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Project Management Software applications help Project Manager to track Schedule, Performance, Cost and Resource utilization. We had already featured GanttProject last month, which is a cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management. KPlato (part of KOffice on K Desktop Environment-KDE) is a project management application for Linux. Open Workbench is an open source desktop application that provides robust project scheduling and management functionality.
Great list, free and open source are definitely desirable attributes when it comes to online project management tools. Though not an open source application,Planning Force has many useful tools to make your project management easier. I’ve already checked some of these products, their functionality looks great, but just overhelming for our current business needs.
Open Project probably belongs in you list because it purports to be a project management tool. I have used Paymo and Replicon Project Tracking Softwares for tracking my project statistics such as time, bills, project advancements, handling employees performances, etc. Project management is yet not a feature you are born with, instead it is the learning based on standard parameters of working around the globe. For a project manager, the first required thing is the acumen of working and handling things thoroughly, and the second most required thing is the tolerance to deal with the matters of each integrated section of the whole project.
For such sort work, he surely requires some instruments and equipments that can assist him in performing various tasks. Since last many years, managers have been doing this all by self drafting and collecting relevant information about how to go successful for their project. Web based open source project management software applications help making persistent strategies of working and planning the resource pool, source allocation and funding of the project.
This facility waves of the extra burden of costing and calculations from the shoulders of a manager. Web based project management is specifically used in the conditions where a manager need to incur a decision and he needs broader communication with the related aspects which can affect the decisions afterwards. For a similar web based open source solution , you can enjoy more than one client instead of a single deal. FOSS platform offers a variety of project management software.  Here are reviews of the top-ranked, popular free project management tools to give you an overview of free project software -their product features and low costs (in terms of long term maintenance of project software). OpenProj is a Java-based open source project management tool developed at Projity by -Howard Katz, Marc O’Brien and Laurent Chretienneau in 2007. Closely following proprietary software Microsoft in features, OpenProj offers a similar User Interface (UI) plus the same project development plan. It is a java based application and is rather tacky on windows, but works perfectly on Linux and Unix as well as Mac OS platforms.
Since it is one of the best maintained open source project management application, it has an intuitive browser-based interface, and offers an entire spectrum of sophisticated project management tools and features for multiple users. Task Management features include Task Description, Assigning, scheduling and duration of the task. Works on all Operating System and is therefore highly appreciated for its agility across all platforms. The one major lack would only be that- it is not a stand-alone application and needs to be on web server to work.  Advanced technical expertise might be required for installation.
Open workbench is highly evolved project management open source software with a focus on scheduling, first developed in 2004 by Niku and later acquired by Computer Associates in 2005, along with Clarity PPM.  It is regarded as a top alternative to MS Project. In terms of open source project management software Open Workbench offers various features such as split-screen window that proves to be an advantage especially when the project sizes are exceedingly unmanageable. Resource leveling aspect is a major deliverable you can arrive at when you use this PM as it will calculate the number of hours each resource will work per week to reach the target number of hour for completion of task. Developed in Java as a compact, high-performance Project Management tool, Gantt Project, strictly follow Windows feel and appearance; and have limited function features. Gantt Project is a GPL open source software that offers project scheduling as a its main function. Main feature that one would want on this is a clear feature for resource leveling and critical path visualization.
We are dedicated to provide articles, detailed project management software reviews, PM book reviews, training and course reviews, and the latest news for the most popular web-based collaboration tools.
Project management tools under an open source license provide ample scope to adapt to the unique needs of the enterprise, evolve with the ever-changing environment and integrate all desirable elements of project management into a single open source software customized just for you and your enterprise. OrangeScrum is a project management tool developed keeping freelancers, agencies, small and medium businesses in mind.

