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At DG Professional Interiors our project management team is the key to our successful completion of any job. Our Project Managers will meet with you to understand your specific requirements, produce a detailed project programme and once everything is agreed, make sure everything is kept on course throughout the duration. The Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute is an advanced level certification that requires not only a written exam from the candidate but also verifiable non-overlapping field experience and continuing education.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Becoming a project manager may some scary for someone, due to lots of responsibilities, duties and deadlines. Today we are happy to introduce our latest deal about PMP Certification Training for now just $49.99 and save 96% off on Tecmint Deals. If you somehow didn’t know by now, PMP (which stays for Project Management Professional) is the industry most recognized certification for project managers. The Official PMP Certification training offered by TecMint Deals includes everything you will need to know the exam and it’s successful completion. Get this project management certification offer for just $49.99 and save 96% off for a limited time and we are sure you will make much more once you earn the PMP certification.
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Andrew has been a freelance writer for several years with a degree in creative writing from Montclair State University. Certifications are optional for candidates vying for project manager positions, but having an industry-recognized certification is definitely a plus.
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification courses benefit both your current situation and long-term prospects. Still, among project management newbies with similar backgrounds, an applicant with a PMP certification simply stands out. CBT Nuggets is a PMI-approved training provider that prepares you for the PMP and CAPM certification exams.
Aside from helping you pass certification exams, Simplilearn also offers assistance with your PMP application.
Simplilearn offers a range of options for project management certification prep: live online training, self-serve courses, and practice exams for the PMP certification test. For those who are confident enough in their self-study abilities, Simplilearn offers two online training methods: Basic and Standard, both of which meet the 35 PDU hours requirement. MeasureUp’s practice software poses more than 600 expert-formulated questions that closely resemble the actual test items you’ll be tackling in the PMP certification exam. MeasureUp is a test-only option for PC users (sorry, Mac lovers) who are looking for practice materials with in-depth answers leading up to the PMP or CAPM certification exam. If you choose to buy the downloadable version of any product, you will receive the online version free of charge. Ed2Go’s preparatory material for the PMP certification exam is text-based, with the instructor guiding students every step of the way.

Ed2Go’s two-part PMI certification is an instructor-led, time-sensitive course that is offered once a month on specific dates.
This certification is structured much like an online college course you may have taken since lessons run twice a week on Wednesday and Friday for six weeks. Industry veteran Bob McGannon shares insights on how to step up your project management skills. While the Insights series won’t directly bolster your chances for a PMP certification, it provides a meaningful perspective on the life of a successful project manager.
We work very closely with the customer to make certain the project is delivered on time, within budget, ensuring that the right specification and quality standards are achieved from the manufacturing stage, to on-site installation. It is the most significant industry recognized certification for Project Managers worldwide.
This profession is only for the brave ones who are willing to inspire others and get astonishing results from their cooperative work!
Given the steady demand for project managers and the attractive pay packages they command (averaging about $90,000 in the US), competition is sure to get tough, a scenario where certifications can then make or break a job application. By passing the Project Management Institute (PMI) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) programs, you set yourself apart as an applicant by immediately showing employers that you are ready to lead and manage complex projects. But regardless of career track, many experts believe certifications will help you open the door to better opportunities. Yet, it is approved for Category A Professional Development Units (PDU) and coincides with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The live online sessions are provided by instructors with 10 – 12 years of project management experience and come in 2 or 4 day packages.
The Standard package offers a few more bonus features like live help sessions and application assistance. Finally, Simplilearn offers test-only packages for anyone looking to get more practice before the big test day. Each of the 644 PMP prep questions provided to you come from experts that have taken the test themselves. The $89 you shell out includes a 100% money back guarantee for unmet expectations, live technical demo before classes begin, lifetime access to PMP recordings, text chat, and access to breakout rooms for further discussion. WizIQ’s training content is an interactive five-week program involving project management issues and solutions in the real world. Test prep one covers the first seven chapters of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®, Guide), 5th Edition. The course is PMI-certified, but PMP-certified instructor Tony Swain noted that he developed his PMP® exam prep courses completely independent of PMI®. However, the 1-hour 11-minute interview with Bob provides an in-depth look not only into Bob’s experiences and challenges as a project manager but also into the emerging project management trends of the future.
As you can tell from the examples above, PMP-related courses are offered in various formats.
Project Managers with this certification are in high demand because it validates the excellence of knowledge, experience and ability in Project Management Leadership. If your career goal is to become such an influence and coordinate different type of projects, then you have come to the right place. Employers also benefit from this certification as when most of their staff is certified, they complete more projects on time and complete more goals. That said, we searched the Internet to give you some options on where best to prepare for PMP certification exams.
This is MeasureUp’s way of ensuring that the questions you are answering are as close to the test as can be.

Moreover, learners can create their own classes and set up a teaching business on WizIQ. During the course of our trial, we noticed that while the video quality was acceptable, there was a consistent echo that negatively impacts the learning experience. He added that while he used some of PMI’s materials —notably the PMBOK® Guide — PMI has not directly influenced, reviewed, nor approved the activities, content, and lessons he designed for his courses. If you are still undecided about taking PMP courses and certification, Bob’s words could sway you.
Again, the tools and skills provided in these courses will not get you closer to being certified. The best way for you to determine your choice is to check each platform out for yourself, then dig further. The following download link is to a Zip file containing the templates and formulas used in the episodes. D’Oh!” 1 While he may have missed the mark, your credentials as a project manager will strike the right notes once you get certified in Project Management. With a course length of just over 17 hours, each 30-minute (on average) nugget will guide you from exam overview to project integration and management. While there are no prerequisites, the course developers recommend learners to have a High School diploma or its equivalent. Those who opt for the live training will also get complimentary access to the self-serve course and practice tests. Test-Pass Guarantee assures that if you follow instructions and still don’t pass, you will receive a full refund (for your practice tests — not the PMP test). It is worth noting that WizIQ is very popular in India and Russia, and many of its courses are taught by instructors from these locations. You will need to buy this reference text as it does not come included in the purchase price. His engaging demeanor makes the usually boring one-sided interview format work, with Bob’s answers helping you get a clearer picture of the project management world. Yet, the pertinent information may help you decide if being certified is the right decision for you. Furthermore, students should have at least 1,500 hours of project experience or 23 hours of project management education.
Each answer, correct or not, will come with a detailed answer so you know exactly why an answer is correct.
If you choose to take the exam, be sure that you are spending your dollars on the training that will have you ready for the big day.
Simplilearn provides assistance with your PMP application as well as a variety of other helpful resources. If you choose not to, there are project management courses that can turn you into a superb project manager even without the certification. Regardless, best of luck in your efforts to improve your skills!

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