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April 28, 2015 By Missy GerberOrganizers Northwest is teaming up with Graham Allcott, founder of Think Productive USA and author of the best-selling book How to be a Productivity Ninja to offer a 90 minute workshop on how you can be a Productivity Ninja™ and manage your attention, focus, projects and actions, as well as your choices and habits.
Are you one of the 49% of professionals who are overwhelmed by information and distraction? A Productivity Ninja™ is calm and prepared, but also skilled and ruthless when facing information overload. The ideas I took away from the workshop have proven extremely useful and have left me more able to tackle my workload in a calm and organized manner. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I want to tell you how happy I am, waking up today, in my lovely and much more organized home.
Organizers Northwest took the stress out of organizing my office and master bedroom closets. No one is born creative, but yeah you can find the artist in you and make every task a game. Enter your email to receive updates, our free ebook on running your creative business, and more free material, for life.
Learn how leaders, millionaires, and champions plan their lives to live their purpose and do their life's work. STEP ONE: Enter your info to get this free 1-page plan to live your purpose and begin your life's work.
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Your Life journey up to this point has formed perceptions about what you think about all day long and what you want this year. You achieve your goal PRECISELY BECAUSE YOU ARE BECOMING SOMEONE who can achieve the goal while going after it.

The achieved goal is a reflection of the person you became in the process of going after it. Accomplishing the goal is fantastic and fun, but the real lasting fulfillment is the person you become in the journey to the top of the mountain. Stated differently: pick a goal that sets you on an exciting path and meaningful direction. This ignited a passion in him to help others get the most out of their lives so that they can get the most out of life.
Aaron’s speaking transformed my life, his personal coaching course-corrected and uplifted my marriage, and his life strategies equipped me for a bright future. Step One: Enter your info to get the 1-page plan to live your purpose and begin your life's work. Armed with a mission to transform stuffy time management training courses into something more practical, human and fun, Graham founded Think Productive in April 2009. Her experience as a teacher and project manager for a fortune 100 company taught Missy the value of being organized. As soon as we went through my office together, it flipped a switch in my head that allowed me to go through all the other rooms in my house – I even cleaned out my refrigerator!! At first I was skeptical and could not envision how everything would look when they were done. You know that setting a goal changes the direction of your life and moves you towards your dreams faster than anything else, but did you know that setting a goal does something far more important than achieving it?
Pychyl states that, “The successful pursuit of meaningful goals plays an important role in the development and maintenance of our psychological well-being.” Our well-being!
Your legs and lungs get stronger, your vision and dreams expand with each new step, and life becomes more possible and fulfilling.
But after life’s stresses, curveballs, and responsibilities, you find yourself secretly settling?

In 2004 she decided to channel her passion and more than 25 years of experience into her own business - and she has been helping individuals and businesses ever since. Missy was able to ease my mind as she diligently transformed my world into a stress-free environment. Like I hate math’s and never remember formulaes so I write it down and sing it in the tune of my favourite song and keep humming it all the time.
This means you can achieve a goal, but what you really get is a reflection of you — which is why you want to set a goal that includes a refining process to a more fully developed YOU while heading towards your goal.
Maybe it’s to finally make a huge impact, get your voice out there, or to get in the best shape of your life. As a third generation Oregonian, Missy embodies the friendly Pacific Northwest personality, and brings a kind and non-judgmental approach to every person and project. Missy and her crew came up with many ingenious organizing solutions to save the day, including custom shelving, matching storage bin selection & labeling, and a clever system that uses two bike hoists to lift my 2-person kayak up and out of the way (Works fantastic! It includes the journey, the process, the bumps and bruises, and the highs and lows of going after your goal. Everybody has dreams, but not everybody believes their dreams can still come true, especially their now fading BIG Dreams. Because they lack the time, clarity, or finances they feel their BIG Dream is out of reach, if not impossible to achieve.

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