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Apart from motivations like the low cost of such a service, cloud based ERP software have to demonstrate other significant advantages. There is an increasing number of experts who claim that the security of such systems is in most of the cases of the same level if not better with the locally hosted systems (Chandler, 2014). Virtustream and Softengine Introduce Streamlined, Secure and Cost Effective Offering for Deploying SAP Business One in the Cloud. Nowadays, ERP system are being increasingly adopted by organizations of any kind and size, in order to avoid technical obsolesce and create sustainable competitive advantages. ERP system acquisition and implementation generally enhance productivity and working quality, since the system offers standardization and simplification in multiple, complicated operational procedures across the company . All in all, cloud systems outperform traditional ERPs nearly in all criteria(implementation cost, implementation time, processing time and flexibility to work in different areas).
However, there is a gap in the computer science field, as most managers today does not have deep knowledge of it. The intendancy of executive team toward ERP implementation and The failures in ERP implementation. Before starting to implement the ERP within the organisation, the executive team must not overlook the current situation and take role as a leader to instil in the importance of reforming the organisation. The executive team is not only an initiator but also the persons who follow up to monitor the processes and results. Several vendors are endorsing that their Cloud based ERP is the best option to be purseud; thus introducing their own version of terminologies and gathering requirements which eventually dispute with the true cloud based ERP.
From the vendors perspective in order to qualify for a cloud application, multiple useers are requuired must utlise the same software application.
Furthermore, multi tenancy occur at infrastructure level, platform levels and application levels. The amount of data a company produces and hosted on personal server is a kind of an outsourcing its ERP operations.
Cloud technology enables SaaS and powerful new forms of hosting that can reduce the cost of service delivery.
Cloud Infrastructure (for example: Amazon, GoGrid) delivers an cloud infrastructure where you install and maintain a platform and an application. Cloud Platform (for example: Windows Azure) delivers a cloud platform where you install and maintain your applications without worrying about the operating environment. Even legacy ERP vendors are moving to cloud technologies to offer software as a service to their customers. Offering SaaS using a cloud platform means that the vendor must manage the application layer separately from the platform layer. Multi-tenant applications can be deployed in any scenario to reduce overhead associated with upgrading multiple customers and maintaining different versions of software.
This article will discuss about The Silo Effect, its drawback in a functional organization and how ERP systems like SAP helps to manage it. Employees in the different functional areas have tendency to perform their steps in the process in isolation, without fully understanding which steps happened before and which steps will happen after. To make it simpler to understand, let’s take an example of our batch where we have completed GBI simulation exercise on SAP system. The learning outcome from this article is that to view a business process from end to end is essential in understanding how enterprise systems help businesses manage their processes efficiently and this understanding has become a critical skill that companies have come to demand from their employees. This article is about benefits and challenges for management control when implementing an ERP system. Making entries: ERP is based on processes, but employees do not know what the processes are.
In addition to some of the very informative comments on the crucial role of project sponsorship, I would like to add that there must be a comprehensive Project and Change Management Plan in place to ensure the successful implementation of an ERP system. As rightly pointed out in some of the entries below, senior management or sponsors of the ERP project should link the overarching corporate strategy of the company to the decision to invest in the system. Production Scheduling, Delivery Planning - RITE Systems - Project Management Tools & Methodologies. The Domain a€?Banking Management System ” keeps the day by day tally record as a completebanking. A The Hospital management System is developed to decrease the work that is done manually at Hospital centers. A There are a lot of benefits to the Health center by placing the system at their registration and at drug store office .
This is justified by the will of the vendors to distinguish one of the greatest deterrents of their product. Other advantage is that each user has small access to other users’ data while in most of the cases this Is not the case for the SME businesses.
Some experts note that most multinational firms are using ERP software packages and even more small and midsize companies are on the route of adopting them.
Moreover, information can easily be transferred, shared and exchanged among users who are working at different business divisions.

