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Project management involves organizing the resources available for a project and making sure that everything happens at the right time in order to finish a project on time. The most important tool to keep track of the time allocated to a project and how it is being used should be able to present the information in a manner that can easily be interpreted and modified as seems fit to the project manager. Excel templates are premade excel worksheets that are made for a specific general task such as keeping track of time or even budgeting. Excel templates that are used for project management and tracking show how far the project has progressed and how much is remaining.
The excel templates also have their own inbuilt macros which can be used to make various calculations concerning the expenditure on the project and keep track of various logistics. The excel templates have built in functionalities that fit a broad range of functions which are done during the project management and tracking. All these functionalities are all prepared so one does not need to know how to make the macros. On the other hand, one can get free templates for project management and tracking right from the search engine results page. In order to make use of these templates, one requires the Microsoft office suite installed in their computer as it is the one which will help them to edit the template and customize to their needs.
Additionally, the use of excel templates for project management and tracking makes it easy to share information with other people involved in the project such as the upper management and the clients involved. In conclusion, excel templates for project management and keeping track of the project’s progress are very valuable and save one a lot of time that can be better used to accomplish the actual project. That’s really informative article on Excel tracking templates for business management. This Project Acceptance Template is designed to assist project managers in their efforts to make sure that the project’s outcomes meet the acceptance criteria.
Project Accounting Template is designed to assist the project managers in establishing accounting process on their projects to track execution of project budgets and cash-flow. In order for you to reach the most effective use of project resources (such time, HR and funds), you’ll need to organize your project into a series of consistent activities that define the content and nature of project work.
Project agreement is a document that specifies basic items for consideration by parties involved in a given project. Project Analysis Template is composed to guide the project managers who want to give a proper analysis to their projects before they are started and while they are in progress. The following Project Appraisal Template is designed to help you assess and evaluate your project by a range of criteria, such as Relevance and importance, Validity of assumptions, Methodology acceptability, Stakeholder competence, and others. This Project Approval Template is designed for assisting project managers on approving different project matters, including customer benefits, return on investments and much more.
This Project Artifacts Template is a list of project matters that a success is normally based upon. Project assessment activity allows you to measure overall efficiency of your project as well as efficiency of individual project stages and processes to ensure that the project is running as desired. The purpose of project assurance is to provide stakeholders with an objective assessment of the way the project is managed, review performance against baseline measures, and respond to risks that may fail delivery of business benefits associated with the project. This Project Audit template will be useful to everyone who wants to compose his own project audit plan or just learn how the body of this process is organized.
Project Balance Sheet Template is composed to assist the project managers and their assistants in collecting and managing information for the balance sheets of their projects (a balance sheet is a document that gives a snapshot of a project’s financial health at a point in time). Project Billing Template will be useful to any organization that wants to be contracted as a project performer.
Project breakdown structure (PBS) explains what work effort should be made to complete project goals and produce deliverables. Project Brief is a formal document that provides a full and firm foundation for authorizing startup of a project. Project Budget Template is composed to help the business managers in creating the budgets for their projects. When a project enters the initiation phase the first step the project manager needs to take is to make sure that there’s a well structured business case document that explains the reasons for project start and the problem to be solved. Project Business Plan Template is composed for business owners and project initiators who need to document feasibility and manageability of their future projects.
Project Cancellation Template is composed to support project managers in shutting their projects down (in terminating their projects premature) due to certain reasons. The term "project capacity" refers to the maximum amount of work that a given project is capable of accomplishing within a given period of time.
Project Cash Flow Template is created for project managers and organization which need to retain and operate considerable cash reserves on their projects. Change management is a section of project management that includes formal processes and procedures for integrating and managing changes in the project throughout its lifecycle. The content of this Project Charter Template is developed in accordance with commonly used methods, techniques, rules and the best practices of project management. This Project Closure template will be highly helpful for every project manager who wants to learn and accomplish successfully all the project closure activities to go through this process effectively.
