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Depending on where you are working, each week you should have to fill in a Project Management Report or Weekly Highlight Report detailing progress on the project. Now this project management report can be anything from a 1 page summary to a 12 page book. Below you will find explained the sections a weekly project management report might contain which you will need to update each week.
Wherever you work this one page is likely to be the bare minimum that you as a Project Manager will be expected to fill in each week as your project management report. As you see from the screenshot above, the key points are the RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status for the Risks, Issues, Next Milestone, Cost, Schedule and Overall. Please note that If any of these variables are in Red, then the Overall Status of the Project must also be in Red. In the right hand column in the Progress 1 Liner, you simply input the highlights the project has achieved that week.
Essentially this report provides the Programme Manager and Project Management Office with a good overview of whether your project is in schedule, and the problems which are occurring. Finally there will always be times where putting your project into Amber or Red can be a good thing. Our project support and project management expertise extends throughout the lifecycle of any initiative. From there, we work with the client on the mobilisation phase, establishing the delivery team and ensuring that scope, roles, responsibilities and boundaries are clearly defined. Delivery is assured through detailed planning, cost control and pro-active management of the risks and issues.
Programme Management is the process of organising a number of related projects or work-streams.   A Programme is often a major organisational change for a company, or a series of projects to improve business performance or achieve a strategic goal. A PMO co-ordinates and prioritises activities and resources across the Programme projects or work-streams.  The PMO ensures that the Programme implementation always supports the overall goal and objectives.
One of the biggest challenges faced by organisations is that of resource constraints.  These can be easily overcome by the use of an experienced partner organisation.
Benefits Management is an integral part of Programme and Project Management and Investment Management at Programme and Corporate levels.

Benefits Management ensures that focus remains on the benefits and that they are realised and tracked. Omega Consulting Solutions will work with you to establish a benefits management and tracking process and structure that fits with your particular organisation. Assuring the overall success of “a project” from start to finish – from initial planning (sometime as early as the business case and budgeting) through to completion of the project (which may or may not include “end-user adoption”). Assuring smooth communications and collaboration – within the Team and across the organization.
Partial – “manage” the product backlog and burn-down charts.  They facilitate Sprint backlog planning and review meetings. My view is that in many smaller, development-oriented organizations (or stand-alone teams), there is not a need for the Project Management role.  I’ve also found this to be true in more mature Agile-oriented organizations where Agile has become the defacto approach for running projects – including non-developmental activities like operations, support, and planning.
As shown in the chart below, I believe that most of the traditional PM role can (over time) be handled by someone like a Development Manager combined with a Product and ScrumMaster.
Implementing an Agile development approach takes more effort than just sending staff to Scrum, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and PMI training. Big Data Small BusinessBig data is big business, because it enables big businesses to better understand their customers and their processes, but what about small businesses how can the benefit. Stakeholder ManagementWe share our project templates to enable project managers to engage in stakeholder management by identifying, ranking and prioritising project or programme stakeholders.
Choose to Fail  Another public sector  IT project failure, with this time ?356m wasted at a time when the NHS is strapped for cash in so many areas. The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner. Project Management Team Building Strategies – this includes special attitudes to let people in the team to work maximally stimulated, make them feel comfortable and relaxed, minimize any interpersonal issues, dissatisfaction, etc.
Project Management Team Building Program – once you have designed the team building strategy and found a team leader to support your teambuilding attitudes, you need to elaborate an actual program to form up a really effective and successful team from uncoordinated group of different people you currently have, within certain time limits. It really depends on how much the company you are at adheres to project management methodologies.

Essentially if you are in Amber but show the trend as Improving then this reassures the PMO that your Project could soon be in Green.
And in the Progress Detail below, you input more detail around which work streams have been doing what work, and the progress they have made. Particularly think carefully before putting any statusa€™s into Red as this will immediately highlight the fact that your project has serious problems. As organizations and projects get bigger – or as projects become programs and span multiple Geos, cross organizational boundaries, or have distributed development teams, there is a need for a role that can handle cross-team task coordination, budgets, overall program status, risk management, communications, process change, and roll-out planning.
Located in Europe and North America, we specialize in dramatically improving organizational performance by addressing all facets of your project ecosystem. We tend to think of stakeholder management as an on going activity, i.e regular reporting, stakeholder management plans, expectation management etc. Choose and Book the NHS electronic booking system for outpatients is to be scrapped, despite the NHS spending ?356m. I wish to complain about this project what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique”. In this instance ensure you have all the answers to any questions you will undoubtedly be asked, and also ensure that you can demonstrate the efforts you have made to circumvent the problems which have caused your project to move into Red. So for example that there is no contingency in the schedule or that you are totally reliant on one resource. I was watching the Bourne Legacy which is about the CIA who are pursuing agent Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner. However if the Risks or Issues are in Amber then it is a judgment call as to whether you put the Overall project Status into Amber as well.
However this tactic is usually one which is utilised the most be Test Project Managera€™s as they without exception always end up with no resources and a ridiculous schedule to deliver to!

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