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Even though most people rationally know the importance of this starting phase of any project, it often receives too little attention.
How do we know whether we are exactly on track in getting where we exactly want to be at the end? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Project Management is known to be one among the most vital processes for designing and developments of any project; therefore the selection of a project management tool sometimes is critical. Project management is a process by which the project are planned, defined, monitored, controlled as well as delivered so that the agreed advantages are recognized.
With rising demands of project management within all areas and the software industry in specific, need for better and free project management tools in order to manage software efficiently is also rising. This is one among the easiest to use, Gantt chart based project’s scheduling and management free project management tools. TaskJuggler offers an optimizing scheduler which computes your project’s time lines and resources assignments based on project outline and constraints which you have provided. This also is an open source free modular application for coordination of group activity and to share document and information via the internet. This is a lightweight, small, platform-independent program which is written in Java which allows anybody managing multiple projects, tasks or clients to effectively keep a track of how long they’ve exactly worked on every project. Released as an open source, so that you don’t need to worry about customization or vendor lock-in problems. Extensible quickly by utilizing plugins which are created using standard JavaBeans frameworks.
This is also one among the self-hosted PHP, Open-Source free project management tools for managing tasks, teams and projects through an instinctive web interface.

It’s a complete web-based solution focused on enhancing productivity, collaboration, management and communication of your teams. It is another modern Web application which allows teams to work together on projects, manage files, milestones, and tasks, and send immediate message to each other. I’ve come to realize that sometimes the most direct quotes are the best, especially in the world of project management, where ambiguity always leads to confusion. Marketest, a subsidiary of Netetude UK offers a comprehensive report on IT project manager opinion regarding project management tools.
Furthermore, in many cases the role of stakeholders and potential partners is disregarded or considered after the planning stage. They are taken from the Tango Toolkit, 40 tools for Institutional Strengthening and Organisational Development. It completely depends on your needs whether you wish to opt for any online solution or the desktop one. You need to use the tool which is providing sufficient functionalities to cater all your requirements of project management.
OpenProj solution is perfect for desktop project’s management and it is available on Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac. It’s open-source free software for all uses and it is maintained by open community of the volunteer programmers.
Its new ways for planning and tracking projects is more superior and flexible to the commonly utilized Gantt chart editing tool. Built-in consistency checker and resource balancer offload you from needing to worry about inappropriate details and ring an alarm if project goes out of your hands. Components of PHProjekt consist of Group Calendar, Time Card System, Project Management, File Management, Mail Client, Contact Manager, and much more.

We primarily work for start-up entrepreneurs and companies launching a new product or service.
Projects bring about changes and project management is known as the professional way of managing this kind of change. It’s a total desktop replacement of the Microsoft Project and opens even present native Project files. It already has been successfully utilized in lots of projects as well as scales simply to projects with lots of resources and tasks. The flexible “as much details as required”-approach lets you to plan your project, making it also perfect for fresh management strategies like Agile Project Management and Extreme Programming. Actually its function is same as commercial project management products, however allows the scalability and freedom of self-hosting. Research shows however that projects which are designed and planned with care, have a much higher success rate and longer lasting effects. The research presents an insight into the many project management tools and how their importance.
This solution has Earned Value costing, Network Diagrams (the PERT Charts), Gantt Charts, RBS and WBS charts, and a lot more.
This covers the complete range of the project management tasks starting from the very first idea to completion of project. It helps you during the project scoping, revenue and cost planning, resource assignment, communication and risk management.

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