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A pleasure to attend the PMP Exam Prep Course at SPJIM, was apprehensive about the course and the exam at the start as has lost the touch to study, but by the time the course ended I am confident to crack the PMP and also the design of the course if very good.
The programme was well prepared and ensured that we learned the material, not just memorized it. I am highly thankful to SP Jain for helping me out to gauge the performance before attempting actual PMPA® exam. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It has been three fulfilling and  challenging months since I joined the Corporate Finance Graduate Program in Novo Nordisk. Apart from the projects in my department, I have also had the opportunities to participate in a variety of interesting projects of the Corporate Finance Graduate Program, e.g.
Professionally, I have acquired an overview of the corporate tax function through working both in Copenhagen office and Zurich office .
Personally, it is my first time to live in Denmark, and after staying here for three months, I have grasped a brief idea about the  Danish society and culture. I am still a post-graduate student(grade 1) in SDC(Sino-Danish College) in UCAS, could I apply this program?
Work Life BalanceWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. The 18 different Novo Nordisk Graduate Programmes are the perfect springboards for a successful global career. Business ITThe Business IT Graduate Programme will give you valuable project management skills and an understanding of IT strategy and planning.
The graduate recruitment center, also known as "GRC" in the Novo Nordisk language of abbreviations, is right around the corner!
If you are reading this, it probably means that you are one of the selected candidates for this years Global Recruitment Center.
Today, I want to share the journey I have been on throughout my first 5 months as a Global Marketing Graduate at Novo Nordisk. Please do not attend this with an expectation to master Project Management or get deep into PMP tools and techniques; this is specifically designed to target the PMP for working professionals. The class was structured in such a way that I was able to concentrate throughout the sessions.

Each one was expert in their knowledge area and in teaching.I was able to build a solid foundation with the knowledge they imparted, which helped me ultimately pass the exam.
I would like to pay my special thanks to all the professors for their case study based approach of teaching PMPA® and motivation to clear the exam in first attempt. It has not only given us an extra edge to manage projects, but made our understanding crystal clear in all the aspects. International promotion, candidates screening, etc.  I can strongly feel my development both professionally and personally over the past three months. In the transfer pricing projects, I have communicated with more than 60 affiliates all over the world.
I have also enjoyed much of the graduate network which consists a group of talented people who come from different cultural background sharing similar ambition and passion.
The way professors have explained the real life project management situations & showcased the actual Project management tools was phenomenal. This has helped me develop my understanding of the International structure of Novo Nordisk and knowledge of business in different regions and countries. We have held a number of events in the past, and communicating with them allows me not only to learn about function in multiple departments, but also to develop an International mind-set. Overall the course filtered out the most important information from the PMBOK, which helped me to better understand project management, and improved my ability to study for the PMP Exam.
However, gradually I realized it was far more interesting than I had expected, and my tasks cover different functional areas, which has provided me with a steep learning curve through continuous challenges.
I am also impressed by the exposure to senior management- all the corporate finance graduates have presented ourselves to the Corporate Finance Management team in the first month, and I have had the chance to present to the corporate vice present in Corporate Tax four times regarding the transfer pricing projects. The course was well organized and structured towards achieving PMP certification & helped me to increase my confidence level to pass this exam in first attempt. Moreover, I have participated in practical training courses on different subjects, for instance project management.
The three-day course has offered me a great overview of how to manage projects effectively, and a toolbox which could be applied to my daily work. Chinese International Graduate ProgrammeThis specific programme is aimed at Chinese, who want to start their career in China and then move to headquarter in Denmark on their 2nd rotation. To remain competitive in a global economy, organizations are using project management processes to shorten product development cycles, respond quickly and effectively to opportunities, re-evaluate their processes, capitalize on the technical knowledge within the organization and control costs.

Project management is one of the top skill sets sought by organizations to help ensure their objectives are met on time and on budget. Back to TopProgram Description (Laptop program)This program is designed for students with previous education.
Please see the entrance requirements section of this page for more detail.It will provide you with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to successfully manage projects from a wide array of industries. Students who have experience and are seasoned professionals in the area of project management will have the opportunity to learn new skills and add to their credentials in order to advance their career. European FinanceThe objective of the programme is to develop employees with extensive knowledge of the Region Europe business and finance operations.
In addition students will have several opportunities to gain real-world experience through case study analysis and a capstone project.To remain competitive in a global economy, organizations are using project management processes to shorten product development cycles, respond quickly and effectively to opportunities, re-evaluate their processes, capitalize on the technical knowledge within their organization and control costs.
For more information please see Other fees to consider.Back to TopLaptop LearningStudents enrolled in laptop programs will enjoy an exceptional learning experience through the use of technology.
The advanced technical skills and knowledge that employers look for in graduates will provide students with a decided advantage when entering the workforce. Global MarketingThe Programme aims to develop world-class Global Product Managers with a broad understanding of local pharmaceutical marketing activities. This one-year renewable membership will support students in making networking connections and reviewing their options after the program is completed.
Global ProcurementEvery year, the Procurement organisation manages multiple billions of spend across the value chain of Novo Nordisk. R&D Regulatory AffairsIn the Regulatory Affairs we develop outstanding Regulatory Professionals. US Rotational Development ProgramThe US Novo Nordisk Rotational Development Program (RDP) is a two-year multi-disciplined management learning and development opportunity.

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