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Today we published a new infographic on the Top 20 Most Popular Project Management Software Solutions.
If you are searching for Project Management software, then take a few minutes to review our research process below to better understand the infographic results and market share in the project management software industry. The research for the top 20 is based off the results of the popularity index we created for our Top 20 Series. The effect of including both users and customers is that vendors that target small companies (of which there are many) are placed on relatively equal footing with vendors that target larger ones (which have more users). We recognize that each of the three overall components is imperfect, but when combined the end result is an excellent representation of overall popularity and, we daresay, true market share. If you want to read the full details behind how the research is performed, you can do so, here. Additionally, the starred vendors in the chart below did not provide this data, their numbers are based on our own estimates from our industry research.
To be clear, it is safe to say that all the numbers below are estimates, but we believe them to be the best estimates that have been made publicly to date. In addition to these, here’s also an article that lists down almost 50 software for project management.
It was shared on Facebook several times already so I think it is worth it sharing here as well. We are in the process of updating this infographic given the new data, so I expect that Basecamp will move up in the rankings in the next release!
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A full-featured project management solution with all the necessary functions right at your fingertips.
Delivers a rich set of built-in functionalities and optional product extensions that support your daily workflow in time-saving and creative ways. These videos provide a series of lessons that will enhance the understanding of all our users, from people just starting out with the software, through to expert users. Separated into categories of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced categories, the new instructional videos cover a huge breadth of topics. Tight project control in a construction environment requires more than generic project management software. Take control of the project from initial conception, and manage the information flow throughout construction planning, estimating, procurement, contract negotiations, through to project analysis and warranty. Through integration with Sage Timberline's accounting, estimating, and purchasing systems, you're able to issue and see all contract information, subcontracts, updated plans and drawings, variations, purchase orders, meeting minutes, requests for information (RFIs), and other project-related documents. A centralised source of information is your assurance of having a complete and current picture of any project. Track common project documents, such as RFIs, meeting minutes, submittals, and transmittals. Imagine, all documents, correspondence, meeting minutes, RFI's and transmittals integrated and stored in a central library for rapid retrieval as required. Create, track and easily distribute documents, such as RFIs, submittals and transmittals using automated delivery methods; e-mail and fax documents directly from an entry screen.
Issue prime contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, potential change orders, and change orders, then release these items to accounting for review, approval, and use.
Access subcontract and PO status, initial and revised totals, pending and approved changes, and amounts invoiced, retained and paid. Instantly log all project-related e-mail, Word and Excel documentation as you work with a single click, or add summary detail for easy sorting if desired. Document and coordinate the distribution of current drawings and sketches to all interested parties. Sage Timberline is Australia’s leading integrated building, property and construction accounting suite, used by over 1,000 organisations throughout Australia and 30,000 organisations worldwide. Synergy have been supplying management solutions to the Construction & Building Industry for over twenty years. That’s why we've combined award-winning solutions and unprecedented industry knowledge with proven integration capabilities and Australia wide operations, so that no matter the size of your organisation, we have the Solution and Implementation capabilities to suit you.