If you want your project to be successful, you must be sure that there are good communications established between project participants. This Project Completion template will be helpful to project managers who wish to get baseline guidance for getting their projects correctly accomplished, without unfinished tasks and unclosed issues remaining behind. In this Project Contract Template you will read about key steps you can take to develop a contract document for your project. Project Control Template is designed for project managers who essentially need keeping attentive control over their projects. This Project Coordination Template is composed to support companies which drive two or more interrelated projects and need someone who can coordinate efforts at these projects. Project Criteria Template is created for the project managers, who want to examine their projects in terms of reasonability, profitability, feasibility and eligibility. Setting and managing deadlines are the key topics highlighted in this Project Deadline Template. This Project Debrief Template is created for all project and business managers who need to gather some information on how the employees appraise the project infrastructure and management. Project Decision Making Template is composed for project stakeholders and participants to help them in decision-making and problem resolution. Defining a proposed project means exploring all aspects of this project to examine relationships between project activities, events, durations, and costs. This interview checklist for interviewers ( interview checklist template for employers ) can be helpful for all managers who are interested in hiring a new employee and want to organize interviewing the candidates. When your project enters the delivery stage there are multiple aspects to be considered to ensure success of the project.
Project design is a general phase in most kinds and types of project to create a framework for further project development and implementation.
The process of developing a new project can be divided into a number of key stages, such as Concept Generation and Scoping, Planning and Design, and others.
The first section of this Project Documentation template gives you a brief overview over the project documentation samples which are necessary to inspect the documentation portfolio of your project to reach its completeness, and the second section of this Project Documentation template is all-round guidance through the process of organizing a proper project documentation management.
This Project Due Diligence Template is created to help executives who need to establish audit of their projects to make sure everything is in place. This Project Engagement Template will be helpful to all project managers who need to check how well available project elements and resources are involved into the workflow and processes.
Project Escalation Template can be utilized when a project manager faces a problem that needs a higher level of authority for resolution.
This project estimation template will help you identify whether objectives and goals of your project are met. Systematic project evaluation surveys and project monitoring activities are the keys to successful project management. Project execution is the longest phase in project life-cycle and it consumes the majority of financial and human resources allocated to project, so project team should clearly understand this phase and take right actions to execute project tasks considering any project execution risks and problems.

Project Executive Summary Template is created to support project initiators in their efforts for composing introductive sections of their project business plans (executive summaries).
This Project Finance template is about learning the workflow for planning costs and incomes, creating Project Financial Plan, and supporting your project to enable it surviving financially, and as a result getting your project’s overall goals achieved, and revenues secured. This Project Follow-up Template presents general guidelines and suggestions on project implementation. Through implementing the forecasting process an organization in enabled to predict possible troubles with its projects and reach higher efficiency in project management.
Project gating is a process of auditing and controlling every stage of a project to ensure that this project remains effective and beneficial when stepping through next stages.
Project governance can be described as a range of certain roles and duties to be assigned to people and organizations having an impact to or interest in your project. During your project, it may become required to replace your project manager with a new person.
Use Project team communication plan, open this template on your Excel 2003 or newer for Project Management templates. Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically! A monthly task list is actually an organizer or management tool that helps us to manage our time and perform the duties that need our consideration.
Although it’s good that you complete your tasks on daily basis but sometimes the routine is so tough and busy that you can’t spare time to finish daily basis tasks. It may sounds like a simple job but actually project management is very difficult and complicated field. How many of you have worked with a to-do-list but didn’t find it very effective or helpful?
Plan Stakeholder Management is the process of developing appropriate management strategies to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, based on the analysis of their needs, interests, and potential impact on project success. You can buy each template individually or purchase the Plan Stakeholder Management Package for 67% Off. This template lists stakeholders, identifies what role they play in the organization and assess how they are involved in the project.A  It also uses the Influence vs. This template helps you to plan your communication reporting to the stakeholders, functional management, client, and project team. The objective of this document is to list the stakeholders, identify what role they have in the organization and assess how they are involved in the project. This template is an essential part of developing a useful engagement plan where stakeholders are plotted against two variables: influence versus importance. Watch our presentation videos to know the best Project Management tips developed by Senior Project Managers.
When you are talk about integration, than there are many things involve in it like during life cycle processing phase, identification, closure work out, monitoring and other unifying in Project management.
It’s play an imperative role during completion of any small to large project, so mostly manager must implement in workout of every project life cycle, mostly intelligence merge this with closure stage, but if you separate this from that process than it could be very beneficial for your plan success.
