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The goal of the Project Management curriculum is to provide the project management professional with skills for planning and managing large or small, national or international projects. To earn the certificate, you must complete TWO core courses and TWO elective courses from the list below. In a blending of online and live learning, this course provides an overview of the process and issues common to all new chemical entity (NCE) development projects, from the research and development stages through product launch and post-marketing safety.
In this highly interactive course, participants gain a better understanding of the drug development and regulatory processes by participating in a simulated drug development and review process. This course addresses project management issues and skills needed to wisely choose and effectively develop new therapies in today’s global climate. This introductory web-based module focuses on the critical decisions that are made throughout the development of a new chemical entity as the process evolves from discovery to first in humans and ultimately to launch. This online course will review statistical terminology, provide an understanding of statistics, and explain trial design from a clinician’s viewpoint. This new foundational online blended program pairs the newly revised Pharmacology Online distance education program with weekly webinars, case studies and online discussions to enhance learning and retention of key basic research information. This course provides an overview of human cancer with discussions of specific cancer types, current therapeutics and design of clinical trials. This course focuses on global regulatory requirements required for the management of product safety data from clinical trial and post-market sources.
This course addresses clinical trial management issues and skills needed to effectively conduct trials in the fast-paced drug development industry. This course covers oncologic clinical trials from Phase I through Phase III with discussions of relevant design, ethical and regulatory issues, as well results of complex trials.
This online course will provide you with a background in Good Clinical Practices (GCPs) as applied to clinical trials currently conducted worldwide.
This online course provides an intensive overview of pharmacology, knowledge of which is critical for both drug discovery and development. Project and programme management are undoubtedly key tools for delivering organisational changes, and risk management is an essential part of the overall management toolkit. International development partners are looking more and more to make their investments in organisations with a proven track record in minimising risks, thereby giving assurances that funding can be spent wisely and securely. Case studies and practical exercises are an integral part of this workshop in order to take you through the skills required for active and sustainable risk management for your organisation.
The core of the workshop is based on the UK Government’s approach Management of Risk (M_o_R® – the registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited), giving you a firm foundation on which to implement risk management within your organisation. The workshop is designed for both project and non-project management staff at all levels who are involved in delivering projects and programmes and who need to develop robust risk management plans to maximise the chances of success. Contribute to the achievement of desired development goals and ensure ‘early warning’ and other strategies for preventing failure. Healthcare facilities are technically complex projects, and great management skills and experience are essential for completing such projects on time, on budget and risk free.

Our teams are particularly skilled in various types of contracts and all the key areas relevant to the development of Healthcare facilities. HPI has project managed and carried to completion an extensive number of projects of differing sizes from medical practises to large hospital facilities and in doing so we have saved clients time and money. Our qualified project managers carry out risk management and mitigation analyses in the very earliest stages of a project, with constant follow-up to ensure effective monitoring as circumstances change and as the project develops. HPI project managers will provide all necessary contract administration services including project programming and budget control and certification of payments to contractors where the role requires. Our Project Managers use HPI’s latest Defects Module application on iPAD to manage project defects on site, generate reports and track the history of each defect. Our Online Training Solutions program is a new five part online training series for Project Management, Project Controls, and Construction Management professionals. These 90 minutes classes are designed to flow together, building upon the skills obtained from previous classes, or may be taken individually. In this online class you will gain knowledge of identifying and quantifying your total project risk and exposure. This unique book gives you more than just a guide to the Moodle software; it uses Moodle as a route to better teaching, more motivated students, and more successful courses. Planning and managing projects is a task that is considered to be a part of everyday working life in many different job roles. This article looks particularly at the importance cultural awareness plays in international projects and how the Hofstede 5-D model can be used in an international project management framework.International project management is becoming increasingly important in todays global business world where businesses are continuing to expand into new countries and markets, either to increase their market share or to reduce costs by utilising more efficient resources of other countries. The courses in the curriculum use a problem-based learning approach to teach skills such as strategic analysis, team building and communications, budget analysis and financial management, resource allocation, effective interaction with regulatory agencies, and managing the transition from development to commercialization. Courses must be completed within five years to remain eligible for earning a PERI certificate. This series is different from many other courses in that its perspective is from that of the site based investigator rather than the sponsor. Integrated risk management, planning for counter-measures, and contingency plans are vital to the control and success of major undertakings and this workshop will provide a sound grounding to assist in successful project delivery.
You will have the opportunity to identify key risks to the success of your projects and organisational objectives. HPI will appoint its most experienced staff to manage and assist with the project implementation, execution and delivery for the duration of the project. This involves the knowledge of all key clinical services required combined with the experience of working within existing operating hospital sites when required. We offer a full service project management role on which our clients can rely with confidence. Logging in online and attending from your office or home alleviates the busy project management professional from being out of the office to attend a two or three day class.
Putting the information you need and tools you can rely on at your ready disposal—Managing Web Projects—is a complete guide for project managers in the Internetworking industry.

