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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. If she survives this and ever gets another opportunity to run a big project, she quips, she’ll first make sure she and her team fully understand the scope and goals of the project before just jumping in. Bizarre as this may sound, she’ll actually plan her planning: Clearly defined deliverables, estimating time and cost, proper resource allocation and management, contingency plans, effective documentation, etc. I did not ask her this – I would be unable to keep a straight face – but I think it is safe to assume that a hastily written to-do list would never again be put forward at the start of a project. In the close-out meeting (which I’m proud to say she actually insisted on instead of just opting to blend into the office background noise as many less-than-perfect project teams seem to do), her team identified a further need to incorporate more effective feedback mechanisms as well as ways to boost creativity and motivation to remain committed to the project’s mission. Fortunately, she is teachable and, despite this nightmarish experience, committed to excellence.
Bianca Filmalter, founder and Managing Director of Raising the Standards Solutions, is a nationally recognised and award-winning admin expert. En el Project Management Workshop se proporcionara a los participantes los conocimientos, herramientas y habilidades claves para administrar proyectos de manera eficiente e inmediata.
Durante el taller se abordan enfoques y metodologias practicas utilizadas en empresas de clase mundial, con la intencion de perfeccionar las habilidades y dirigir a los equipos de trabajo hacia el logro de resultados. El PMI Mexico es una asociacion sin fines de lucro, cuya principal mision es establecer un vinculo entre miembros cuya practica profesional versa en la direccion de proyectos. En las actividades participan los integrantes del Cluster de Biotecnologia del estado de Queretaro, el cual se conforma por instituciones de educacion superior –entre ellas, el alma mater queretana-la iniciativa privada y el sector gubernamental.

Es impartido por la consultora BProject, esta dirigido a gerentes, lideres de proyectos, supervisores, mandos medios y todas las personas que coordinan equipos para el logro de objetivos, con la finalidad de que perfeccionen habilidades para administrar proyectos de manera eficaz y de aplicacion inmediata, ademas de obtener una vision sistemica para integrar personas, recursos y entregables. En esta ocasion participan alrededor de diez empresas, asi como la propia UAQ, a traves del Parque Biotecnologico que coordina el Dr.
IMPORTANTE: Queda prohibida la reproduccion total o parcial de cualquier contenido de este sitio web, asi como la retransmision, edicion y cualquier otro uso de los contenidos aun citando la fuente sin el consentimiento expreso y por escrito de AM de Queretaro.
Project management is essential to achieving goals with respect to schedules and budgets.  Effective planning and control models will be introduced as well as specific skills for managing the project team. Participants at the Toronto Project Management training workshop are encouraged to send an email within three months following the training workshop and can expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience. And when I say ‘introduced’, I mean it in the sense that a 10-ton truck with failing brakes would a busy intersection at lunch time.
The fact that her list ignored what the rest of the team was doing and was silent on a ‘plan b’ in the case of equipment failure, also did her no credit. She’ll also give proper attention to all the stakeholders in the process – especially to make sure they know they’re part of the process! Other lessons that have made an indelible impression on her bruised ego include the importance of regular performance and progress measurement. She has enrolled in a proper project management course instead of relying on her common sense, and has also motivated her team to do the same. She delivers professional project coordination and administrative services – freeing up your time so that you can focus on strategy and project delivery.
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Ademas, se basa en los lineamientos del PMBOK (Guia de los fundamentos de la direccion de proyectos) del Project Management Institute (PMI) Mexico. Martha Estefania Vazquez Cruz, gerente del cluster afirmo que este taller tiene el objetivo de planear proyectos en comun que permitan el crecimiento del cluster y lleven a la formulacion de nuevas ideas en el area de ciencia y tecnologia. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. At that time we will advise you on how to make payment by credit card or by corporate cheque. So, behind schedule on more than just the big project as day-to-day tasks moved to the backburner in an effort to avoid serious egg on the face, belated introspection was at the order of the day.
But actually, that can (and does) happen quite easily, especially if project management is not a regular part of one’s job.
At the time when the wheels were coming off, she also very quickly learnt the value of effective communication during project implementation.
Amidst all the other daily deliverables it is easy to focus on the end product of a big project and think the preceding activities will just fall in place via common sense (the problem with common sense is that it is not that common…). Keeping clients updated and effectively managing requests for change probably helped to reign in potential damage and avert organisation-wide embarrassment.

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project management workshop benefits

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