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POWERful Coaching for Powerful Resultsa„? is for busy leaders, professionals and individuals who want to learn a coaching approach to improving performance and results within their organization. Greater demands from external sources causing increased need for different leadership skills?
Whether you will take on a coaching role within your organization, or wish to add coaching to your independent consulting offerings, or shift your leadership and communication styles to connect in a more meaningful way to people, our POWERful Coaching for Powerful Results™ will prepare you to become a great coach.
The onsite training is followed by a Coaching Practicum, designed to develop great coaches! The Certified Process ProfessionalA® (CPP) qualification has a long and distinguished pedigree.
The first class was in 1995 and the content has evolved dramatically with the latest practical learning and case studies involving Business Process Management. In 2006 the BPGroup introduced the advanced Certified Process Professional MasterA® (CPP-Master) qualification. Utilising the very latest best practice the program includes seven levels taking the participants from a fundamental understanding of process through to Mastership. CPPA®'s are able to achieve immediate and sustainable change within the organisation through service improvement, cost reduction and revenue growth. The BP Group (not for profit established in 1992) is an international body with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The CPPQ is a staged qualification based on a programme of learning, networking and application, which fulfil the BP Groupa€™s mission to improve performance in businesses throughout the world.
In exercising its ability to award the Certified Process ProfessionalA® qualification, the BP Group does not recognise any other qualifications in lieu of the Certificate and Master assessments, nor the delivery of any programmes leading to examination, unless these are licensed under agreement with the BPGroup and its partners. The Certified Process ProfessionalA® (CPP) and CPP MasterA® qualifications are delivered globally in more than 100+ countries with 1700+ organisations since 2006. In the last five years more than 87,000 people have qualified as CPP's through the Open programme. The video below provides the imperative for adopting a different approach to engage and activate patients and meet the new expectations in health care today.
Lifestyle choices and chronic conditions are now the biggest threats to public health and sustainable health care costs. Since 2004, CCP has been used in state and regional pilots, telephonic and face-to-face wellness, disease management and care management programs (including 25+ BCBS affiliates), military health services, and care settings from primary care to long-term care. The World Health Organization, Institute of Medicine, health improvement experts and leading consumer advocacy groups emphasize that chronic care improvement and true patient-centered care require the active engagement of professionals from many disciplines, as well as a shared practice approach and interdisciplinary competencies. Nurses and advanced practice nurses, case managers, physicians, health educators, dieticians, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, psychologists, respiratory therapists, and exercise physiologists, among others, have all completed CCP certification. CCP certification is also often recommended for non-clinical team members such as community health educators, program leaders, or consultants who support health and chronic care improvement. In community settings, CCP certification can prepare informal community care providers to better serve underserved populations at risk of or affected by chronic conditions. Reduced tuition fees may be available for partner organizations depending on the number of CCP enrollees and the type of organization. Members of the following organizations are eligible for a 25% reduction off the standard CCP tuition ($1046 vs. All active, reserve or retired military personnel receive a 35% reduction off the standard CCP tuition ($907 vs.
Professionals completing the Chronic Care Professional (CCP) learning program are emailed a continuing education (CE) certificate upon successfully completing the CCP certification examination. HealthSciences Institute encourages Chronic Care Professionals to stay abreast of developments in the rapidly advancing fields of population-based health and disease management. You will receive a recertification reminder email approximately 90 days prior to your CCP certification renewal date. Recertification Through Documentation of Continuing EducationYou may recertify by documenting completion of at least 15 contact hours of continuing education (1 hour = 60 minutes) during your three-year certification period.
To recertify through continuing education, you will need to complete a brief web-based form documenting the title of each continuing education program, location, date of program, and hours completed. Upon review of the information submitted and receipt of payment, you will be issued a new Chronic Care Professional Certificate within 4 to 6 weeks, valid for an additional three-year period. Recertification Through Re-ExaminationAlternatively, you may recertify by retaking the current Chronic Care Professional certification examination.
Reactivating a Lapsed Certification If your CCP certification is not renewed within 90 days of expiration, as a courtesy, we can reactivate your certification.