As they continue to develop they will eventually gain the ability to perform as good as in-house ERP systems. Cloud ERPs lack the desired security in traditional ERPs as the data storage system is outsourced to 3rd party providers. As a result, it is important to have in the watch list the challenges and disadvantages that this systems have, in particular cybersecurity. The employees are not responsible to push forward the implementation but altogether with the executive team otherwise the implementation will not be succeeded and effective.
This is, however, can be productive in terms of future cost of upgrades and product updates through running similar infastructure.
Optioning for multi-tenant infastructure and multi-tenant platform can be a trade off between achieving cost and flexibility. However, it can be argue that no matter the size of the company is, still difficult to hold the the cloud internally. But if the company grows its operation adding more data, it is certainly make sense to host it on an external cloud because of capacity limitation. Assume that we have four distinct layers of delivery: cloud infrastructure (hardware resources for the cloud), cloud platform (operating system resources for the cloud), cloud applications (application resources built for the cloud), and client resources (user interface to the cloud). When vendors offer SaaS, the customer is only responsible for maintaining their client device (usually just a browser). In this case the vendor builds an application which is tightly integrated with infrastructure and hardware so that the three components cannot be separated.
This architecture gives the vendor the flexibility to move the application to a separate cloud platform provider.
In this case the vendor installs and manages both an operating system and their application on top of a multi-tenant hardware infrastructure. This implies that multi-tenancy reduces the flexibility to run an old version of software and limits customization and integration potential.
By using this ERP System, We (ERPI-Module Students) performed a series of tasks for Sales and Distribution (SD) Case Study, taking on roles of various people involved to perform an integrated order-to-cash cycle. The employees are completing their specific tasks without regards to the consequences for the other components in the process.
Resources will be used to develop the ERP system and ERP processes, which is time away from the development of production. Ideal for Project Management Office ( PMO ) as Information system tracking and reporting every aspect of project management. It provides the flexibility to split a project into well-defined tasks in a spreadsheet like interface.
It can keep the information of Account type, account opening form, Deposit,Withdrawal, and Searching the transaction, Transaction report, Individual accountopening form, Group Account.
Every single step is done with the help of system, services such as employee registration , editing of different types such as employees , students into database , inquiries as well as complaints of customers. Since end user computing is developing in our country, It is beneficial to both Health center and the patients. TheA Hospital management System is used to enter the patient details and to enter the details about the health center and the details about the in-patient and out-patient in detail and about the reports of the patients . With current development level, Cloud ERPs are most suitable for SMS who are sensitive to cost and can make the trade off between cost and security regarding data management issues.
On the other hand, traditional ERP systems require servers, extra module costs, operating systems, database management systems and further training and consultant costs to maintain the system.
Traditional ERP systems require significantly more time for implementation plus employee training and change management issues. However, implementing an ERP system is an objective decision making process, as long as companies objectives do not contradict with security issues, it is highly advised to make the tradeoff between cost, time, processing speed, flexibility and security. For this, it is essential that management knows this subject and does not rely on vendor’s advice.
The executive is responsible to announce and explain to employees about ERP implementation. And those new information will have direct result in reformation of work, management, culture of organisation. Therefore, the executive team must continuously lead the ERP implementation within the organisation. The target of ERP implementation is to reform working condition such as reducing capital costs, maximising processes, or increasing efficiency. If it is not being used as plan, the time is waste as well as the cost of development is increasing and then higher than organisation budget.
The ERP implementation creates new organisational information system by using ERP package which is ease to maintenance and increase the capital costs. The ERP package provider has to inform about the cancellation of old ERP version maintenance. Depending on the company demand Multi-tenancy makes sense to option for application level only if the cost of software is low.

Further limitation being company only consist of signle server making it impossible to add more capacity will be a major drawback.
This distinction helps us illustrate the way cloud services are offered in the diagram below.
There is time to utilize only the basic functions of the ERP, even if people perceive that there are a lot of other utilizing possibilities. Current studies have shown that the level of success or satisfaction with these systems is still below average (about 32%). ThisA Hospital management System will help in reducing lots of paper work and file work in these hospitals which will make easy management of hospital.
Every step is clearly defined and help is provided through out the application to the user. This system represents the patient by the OP number and this is main criteria how the patient is provided by the free services . Moreover, there isn’t any specific case of significant loss through the cloud based services (Arnesen CPA, 2013). On the other hand, maintenance for cloud systems are automatically done by the provider and updates come with no cost. Contrasting with children today, which are likely to study some computer degree when at school (IEEE- The Institute 2014). It is a wise idea to go around the organisation from one department to another department to have direct communication to individuals and convince them to take action.
But on the other hand, in practical aspect, the organisation is continuously using the same business processes as previous. Production lines are required to changes (by the customers), but there is no time and no personnel resources to make these changes into ERP system.
It will also provide all the latest information to the management and hospital administration wherever they ask. The drug information and the specifications is also provided in this Health Center Management System.
However, cloud systems have subscription fees and sometimes they may become more costly than traditional ERP systems on the long run.
Therefore, it is believed that computer science training within managers is one of the most vital task for organisations today.
Therefore, the costs of upgrading new version of ERP is as equal as implement new version of ERP.
Therefore, ERP systems are helpful in managing business processes efficiently and we have already experienced this advantage by using them during our simulation exercise. There is a lot of data for different kind of management control purposes, but there are no people to do that. Hospital management System also include the pharmacist where anyone can inquire about the drugs availability and the stock to be ordered as well as about its expiry date.
David Lopez was responsible for creating a customer quotation and sales order, unaware and not concerned with customer inquiry generation process. Complex system takes time away from physical production, which cause that people do not want to use the system. Project can be divided into multiple-level sub-tasks for effective management and control.2.
Mistakes occur (incorrect entries) and it takes lot of time to find and correct these incorrect entries.
Resource data is used to produce Earned Value reports - Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS), Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP), and Actual Cost for Work Performed (ACWP). The software gives report of the projects or tasks that have not been completed under preset DeadLine.5. Automatic generation of Gantt Charts which displays the deadline of each created project, task and sub-tasks. Window based software which works on standalone system, thus, keeping all data related to your crucial projects safe on your own system’s disk drive.9. You can add Details about all the projects, clients and team members who will work on the assigned projects.10.
Hierarchy of project is maintained (as a tree-like structure) by dividing project into tasks and further, each individual task into its sub-task and so on. Graphical reports of status of projects, tasks, sub-tasks and team members working on tasks.15.

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