So when assessing a construction and building software solution for Your Organisation don't risk going to organisations that dabble in your industry, come to the industries leading integrators - Synergy Group. Project Management Methodology with software tools, templates and processes for Project Managers.
Project Track fills an existing void in the market of project management tools by fully integrating all the tools and information project managers use on a daily basics. If you use spreadsheets to keep track of action items, risks, issues, changes, milestones, resources, meetings, etc.
Web based enterprise management system with time clock and attendants, issue management, templates and powerful project management tools. ProjectTrack fills an existing void in the market of project management tools by fully integrating all the tools and information project managers use on a daily basics.
TaskMerlin is an intuitive and easy-to-use project management software and task management software tool.
The consummate management software, PST's ManagePro combines project management, task management and performance management tools into a single application. RationalPlan Project Management Software is a powerful project management software designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload. This Enterprise Edition of Easy Tracker 2007 is a full-featured time and expense tracking suite designed specifically for project management, schedule notification, expense management and work measurement.
Easy Tracker Enterprise is composed of several applications, while the most important are Pro and Lite.
TaskMerlin is a project management software and task management software tool that gives complete flexibility in how you view your tasks, projects and to-do list.
RationalPlan is a powerful project management software designed to help both project managers and teams to create consistent project plans, allocate resources and analyze workload, track work progress, estimate projects' costs and manage budgets. TimeLive - Web based collaboration tool for project management, bug tracking, employee timesheet, employee attendance, issues and expenses.
A number of vendors were unable to release specific details, but were comfortable providing us with estimates that erred on the low side. We were able to find either their customer or user estimates based on industry reports, or on their own sites. All infographics will be updated frequently to reflect the most current data on the market so be sure to check back every few months. When she's not spending time doing research for Capterra she is running, cooking, reading or watching The Office. Social following across networks depends on 1 (a free or freemium product will have a larger following) and also depends on how old is the software. We agree that social is not the biggest indicator of popularity, however it does have some indication. I am writing a master thesis on this topic and would be very useful for me to add some open source software (and free) to this list.
It features individual tasks, issues, milestones and project activities in addition to managing and organizing projects. If you could send an email to jordan[at]catperra[dot]com, with the number of current customers and users for your Project Management solution, I’d be happy to see where ProofHub falls on the list. The tool incorporates scrum methodology into project development, and offers a dynamic scrum management environment.
However I would like you to review SwiftALM from Digite, as it is one comprehensive end to end application lifecycle management solution for an organization. Users new to ConceptDraw PROJECT will find the Basic lessons an essential platform for familiarizing themselves with the ?s functions. The rich data visualization capability that is provided by ConceptDraw products helps you create project dashboards, one-click reports, multi-project views, Gantt charts, and resource views. Synergy can show you how effective 'construction management software' can integrate all facets of your construction project by bringing together documentation, communication, financials and construction scheduling in a single integrated construction project engine. You can set up your job as early in a project as you wish, then renumber the job to fit company standards and release all information to accounting at a later date for review, approval, and use.
For example, with the Job Overview inquiry or report you can instantly see the status of contracts, profit, billings, costs, cash, RFIs, and submittals all at once.

Take a look at which RFIs haven't yet been approved and understand the potential impact of outstanding requests on a project's cost and schedule.
The software is straight-forward and easy to learn because electronic documents mirror the many paper documents still used today. Create a job directory with job-specific contact information and set up unlimited distribution lists.
That's why when you deal with Synergy, your talking with people who understand your lingo. Task Merlin makes it simple to organize projects, schedules, Gantt charts, tasks and to-do lists. One work space for the entire organization to stay on top of projects and tasks, in-touch with people and focused on what's priority.
Highlights and explains all the jargons a project manager need to know in order to manage projects successfully.
It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management, data and files sharing within company and provides multiple benefits for each team member. Download these Project Management Templates to create high-quality documents for your project. We then calculated the average number of customers and users based on the other vendors on our list and found the average (mean) to be 25 users per customer. The difference being that we estimated 30,000 distinct companies use Basecamp, but that 3 million individual people have Basecamp account logins. Ideally recommended for product owners, scrum master, scrum teams, and project managers deciding to implement scrum framework.
With visualization and collaboration becoming focal point of Agile methodology, SwiftALM provides rich set of features to bring entire project management under one platform with much ease and speed. Experienced users will benefit from the Intermediate and Advanced lessons, learning to take advantage of the program?s full capabilities and unlock its true potential. The central database also lets you easily query across logs or jobs to review the status of any document.
Project Managers, Constract administrators, Site supervisors, all using a single integrated construction management software solution.
Professionals who understand the slight variables in your workflow processes that can save thousands of hours per year in data entry and processing. Whether you want to manage a project, consult or train in project management, MPMM will help you to succeed. It is a daily time-sheet solution designed to reduce the drudgery of recording, analyzing and reporting associated with everyday working routine. Designed to boost individual productivity and foster team collaboration over an office network. System Administrator, General Management, Sales Representatives, Project Managers, Human Resources Managers, Corporate Experts, and Accountants will be able to quickly learn Projetex 2005 and upgrade their processes.
We then applied this metric to find the remaining number based on the size of companies they target. It's the software to keep the right people well informed at all times by providing access to up-to-the-minute costs, contracts and document information. Qualified Professionals, able to consult, educate and integrate an easy to use solution, into a complex environment where managing communication and costs are critical.
It steps you through the entire Project Life Cycle by explaining how every phase, activity and task is undertaken. Powerful integration with other ConceptDraw products makes project management easier than ever before. Project information is always current and there's no limit to what information can be shared — costs, budget revisions, variations, forecasts, contracts, whatever you like.

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