To reactivate your certification, you need to pay a reactivation fee of $150 along with the normal $125 recertification fee.
CCP for ProfessionalsDemand is growing for practitioners skilled in lifestyle management, disease management and care management health coaching. CCP Certification ExamProfessionals seeking CCP certification must complete an online examination containing 100 multiple choice questions within five hours. CCP Benefits and Tuition FeesThe all-in-one $1,395 CCP tuition includes the 40-hour CCP program: 350-page color manual, online skill-building exercises, expert skill-building sessions (updated monthly) and exam.
Continuing Education (CE) Certificate A CE certificate is provided upon completion of the examination.
Put the power of the human voice on your coaching practice’s website and give prospective clients an opportunity to hear you and experience your coaching style before they meet you. Ali Brown has compiled the most complete guide detailing eZine publishing from formatting, publishing, promoting, and making money on your publication.

LearnMore Systems provides an easy-to-use platform that plugs in to your website, no programming required.
Attracting a consistent stream of new clients begins with understanding what interests your ideal clients, what their major struggles are, and what will make them buy your services. Get Fabienne Frederickson’s Client Attraction System™ and see the results-driven home study courses and breakthrough systems at work. Discover the secrets to getting your message heard by thousands and inspiring people to invest in their bright futures with your coaching programs.
Learn the secrets to running your coaching business from Ali Brown, millionaire coach and Inc.
The Coaches Console™ is the complete online system to streamline all of your administrative, business, and marketing needs together into one command center. Coach Training Alliance’s Coaching Compass helps you stay on course with quick coaching tools, tips and insights for building your coaching practice and growing your client base.
Accelerate your career as a coach and maximize your potential with a 20-lesson multimedia training program. Join Certified Coach Lisa Pisano for a free coaching TeleClass and learn how to build a fulfilling and sustainable practice. Join World Class Certified Coach Lisa Pisano And Discover The Inside Scoop On Becoming A CTA Certified Coach In This Free Workshop! Coaches looking to include weight loss issues into their coaching practice or wanting to specialize, exclusively, in the coaching of weight loss clients. The program includes a comprehensive 131-page manual in an attractive 3-ring binder, plus three audio CDs. This self-paced, self-study 8-week course, gives you the coaching tools you can use to build your practice with little or no effort. Value Marketing, a gentler system for increasing your credibility and perceived value that costs very little or costs nothing at all. Client Acquisition Model A step-by-step trademarked system for developing an effective marketing plan custom-designed to fit your style. Authentic Promotion A detailed, yet flexible, plan for confidently marketing yourself in total integrity with quality, class, and finesse. Read, listen, and learn the strategies, techniques, and detailed formulas used by successful coaches who hate to sell. Practice Pay Solutions integrates seamlessly with your website as an easy-to-use eCommerce system that doesn’t require any programming.
Coach Will Matthews describes the benefits of becoming an ICF member and his years of experience as an ICF coach.
Business professionals pursue personal development as vigorously as they pursue professional advancement. What is needed —and ultimately required to successfully connect with this affluent market—is overcoming the hidden obstacles. Discover the psychology and neuroscience of change and how to get inside your client’s head to catalyze change. Develop the unique niche market of coaching professionals and the interventions required to meet their needs.
Administer proven techniques to help professionals move from a work ethic to a performance ethic. Discover the powerful impact of understanding and regulating states of mind and how to access optimum performance. Apply innovative strategies for sustained growth and become prolific on the management of extreme success. Understand the most powerful and effective secret we have as coaches and how to use it to grow your practice.
Coaches looking to add professional clients to their coaching practice as well as those wanting to add cutting edge techniques to their coaching toolbox.
The program includes a comprehensive 104-page manual in an attractive 3-ring binder, plus three audio CDs.
Wellness integrates mind, body and spirit with a balanced flow of energy… and isn’t that what coaching is all about? Develop a unique practice of wellness using the proprietary ROAD MAP™ program included in this course. Discover the coaching principles for facilitating change and apply specific energy strategies for making those changes quickly. Embrace the new wellness paradigm and use the latest research from psychology and neuroscience to boost your efforts. Learn to regulate states of mind and implement inverse wisdom for providing results-directed options for your clients.
