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Gregory Levey is an Associate Professor in the School of Professional Communication and the School of Graduate Studies.
He has also either written for, been featured in, or worked with The New Yorker, The New York Times, The New Republic, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Time, Newsweek, Macleans, Toronto Life, The New York Post, Gawker, Salon, BBC, FOX, CNN, CBS, ABC, NPR, CBC, CTV, and many others. 12-Week Virtual Course: Powerful Professional CommunicationEver wish that your professional writing and speaking were more polished?
When you join this 12-week virtual course, you’ll receive a new lesson with exercises every week for for 12 weeks, via email. Your personality and professional expertise are being assessed through the messages you send. Include a signature and contact information (your name, title, place of work, address, phone numbers, and your e-mail address).
If you need a refresher on communication etiquette (e-mail, fax, telephone blogs, social media), we invite you to review the Polishing Your Job Etiquette Skills module. Now, let’s move on to learning about the impact that your behavior and performance have in the workplace.

It includes a description of each of the channels of communication and internal and external business communication, including public relations, media relations, advertising and marketing.
His research interests are interdisciplinary, and include the intersections of communications, media, politics, business, and writing. Ever stress about presentations, reports, composing email messages, or handling sticky conversations at work? In Powerful Professional Communication™ we’ll address written and spoken communication, giving you new tools and confidence! You’ll work on the lessons at your own pace as it suits your schedule best during the week. Get your business speaking and writing skills to a new level in this course!
If you use any other e-mail account, be sure to use your first and last name as part of your e-mail address.
Professional communication skills and the types and purposes of professional communication, including reports, cases, studies, proposals and memos are also included. We’ll write correspondence, a proposal, a networking invitation and tons more, and use scripts and assignments to improve your writing and your spoken communication, too!

Begin to understand your own professional communication style in order to effectively communicate with others.
Students will learn the listening process, its components and nine different types of listening. Of course, continue to learn new words, and make note of any business acronyms to research or ask colleagues about later. The various types of presentations, individual, persuasive, motivational and informative, are explained. Students will also be exposed to proper introductions, telephone etiquette and an overview of criticism.

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professional communication healthcare

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