Project management can help you achieve success at the right time, with the right budget and the right quality. Once you have completed the required courses, contact the PERI Registrar for validation, and the Project Management certificate will be mailed to you.
Our Workshop Director will help you to analyse these risks and to explore potential solutions and mitigation factors. Also, the low price of $49.99 USD per class removes the hassle of corporate approval if individuals wish to further their knowledge on their own.
Michael Bender distills the essentials of project management into what executives need to know without overwhelming them.
These differences can greatly impact international projects and require a specific international project management approach to solve these challenges of international projects.If a project manager was delivering an international project across multiple countriess and did not consider these social and cultural differences, it would be difficult to gain buy-in, support and the project would be carrying significant risks of failure, or significant costs to recover. These are the additional considerations and risks that must be managed with international project management and if you are involved in an international project then I urged you to consider the cultural differences and how that might impact your project.
A flat management structure would be seen as having a low Power Distance as their is greater enfaces on equality. In an international project management environment in a country of high Power Distance you might only engage with the most senior of stakeholders and everyone else would not be privy to the project or engaged in the process.IndividualismMeasures the importance of personal achievements and needs against the needs of the group.
This might suggest that there are slightly more informal business rules, possibly based more on personal relationships and in the case of China short term changes are of less concern as long as the long term strategy is the key focus. It might be wise to relate how the changes this project will help to enable the long term goals.Key DifferencesThe graph highlights the key differences between to two countries being Power Distance, Individualism and Long Term Orientation with widely opposing scores. These high variances suggest these cultural differences are complete opposites between the two countries and careful consideration will need to be given as to how to effectively manage these if the project is to be successful.Power DistanceOn inspection of the graph we can see that the Power Distance between China and Australia differs considerably and that China has a much higher score for Power Distance than Australia. This usually means that Chinese company’s respect seniority and their is a strong hierarchal management chain.
Project Meetings will often be closed door and it is important that the Project Manager is equally seen to have a great deal of power and respect.IndividualismAnother key differentiator between Australia and China in our international project is the level of Individualism of the 2 countries. Again these are polar opposites and each country will require a different management style to effectively engage with the project stakeholders.In Australia, we can see a high level of Individualism, which might suggest that many team members will want to voice their opinions and have their thoughts considered in the project.
They are more likely to require praise and acknowledgement for good work and a more self centred approach to work.The opposite will be true for China, where collectivism is more important that the individual and this might mean that closer consideration needs to be given to tradition and implement change slower with a focus on the group benefits. There will be the constant focus on the next reporting period which is usually monthly and quarterly financial reporting.However in China their high Long Term Orientation will show more respect to their elders and an expectation that project managers are well educated with years of experience. The focus will be maintained on long term strategies (often years into the future) over short term wins.
I've managed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects since the inception of my career.

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