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The Council aims at establishing unique engineering competenncies that contribute to the kingdom's economic development and finding a stimulating enviroment for development, creativity and innovation in a way that serves society's needs anf encourage Saudi engineering establishments and engineers to develop their competitive capabilities. With regards in supermarket and boutique shops, PANDA is one of the country’s top provider for such business. Azizia Panda United is under the food retail sector of Savola Group, and it is considered one of the largest Saudi joint-stock companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a complete and high quality food products, PANDA also offers wide range of boutique shops where you can find a lot of things and stuff that you need. APU operates and manages over 150 supermarkets and hypermarkets within and outside Saudi Arabia.
A state of the art building with an elegant touch on its structure, you will definitely enjoy your stay while dining and shopping at PANDA.

These products have quickly gained success and became one of the leading choices available to customers due to their high quality and competitive prices.

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project management institute jeddah

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