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The purpose of this seminar is to integrate the various courses of the three bachelor years of Commercial Engineering in a single integrated case study. The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the concepts and techniques of project management. In this advanced Operations Research course, the students are put in an artificial consultancy project in which they have to analyze data of a case study and present various solutions in a guided way.
This course provides you with a mathematical grounding that should enable you to grasp the mathematical basis of the core courses of the Master in General Management at Vlerick Business School.
The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the concepts and techniques of Operations Research. Meer informatie over de thesisonderwerpen in Project Management (planning, controle, risico analyse) zijn beschikbaar door op het logo te klikken.
Project-based business has over the last two decades, become the way most competitive businesses operate. Project Management is not only for project managers, but is a vital skill for all business partners within organizations.
Those involved in the process of project management may be stakeholders, business partners, the project team or team lead. In many organizations, managers involved in various sectors of the business have silently slipped into the unofficial role of project manager. This two-day Project Management Essentials course hosted by Business Optimization Training Institute deconstructs all project management jargon and equips participants with user-friendly, yet powerful tools and techniques that can be immediately applied in the workplace. The training will increase your efficiency and effectiveness in planning, leading, organizing and controlling business projects.
Our objective is to ensure that the acquired tools and knowledge are user friendly and easily applied in the workplace. This course (Project Management Course Johannesburg) is will teach an essential management skill. I have decided to do project management course from Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies located in Chicago. The Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies is the home of a community of adult learners and seeks to extend the University?s academic values. The Graham School Project Management Certificate Program prepares you to embrace these challenges and drive results within your organization.

The project management programs provide a wide range of course offerings, including an introductory course, two certificate tracks for project management professionals, and special topics seminars.
Admission to the program is required to earn a certificate; applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
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The course provides guidance on building organisational capacity to plan, monitor, evaluate and access the impact of interventions on the society and the poor. There is increasing demand from multilateral agencies, funding bodies as well as boards of private companies for a strong demonstration that projects are being monitored and evaluated effectively.
This course is designed to enhance participants’ skills in providing effective strategies and practical tools and techniques for the management and development of public and private sector programmes and projects. The course will provide a comprehensive guide to risk management at the strategic level, focusing on business, programmes and projects. This course assists delegates to appreciate the importance of this recent phenomenon and its growing importance. This course prepares delegates on improving enterprise development programs using practical tools and guides delegates on planning and organising agribusiness enterprises. This five day Project Management Workshop is an opportunity for delegates to look at the way they handle and manage their projects.
The students will have to make a strategic analysis, build a marketing plan, build a production model as well to analyse the financial implications of their decisions. During the course, the three important dimensions of dynamic scheduling will be discussed, consisting of the schedule construction, risk analysis and project control. In doing so, they gain insight in the applications of the different methods and techniques of Operations Research in a practical setting. This knowledge may also help you quantify decision processes and correctly assess the quantitative data provided by specialists. This course brings a mix of the technical aspects of modeling and the creativity it requires to translate the models into practical settings. Strictly operations based business has made way for business initiatives that are now subject to a defined project plan, with specified deliverables, within specific time and cost constraints.
It is not uncommon for business people who do not officially hold the title of project manager, to undertake small to medium sized projects as part of achieving their business objectives.

An understanding of project management concepts, tools and techniques is vital to enabling project success and adding business value across the board. Pressure from stakeholders, scope creep, poor planning, lack of formal training and undefined processes – all combine to increase the probability of project failure! This intensive, hands on short-course teaches business people how to define work clearly using WBS (work breakdown structure) and set measurable objectives and timelines with GANTT charts, PERT,and CPM. Irrespective of whether you are a project lead, project team member or business unit manager – the successful completion of this course will equip provide delegates with the essential project management tools and procedures to survive and compete in an ever changing work environment.
Will you tell me what the Application Requirements and fees of doing this course from Graham school Chicago? It focuses on determining the socio economic impact of the project as the Socio economic challenges faced by development countries requires solution through experience building. It will show how risk management can be implemented and operated successfully within a public and private sector organisation. Delegates will be taken through the rudiments of PPP transactions and observe successes and failures in the UK, Africa, Asia and other regions. Delegates will also look at individual case studies and practical examples drawn from successful agricultural entrepreneurship programs. This course is aimed at managers who wish to become qualified practitioners in PRINCE 2 Project Management. Areas such as benchmarking processes in meeting criteria for successful exit, managing the timeline for completion, how to set action steps and responsibilities and the mechanisms to assess the progress of the strategy execution will be discussed.
Both deterministic and stochastic models will be presented and illustrated using exercises, case studies and real life examples. Furthermore, delegates will realize the significance of soft skills in achieving project deliverables through effectively managing change, communicating with impact and understanding the dynamic of how various stakeholders view success.
The experiences can best be developed by comprehensively monitoring and evaluating existing developmental efforts. We will also cover techniques of communication and negotiation – within individual teams, departments, organisation-wide as well as to external stakeholders and the media.

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