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The program empowers and educates through multiple learning channels including direct team-based project experience, best practice discussion, adapting processes to fit every situation, lectures, exercises, graphics, homework, provided and tailored templates, and frequent presentations complete with multiple feedback channels.
The Project Management Advanced Certificate training program offers the option of a day-track or an evening-track. The Project Management Advanced Certificate Program - Day Track runs over 10-days for a total of 2-weeks, covering much of the same processes covered in our evening-track program.
Both tracks allow teams an adequate amount of time to perform key project processes, including creating an integrated project presentation, which serves as both best practice templates and addresses one of the biggest challenges leaders face: motivating others to perform processes they are unfamiliar with. Experienced professionals: technical and other subject matter experts, team leads, project leads, project and program managers, executives, operations managers, business analysts, staff, and those who wish to dramatically improve their project results and deepen their ability to deliver value through projects and operations. About This BlogWe've created this project management blog as a source point for the latest project management news, training tips and techniques.

Check out PMAlliance’s infographic on the importance of  Project Management Training.
Maintain your project management training with PMAlliance and keep up to date with the latest project management techniques to have more successful projects. Edward's University Professional Education's Project Management Advanced Certificate will enable your people to manage more and higher complexity projects with less time, effort, and conflict.
We hope you find this blog helpful and we encourage you to come back and check out our project management posts on a regular basis. A huge portion of the discipline revolves […]PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING: STOP MEDDLING! Every attendee brings back real-world, proven templates and processes to apply immediately on the job.

Project management leaders are always looking for ways to boost synergy within their […]THE DANGERS OF OVERPLANNING Can you really overplan a project?
The reasons why projects fail are well understood they include[i] Poor project definition including announcing major funding decisions before the business case has been fully developed. It is useful for project planning and risk management of complex projects and, as a consequence, it can also help to improve teamwork within a project team.

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project management training for charities

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