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Swiftlight Project Management Software is a simple, visual and exceptionally easy-to-use project management application. Swiftlight’s practical structure, bold graphics and easy export to PowerPoint or PDF help you to get organized, to visualize and communicate your project plans, and to save time in the process. Unanet Project Management software can support your organization with centralized project management capabilities and resource scheduling.
Unanet offers outstanding reporting with a wide range of detailed and summary reports available including graphical dashboards, earned value, and project costing to see true project costs. Interface with Microsoft Project and other software for interchanging project and task data. Provide rate flexibility and date effective values - person, labor category, or any project or task level rate override.

Powerful reporting capabilities including graphical dashboards, summary, detailed and periodic reporting using custom accounting calendars.
Calculate fully burdened project costs with a suite of reports showing direct and indirect costs associated with a project.
Enable accounting control over the project level and project manager control over the task levels.
Designed for general business users (or non-project specialists) as well as more specialist project managers, Swiftlight is simpler, more visual and easier to use than traditional project management software, and faster and more structured than using spreadsheets for project planning.
Unanet project management software can be the basis of your project management office (PMO) and supports Project Portfolio Management (PPM). However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.

Tracking progress, collaboration and customization of the workflows * Estimates and Time Tracking - Allow tasks estimates, progress monitoring, time tracking reports, workload maps across the team * Enterprise Wiki - Co-editing content, sharing knowledge, online document management, team memory, project requirements * Project and Team Dashboards - Using convenient project and personal dashboards to keep "BIRD view" and personal work on track. Rich visualization of the project status and team workstream * Team and Roles - Project-based team roles, contacts, responsibilities and organization.

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project management software for one person

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