OrangeScrum supports conversation threads with provision for attachments to enable the team members to share ideas, ask questions, get feedback and engage in discussions without any need to rely on emails and messenger apps. Interestingly, OrangeScrum community helps in customization, data migration, integration and in building and incorporating similar apps and add-ons to suit the needs of the customer.  It is also available to be installed on the premises. Tuleap open ALM is a fully libre and open source software development and project management tool for big companies, R & D centers and SMEs.
Agilefant is an end-to-end project management tool with powerful work management features providing visibility for the entire organization. MyCollab is a free and open source project management software suitable for SMEs, developers and freelancers.
Microsoft Project is the industry leader and a proprietary software that costs significant amount of money. It supports resource allocation, work breakdown structure, critical paths, Gantt chart and many more. OpenProj is a complete desktop replacement of Microsoft Project and other commercial project solutions. Already the scheduling standard for more than 100,000 project managers worldwide, Open Workbench is a free and powerful alternative to Microsoft Project.
Its new approach to project planning and tracking is more flexible and superior to the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools. Could anyone here please suggest a product that is not so heavily featured as MS Project (or its alternatives), but has the following critical points in its arsenal – collaboration between people, work planning, real-time work results tracking, and some kind of communication between users (it could be free or semi-free software, or probably something not so expensive as MS Project). It was created by amateurs however who have no clue what the elements of project management are or how to do pert or cpm calculations.  Basic omissions like no estimated and actual start and end dates on tasks.
Once trained about a process specifically for Open source PM software a manager can always remember the instructions about working and the boundaries of collaboration with the workers.
Project manager is liable for the planning, budgeting, scheduling and leading roles and to monitor the working of employees and evaluating their performances. For these software applications, you don’t need to answer each minute thing as most of them are associated with cloud services and internet from where, they collect the required information about rapidly changing parameters and other variables required to plan and schedule the working.
This type of open source management is called web based project management where a manager can accommodate his working online through websites and planning portals. In such a project management system, a client can access the tool bar and can acquire solutions of working through your website and online portal. This results in expanded benefits to the company which provides the project management service and solutions. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with Excel templates and assistance.
Version 1.4 is the last stable release and includes features and tasks that are the open source version of commercial PM -MS Project. Instead the founders of OpenProj have started a new project called ProjectLibre with a growing community which is updated often.
Allows nodal user permissions, discussion dashboards, Gantt charts, contact lists, file checkout, reporting user based list-based task features.
This allows teams and multiple users or companies using various Operating systems can therefore work collaboratively on dot Project. Each screen attempts to bring in highest-density of relevant information at one instance, helping you manage display and obtain relevant information. Schedules can be planned and managed according to effort and whenever scope of project changes, user can schedule based on duration as well.
Working on desktop-client architecture, this file based project management toll allows not just scheduling of tasks but resource management as well through resource load charts. Though a open source software, it is partially monetized through advertisements at the top of the webpage. Its software features include Gantt chart, resource leveling feature and also includes time and work-fixed tasks. OrangeScrum provides a simple and user-friendly ScrumBoard for resource planning and tracking progress. Moreover, you can enable automatic emails to be sent at the end of the day to the whole team which includes all the daily updates. Although designed primarily for agile management, it supports not just agile, but also traditional, hybrid, and even custom processes to plan and manage your projects.
The features of Agilefant include iteration management, product management, portfolio management, daily work, time tracking and reporting.
It offers features like collaborative project planning, timeline reports, task management, time and cost reporting.
The suite takes into account the main aspects of business world including website, sales, human resources, finance, marketing, productivity and operations.

If money is a constraint, then don’t think again because there are equally good Project management software applications that cost nothing!
OpenProj shares the industry’s most advanced scheduling engine with Project-ON-Demand and provides Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams (PERT Charts), WBS and RBS charts, Earned Value costing and more. It has already been successfully used in many projects and scales easily to projects with hundreds of resources and thousands of tasks. It provides an option to add fields, customize your homepage and add widgets like “what is new this week” to the dashboard.
I appreciate your help, and also I hope to find something installable if possible… thanks in advance!
There are various software applications and programs which can manage the work of a project manager.
Closest to the commercial software MS-Project, OpenProj, is the free software option which offers all of the features, except for the price. Developer team includes Gregor Erhardt, Benjamin Young, Adam Donnison, Karen Chisholm, Eamon Brosnan and Ivan Peevski.
Where Jx Project is truly successful is its multi-platform feature allowing cross-platform collaborative work. With the advent of the web and cloud, project management has been compelled to enter a new territory with numerous opportunities and threats. This gives an overview of who is doing what, what is already done and what needs to be done next. Startup is the cheapest plan which is priced at $9 per month and provides 5GB storage space for 10 users.
OrangeScrum Demo for Community version is available for free which lets you get a first-hand experience of all its features before installing it in your system.
Supported plugins include backlogs, global roles, help link, cost, pdf export among others.
Features include CRM, Project Management, Document Management, Issues Management and Online Document Editor.
It is very popular and crossed more than a million downloads in the few months since its launch. You can easily save the MS Project format easily on OpenProj and allows quick generation of charts for efficient program management.
You will also need Clarity package to create a centralized database for collaborative work within the enterprise. Overlay of Gantt charts, work schedules for resources, ability to bring-in calendar’s for each resource to support resources and millions of tasks. Project management tools enable its users to amplify the opportunities at hand and dispatch all the potential threats. Essential features include easy administration, code review, document management, continuous integration, tracking and collaboration tools.
Versions Team, Group, Business, Enterprise costs $5, $10, $25 and $50 respectively per user per month. The free plan only supports a single project for three users and only a storage space of 200MB. You can use the drag-and-drop feature with ease to move and carry tasks as well as resources into tasks. Team only supports maximum of 5 users, however, all other versions support unlimited users. Being free and open source, any open source enthusiast can create and incorporate new plugin into the software to meet specific needs. Other paid plans include Micro for individuals, Compact for teams, Corporate for large teams and Enterprise for medium and large enterprises. Another revolutionary advantage of opting the Odoo is that you can choose the apps you need and add the extra integrations you desire to make your dream business suite.
A unique in-built constraint resolver allows looks to optimize resources, definitely helping project leaders to gain greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
OpenProject has an active community working on building and contributing to the development of a powerful open source software for project collaboration. Professional plans include necessary and powerful features like time tracking and bug tracking.

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