As a Planner you should knows about its fundamental concept before implement otherwise you are just wasting of your time and away from your specified goal of being project completed.
These mentioned templates helps you regarding familiar of every little aspect of project checklist, sometime we are forget many crucial step, so use this for saving time and money putting rough work. It’s a business plan that creates before making any project; either you get it as a charter plan or other project status report. It’s very important to document each and every little aspect relates to project plan, sometime in long term plan you may cut-out some necessary things that could be affect negative on overall progress of plan. In execution phase, you present something regarding project practically, more your work touch to reality and positive future-oriented result more you increase chances of approval and appraisal by other managers. Now after execution of project next subsequent process is monitoring or controlling all project phases and take action regarding any possible disaster in between. There is always possibility to change track according to internal or external company’s environmental condition.
It’s a basic about making any Project plan; these Excel Project Integration Management Templates help out in any critical business situation. A project manager is responsible for allocating the various tasks involved in a project to the team members and making sure that they finish the tasks on time.
The templates are made to be edited by the user with their own values in order to fit their purpose. They have a beautiful user interface with different colors for different states of a task such as not done, in progress, or complete. Other templates can also create graphs and charts which are used to visualize progress in a beautiful manner.
As a matter of fact, they can even act as a replacement for the very expensive project management software.
The ease of use of the templates has made them a very popular alternative to other project management software which is very costly. This requires a bit of Google skills and intuition to choose the best results from the description in the search results page. The sites have the templates organized into various categories depending on the type of functionality the user would like. The various aspect of project is also taken care of using Gantt charts, burn down charts and other charts which help to show the progress of the project. This is due to the fact that there is no additional software that needs to be installed on the other parties’ computers as all they need is the excel file which they can open using the already existing office suite. They are way more beneficial than buying expensive software and they can be downloaded on the internet for free.
With a help of this template you can move from one project item to another to check if everything is all right.
With a help of this template you can learn what actions you need to continually do when accounting project costs and transactions.
In this Project Activities Template you can learn what groups of activities can be included in your project.
This document serves as a statement of the project’s legal and operational reasonability. With a help of this template you can approve your project as successful, matching its objectives and requirements. If you, as a project manager, take care of all these artifacts, then they will surely take care of your project’s success. Read the Project Assessment Template to learn which processes within your project should be assessed. This Project Audit template is a guide through different questions, such as what this process stands for, what tasks it includes and what outcomes it delivers.
With a help of this template you can cope with the process of bid documents submission (drafting your project bid letter and receiving bid bond) and participation in project bidding until the bid opening event.
Any project should be billed for and paid by the customer, so with a help of this template you can organize proper invoicing for the work you do, along with tracking bills collection. This Project Breakdown Structure Template explains what phases and activities are included in a typical PBS.
With a help of this simple template you can learn an algorithm of steps to prepare, estimate and source a budget for your project. With a help of this template you can qualify your reason, try to avoid cancellation, and finally cancel your project appropriately if nothing else can be done.
Managing project capacity means planning and controlling allocation, consumption and performance of project resources, including time, people and funds. All the characteristics are organized into these groups: Requirements, Schedule, Resources, Quality, and Risk. This Project Closure template comprises a to-do list for closing a project, conducting necessary project closure tasks, finalizing documents, and other essentials.

Because communications greatly define success of your project, you need to know what to consider when planning for the project. This all-round Project Completion template explains many aspects to consider for ensuring that the project is fully accomplished, including administration, budgeting, quality, resources, etc. To determine and manage risks, project managers need to analyze risks before and during their projects, as well as develop effective contingency strategies that help ensure project success and delivery. Each of the steps of the template is specified with a number of action items so it will be easier for you to understand how to perform the steps. By applying this template you can determine whether your project suits the plans on working progress, deliverables, objectives and quality measures.
With a help of this template you can analyze background of future decision, plan decision making process, and after all make the right decision. This Project Definition Template will help you understand how to define your project and what aspects to consider.
This interview template for managers is a full interview guide explaining interview tips, recommendations and samples on the activities, preparations, behaviors etc.
In this Project Delivery Template we describe the key aspects to help you understand what to do within the stage.
