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The Comprehensive Presentation Skills Course is very thorough, detailed, comprehensive, and practical. During my coaching session with Lixin, I suggested to her to try to visualise the happiest moments she had – which she said were riding on the motor-bike, because she felt liberated.
Steve, whom I coached during a Public Speaking Course (Singapore), was a great technical expert who can have an explanation for anything connected with technology. One of the most common fears shared by my participants in my Public Speaking Course (Singapore and Malaysia) is about their fear of FORGETTING their lines. Alice attended my Effective Public Speaking Course (Singapore) and she is is not nervous, she has key messages, and she is reasonably competent managing the audience. But perhaps she has the most serious problem – nobody remembers her after she speaks. I hope your find this coaching useful – please LIKE this article or share it with your friends!
Written by Tan Teck Kim, trainer and coach in Effective Presentation Skills Courses, Delivering With Impact workshops. Contact Tan Teck Kim if you wish to enrol of the latest Effective Presentation Skills Course (Singapore) or Impactful Public Speaking Course (Singapore and Malaysia). Ripley Training was established by Mike Smith, a Chartered (MCIPD) Training and People Management Specialist in 2006 to provide high quality training and brandeding across all the core areas of people development. Making a presentation to a live audience is one of the greatest fears amongst people in business. The course is suitable for anyone who is required to make formal or informal presentations to either small or large audiences and will provide a valuable refresher for those who have experience of presenting as well as individuals new to the process. The tailored nature of the course made it feel like it was made specifically for me and my personal development needs in a safe and constructive environment.
Tag: Presentation SkillsYou can learn more about how to improve your public speaking presentations and PowerPoint presentation design if you are interested to improve your presentation skills.

Public Speaking can be a terrifying experience for the uninitiated and uncomfortable for your audience. We also cover handling those awkward questions from the floor and appearing to “think on your feet”. The course is highly practical and interactive, We will give each participant, the opportunity to practise and fine tune his or her presentation, using our valuable learning tool-DO LEARN DO-where you acquire and master a difficult skill by practising it over and again. The full day course is divided into two sessions, a short theory session followed by a much longer practical session, interspersed with tips and advice. This process allows us to achieve the Dramatic Breakthrough™.  The moment of realisation, the game changer, the broader awareness that opens up a whole new perspective and understanding. Finally, we Cement the breakthrough so it becomes the direction of choice, so it becomes an evolutionary stage, a permanent shift. We have a unshakeable belief that everyone has the potential to succeed at the level they desire in their chosen field of work. Professional success is fulfilling only when we are personally fulfilled and free to enjoy our success.  In short, professional success at the expense of happiness, sucks. A Dramatic Breakthrough™ coach will give you the skills and tools that allow you to achieve more at work with less effort and more enjoyment. Our clients want results - They want to increase profit margins whilst retaining their integrity. The technical age is here and it brings with it more opportunity than ever for communication. Our experience at The Performance Business spans almost 2 decades and during that time, we have studied how people communicate in business at all levels and across every sector.
I have traits of both writers and improvisers, so being able to see adjustments that could help shortcomings caused by both was very beneficial. He has travelled to various parts of Asia to train country managers and executives to deliver impactful presentations.

We provide a choice of scheduled dates on most of our courses, bespoke in-house training for groups, e-learning and one to one brandeding.
This two day highly practical programme will help build confidence levels as well as providing a structure for putting together and delivering presentations aimed at gaining maximum audience attention. Delegates will deliver 2 practical presentations and will be able to measure their success with the improvement of the 2nd presentation after implementing valuable lessons learned on the participative programme. This section includes topics like presentation tips to improve your presentation skills and support your visual aids in PowerPoint presentations.Why Presentation Skills Are So Important?
You will learn how to deliver talks for small meetings, larger conferences and formal, presentations to your colleagues. The workshop is designed to help complete beginners and people who want to strengthen their existing skills to create a more professional impact. Has it ever happened to you that you had to deliver a presentation the other day- script was ready, your audience was all ears, you had also done rehearsals earlier, but still at the last moment, something went missing? If you are planning to make a motivational PowerPoint presentation then indeed it will take a lot of focus and a considerable amount of time. There is nothing like presentations are monotonous, it’s just some presenters make uninteresting presentations that may put any listener to sleep. We are communicating a message at every stage, not necessarily verbally, it can be written or even through our gestures. Your communication skills at your workplace defines the rate of advancement of your learning curve too.

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