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Learning Construction Project Management offers Civil Engineering students with fresh employment prospects in the booming construction industry.
From the Pyramid of Giza completed 4A? thousand years back to the new age Burj Khalifa, every project is directed by construction project managers. National Skill Development Corporation forecasts around 8 crore new jobs in the construction sector as a result of rapid urbanization planned across the country.
Rahul Raj, head of Civil Simplified and Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, shed some further light on the current scenario in India a€“ a€?Earlier, construction projects compromised on quality to finish off the work on time.
The roadmap to this career, as industry insiders suggest, is gaining practical experience during graduation. By analyzing this line of work, the Civil Simplified team identified the need for practical knowledge to go with college education. The workshop aims to produce industry-ready Engineers who know how to supervise projects, follow deadlines, plan activities, adapt on-field and assist Engineers when needed.
Technology training is also an essential part of this workshop, as smart construction project managers around the world are already using modern technologies like BIM and drones to achieve their goals. Such training sessions allows a student to eventually rope in towards managing their own construction project. If you are interested to organize this workshop in your college, kindly provide your details below.
Civil Simplified is the leading education provider in the field of Civil Engineering in India delivering quality services through hands-on, practical, application-oriented workshops, trainings, projects and internships. When I arrived in Mumbai, the water shortage as a result of poor monsoon rains in 2009 struck me. Mumbaikars are very aware of this problem, as water is rationed and it impacts their everyday life.  Water is now available only for between one and three hours per day in peoples homes.

It is my goal to find out what this means for people and really understand the issues associated with it.  Documenting the situation will, hopefully, not only trigger a discussion on this blog, but also make this crucial information available for everyone interested or involved in planning efforts in order to facilitate appropriate design. I am hoping to gain more insight by trying to understand ancient and recent design examples across the country that attempt to cope with water shortage and learn from their successes and problems. Time Management – an art that needs to be mastered by all, yet only a handful of them put it to practise. Organized by the Searchlight Within, the one day seminar would take place on September 14, 2014 at Hotel Alka, Opp. Time Management is a skill, which draws the thin line that influences productivity and efficiency. Topics that would be covered at the workshop would include,the much needed tips of overcoming the habit of procrastination, while also helping the participants master the art of managing time in a much more efficient manner. Time management is a skill that needs to be mastered by all, which is why this one-day seminar is open for everyone to attend, while it would be all the more productive for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Business Owners, Professionals, Students, Managers, Executives, Home Makers, Employees, Retired etc. So, hurry and book your slot now as the seats are filling fast, and in case if you are not convinced about attending the workshop, here is a sneak peek into what you could expect to learn at the Vel Anmol Time Management Seminar in Marathi. Newsletter SubscriptionSubscribe to our newsletter for latest updates on events happening in your city. In fact, every other process of construction work is integrated into a project managera€™s job description. The industry has now realized the need for project managers who have both technical and managerial skills.
It is the best way to gather the necessary technical know-hows and is a chance to fill in the shoes of a Construction Project Manager.
Now, see how Civil Simplifieda€™s latest workshop offering helps young Civil Engineers kickstart their career in this field.

Sighting this, the new workshop was designed to instill project management practices followed by the construction industry.
Well, learning by doing in the workshop shows how Construction Project Managers handle real world scenarios. You can participate in any of the Civil Simplified workshops including Construction Project Management, Bridge Design, Tall Buildings, Seismic Design, Foundation Analysis, Survey Camp using Total Station, Applications of GIS, Transportation Engineering, .Civil Simplified offers the best quality training programs in India designed by IIT graduates. The availability of drinking water per capita now fell below the mark 100l per person and day, and this situation will most probably worsen in the near future, first because the city is growing fast, and second because monsoon rains are becoming ever more unreliable. Vel Anmol, a renowned trainer, is gearing up to transform the lives of people in Mumbai by helping them master the art of Time Management this September with a one day workshop in Thane on Time Management.
Ashok Talkies, Thane and would feature the renowned time management guru, Shailesh Tandel guiding the participants in the effective ways of managing time for improved productivity. This one-day workshop Time Management Seminar ‘VEL ANMOL’ In Marathi would train the participants to develop the skill of planning out their time effectively and to handle uncertainty of life and staying committed to the higher purpose of life.
Engineers, architects and builders, all follow a project managera€™s lead to meet the construction goals. These responsibilities for the ever so critical business of construction, make it one of the most promising jobs in India. This unique combo of the engineering with the brains is in huge demand, opening up fresh new career avenues for Civil Engineering students. It teaches a student to think critically, act effectively and most importantly work with people!

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