing fine motor skills in your child!

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pre writing skills checklist

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