In this Project Development Template you will read about all the stages and learn what tasks you can do to accomplish each of the stage.
In this all-round template you will find a lot of essential items to be monitored on a project, including manpower, customers and technology.
With a help of this template you can establish a process for project problems escalation to address them to senior management levels which possess appropriate grade of competence. You will learn to design project estimation formulas to calculate labor and non-labor costs, as well as define effort and duration of your project .
Project evaluation allows accumulating information and building knowledge required for project analysis and reviewing. The project execution template can be used by project managers as guidelines to carry out the phase. With a help of this template you can learn how your executive summary should be composed and how it should be formatted for better readability and credibility.
If you’re going to run a new project you need to conduct a study to make sure the project is executable and cost-effective. This Project Finance template is not a detailed project finance tutorial, but rather a guide through the project finance basics and process. It explains how to manage changes, scope, costs, risks, time and quality during the course of a project. This Project Forecast Template explains how companies can use forecasting to make their project performance better. The following Project Gating Template explains what tasks can be done to complete the process and ensure effective project development. This is actually a list that shows all the tasks you need to perform at the end of each month. Besides every other thing and issue, it’s not that easy to please a client or provide him exactly what he wants or needs.
It is implemented in so many industries and organizations but sometimes it’s also referred as “Snag list”. Probably most of you will agree to the fact that this list is not that effective at all and you have to work hard to remember each task written on the list either it’s essential or not. It sets out the current state of understanding of stakeholder power and impact, detailing key goals for each group. It is a tracking procedure to track all area of company including each and every department like finance, human resource, and marketing or also implement in various preliminary to business master plan. It main purpose to define any hurdle in term of budget allocating, resource identification, finance, internal company affairs, timeline, risk analysis, open or web based IT plan, and other rough statement for keep hand firm on business investors or stakeholders.
So Documentation is a key aspect of plan and if you download these Project Integration Management Templates than you are free from these little things via outline of checklist and other data like communication plan method, Layout of project process either in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint or any other management software. This phase is also called “orchestrating” (brief explanation practically regarding performing business resources or team in a well-directed manner).
So here are some excel project tracking templates for clear worry about monitoring and collection or large data.
That’s why a intellectual leader already develop some B plan for changing in any source like business financial condition, team controlling and options, communication plan in case of emergency or other hindrance. In this case, one would need to keep track of the time spent on various activities involved with the project and make sure that they are on the right path as far as completing the project is concerned.
The various stages of the project completion are also laid out in a concise manner so that one can easily see where they are far just by looking at the spreadsheet. This hugely cuts down the costs even as the project progresses leaving more money for other resources that are needed in the project.
As a matter of fact, excel templates for project management and tracking can be downloaded for free on the internet.
Having all the aspects of a project in check is very important as it prevents over-spending and delays that may occur due to mismanaged resources.
The multiple uses of Microsoft excel also makes it very economical to use as one does not need to dedicate whole software to just project management and tracking.
The following Project Agreement Template explains what tasks to do to develop the document.
The template aims to help project managers and analysts to understand and develop their projects in terms of basic parameters and characteristics. The following Project Contingency Plan Template explores several key steps you can take to develop a contingency plan for your project. In other words, this interview checklist template will help you to organize the interview in the best possible manner. The following Project Design Template explains major steps you can take to perform the design phase. Read this Project Feasibility Template to find out more on how to investigate your and report on its feasibility. It focuses on such getting steps as Idea Screening, Plan Audit, and Implementation Control. Read the next Project Handover Template to learn more about the project handover procedure.
You can use Excel 2003 or newer Microsoft office software to open and edit Project team communication plan. It identifies how the key strategic priorities for each group and an action plan for improving stakeholder relationships will be developed.
Objective of Integration management is to satisfy company’s stakeholder or investor with some kind of project management templates. However, preparing an Excel spreadsheet from scratch that can keep track of time is a time-consuming task and is quite daunting.
The charts are a very powerful tool for keeping track of the projects progress as they are visually appealing and can be understood and interpreted easily. The templates can then be downloaded right from the results page and modified to fit the needs of the user.
Costs are a vital factor in all phases of the project, and well-grounded project management directly impacts upon cost management success. The project cost management Template enable s you to estimate potential costs and design balanced project budget.

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