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Planners have been around forever, but they are really the most genius way to keep it all together. If budgets are tight, with a little creative thinking, a spiral notebook could be transformed for anyone looking to adopt this idea.  Or, you can check out this AWESOME post on Centsational Girl for a plethora of planner eye candy and options on all sorts of budgets! Family comes first and with the hustle and bustle of all things entertainment, family functions, school activities and sporting events, important family bonding can quickly become obsolete. Trying to juggle homework, making dinner, baths, one-on-one time, story time and blogging was definitely a lot to manage without any type of direction. Just looking at all the times slots paired up with all the things that I was dreaming of accomplishing in any given day was great for ensuring we get time to do all the things that matter, from time with our little ones to personal time on our hobbies or interests. I was beyond surprised that when the day was broken out there was so much time in the day that I then instantly wondered how I had been wasting it away in the past! Only spending time shopping for what we need, saving some money not buying what we don’t need and then doing as much of the preparation ahead of time means all we need to do is peek at the planner each day and make whatever is on the list!
Want someone to plan your meals for you?  Want to be able to prepare all of your week's meals, in just one hour?  Check out this great blog, Make 5 Dinners in 1 Hour, which will set you on your way to do just that! Now it's your turn!  What are your time managing tips?  What little things do you do or systems do you have in place, to ensure your days run smoother and you have time to do the things you adore? All workplaces can become breeding grounds for stress – that’s just a truth in the world we live in.

Firstly, it goes without saying that prevention of workplace stress should be everyone’s top priority.
While employers should take steps to prevent stress in their workplaces, we’ve compiled some ideas that individual nurses can use to help themselves. Practice relaxation techniques – some people mediate, some people colour in, or perhaps you simply breathe in and count to 10.
Find the resources – knowledge is the key here, there are resources out there to help you, whatever your situation is. Spend time with family and friends – make sure you do the things you like to do on your days off! This program is a theoretical look at manual handling laws and practices around the country. This program provides the foundation for preventing aggression and bullying from both staff members and patients. About UsWe were founded by Rural Nurse Educators who understood how difficult it can be to meet your CPD registration requirements. However time, location and cost are all barriers to gaining CPD – not to mention that a lot of the courses out there are just plain boring!!
Make Family Night a PriorityFamily Night gets scheduled in each week at our house, just like an appointment. Solve the Schedule EquationOn top of tossing all of our important schedules and appointments into the planner, we quickly found that it was still easy for us to get lost in our nightly routine.
I popped my visual breakdown right on the side of the fridge, because it’s great to have a time management reference point if I ever feel like we are getting a little lost.

Of course not every day is laid out perfectly as there is such a thing called life, but having a plan for our days has definitely proven to keep our daily goals in check and ease in our time management prioritization.
Set Up a Dump ZoneWe use a memo station to stash kid’s papers that we get home throughout the week, along with all of our mail.
Work-related stress not only negatively effects the employee, but also the employer and the economy.
Nurses have a tendency to want to be everything for everyone, this is just setting yourself up for stress! If there is a conflict at work, make a plan to tackle it and challenge the way you’re thinking about the situation. Australian nurses are some of the best in the world, and our understanding of current practices and knowledge is key to our success. Our educators offer health education solutions for healthcare providers around the country. We’ve consulted some of the best Educators in Australia & have developed interesting & interactive online cpd programs at a very affordable price. However, we think there might be an infection control issue or two in bringing dogs to work if you’re a nurse! Therefore, we wanted to look at some effective tips for nurses to reduce their stress in the workplace.

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