Apply proven exercises and practical work tools that systematically structure action steps for constructive change.
Coaching is an empowering, reflective and results-focused strategy that brings about desired changes. Stop Soldier Suicide, “filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help. To transform lives of US service members, their spouses, partners and families by empowering them to build healthy, effective and sustainable platforms for personal and professional success. To learn more about BlueRio Strategies and its founder – please visit the parent site.

Since 2008, we have offered this 60+ hour professional coaching training that delivers confident and competent coach preparation.
With many coach training programs costing too much time and money, ours is concise, condensed and convenient, enabling you to learn essential skills, techniques and tools of professional coaching quickly without sacrificing quality! Since 2006 more than 87,000 CPP's and 3,700 CPP-Masters* have demonstrated their understanding and application of Enterprise BPM and Customer Experience Management (aka Outside-In). Delivered across the world by proven (been there at every level) trainers led by Steve Towers, the founder of the first global BPM community in 1992, this program will transform your thinking and practice of process management.
It offers the Certified Process ProfessionalA® qualification through its Associates and partner network.
As such, any professional working in health care or a health care-related field is eligible for CCP certification.
This certificate may be submitted to state licensing boards or employers for CE documentation or reimbursement. This program has been pre-approved by The Commission for Case Manager Certification to provide continuing education credit to CCM board certified case managers. Courses (taken or taught), of 1 hour or longer, that address the range of evidence-based population-based health and chronic care management topics are eligible.
Although we do not require applicants for recertification to submit paper documentation of continuing education, HealthSciences Institute reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify program attendance for up to one year following application for recertification. Upon completing the examination and receiving a 70% or better score, applicants will be deemed to have met all recertification requirements.
As such, the CCP program is designed for all clinical and nonclinical members of the health care team. As a bonus, learners can access the classic six-hour Miller and Rollnick MI Video Training Series. Simply complete the secure online form and submit payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Accept major credit cards, manage clients, prospects, and affiliates, and deliver your digital and eBook products seamlessly. Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach Rhonda Hess cracked the code with this fun blueprint to help you create a client-winning website that quickly builds your list and enrolls new clients for you!
If you haven’t decided yet or you’d like to hear “yes!” more often when enrolling clients, Your Highly Profitable Niche is for you. 10 dynamic coaches share their experiences, coaching tools, and their path to becoming successful following five critical steps.
Jonny speaks candidly and confidently about what really works and provides you with the tools to really make difference in the lives of your clients.
Add our FREE client acquisition Are You Coachable Quiz and ensure qualified prospective clients are contacting you for coaching. Accept credit cards, setup your client and prospect management system, track affiliates, and deliver digital products and eBooks. Explore the opportunities for continued growth and promotion, and advance your career within your community. It’s a $500 billion industry that is contributing high returns on investment for coaches and their clients. It is a powerful tool that has proven to help service members to live purposeful and productive lives. Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national civilian not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing active duty and Veteran suicide. PCMH Collaboratives, along with state units from the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services to the Montana Department of Health & Human Services.
Health coaching scripts, audio and video samples help the learner practice MI communication skills, spot MI consistent (MIC) and MI Inconsistent (MIIN) approaches, change closed to open assessment questions, among other topics. HealthSciences can provide information and documentation regarding the value of CCP, return on investment, and the strategic marketing advantages of CCP for RFPs or service contracts. The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Purchasers who enroll in CCP within 30 days of purchase are eligible for a 25% ($349) reduction on the tuition fee (enter code MAN25). Discover how to niche so you stand out in the crowd and know exactly what your ideal clients will buy from you. Its flagship program is a coach training program focused on developing high quality coaches who help service members transition into civilian life and develop solid career and life maps. Chronic care improvement also lies at the heart of new models such as the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) and the accountable care organization (ACO). If a second examination attempt is needed, it is available at no additional cost following a 30-day waiting period.
You may apply for recertification up to 90 days prior to 90 days after the end of your certification period. For example, if your certification period ends in December 2014, you may apply for recertification any time between October 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015.

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