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We believe that communication today is being led digitally and this is why we engage in empowering brands such that they build their community base. We enjoy and have expert practice for brand strategy and management, customer relationship management, E-commerce development, social media marketing and SEO, Content management and Online Reputation Management is an essential part of our profession. We offer a variety of services for online reputation management ranging from focus on individuals to spanning the entire base of companies.
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Once the project has been purchased, our technical team will be contacting you and giving you the online support.
Online Examination System Project is a new technique to conduct an examination through internet.
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Our extensive expertise has made us reach where we wanted to be, working for and with companies that care and are driven. While we build a positive image about you, we also handle conflict areas and protect your personal privacy. Suited to the needs of the customers, co-workers or other companies, we have the right set of skills to bring up and highlight the content and pointers that need to be visible while we effectively push down what may prove to be negative. This also involves customization of the social media services by focusing on websites that would offer the highest returns. If the project is unsatisfactory we will refund the full amount which has been paid within 15 days.

Police employee details, salary details, attendance details and even their personal details are stored. This student project suits for diploma students but they have to implement some features in this.
It saves time as it allows number of students to give the exam at a time and displays the results as the test gets over, so no need to wait for the result.
Complaint is reported in the software, if the any FIR is done then even it will be reported in the police station.
Reports are done using Crystal report, where they can print the reports.  This software provides facility for reporting crimes, complaints, FIR, charge sheet, prisoner records, show most wanted criminals details, law and order details as well as court details. Head officer can also track the details of their junior officers details like their crime report, charge sheet, complaints, FIT and other information which is handled by his junior officer.

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project management open source php mysql

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