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Clear-Cut Ways to Manage Project RiskIf you're a typical project manager, you're probably aware of the importance of risk management but may not have the time or expertise to develop a full-blown plan.
Project Manager's Spotlight on Planning PDF (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open PDF (Adobe DRM) files.
Wireframing is a critical part of designing effective user interfaces for sophisticated projects like web apps, mobile apps, content management systems, etc.
A large-scale design project will have many moving parts, and creating wireframes will make sure all of its components will fit well together right from the start. UXPin, a company that develops online UX design tools, is the publisher of the book and is also the book author’s employer.
One more thing that makes this book great for would-be wireframing practitioners is it’s loaded with lots of visuals that help the reader more quickly understand the concepts being discussed. This guide is written in a way that all professionals who are involved in the production of user interfaces (designers, project managers, software engineers, and so forth) can understand and appreciate. Whether you’re a designer tasked with building your first wireframe or a manager who needs to explain to your client what wireframes are, this book will serve as a handy how-to guide and reference material.

Construction Project Management: A Practical Guide to Field Construction Management, 5 edition by S. For more than thirty years, Construction Project Management by Clough and Sears has been considered the preeminent guide to the Critical Path Method (CPM) of project scheduling. Launch your career in construction management with this one-of-a-kind book The construction management industry is expected to increase employment by 16 percent over the next decade.
The recent worldwide boom in industrial construction and the corresponding billions of dollars spent every year in industrial, oil, gas, and petrochemical and power generation project, has created fierce competition for these projects. This book is a quick and practical guide to applying the disciplines of proven risk management practices without the rigor of complex processes.Part of the Project Manager's Spotlight series from Harbor Light Press, this straightforward book offers solutions to real-life risk scenarios. Instead of bogging you down with theories and non-essential background information, it goes straight to the heart of the subject by supplying you with a ton of useful information about the techniques, tools, standards and best practices that you can readily apply in the real-world. It combines a solid foundation in the principles and fundamentals of CPM with particular emphasis on project planning, demonstrated through an example project. This second edition of a bestselling introduction to construction management walks you through each stage of the construction management process.

Strong management and technical competence will bring your projects in on time and on budget. Inside, best-selling author Kim Heldman highlights critical components of risk management and equips you with tools, techniques, checklists, and templates you can put to use immediately. An in-depth exploration of both these aspects and the resulting challenges, Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures provides a practical guide to the design of reinforced concrete and steel structures and foundations in industrial projects.
By following a realistic case study from start to finish, you'll see how a project manager deals with each concept.

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project management tools and techniques a practical guide pdf

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