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This workshop focuses on practical training in project management that helps new Environment Champions to conceptualise, manage and publicise environmental programmes for their organisations.
Second day (Wednesday 3rd Feb 2016, half day) is optional, where participants will gain further insights through an educational site visit to Tuas South Incineration Plant. National Environment Agency 40, Scotts Road, Singapore 228231 The National Environment Agency (NEA) is the leading public organisation responsible for improving and sustaining a clean and green environment in Singapore. Are your projects characterized by frequent firefighting, challenging or missed due dates, resource shortages heroics? Through a blend of lecture, discussion and experiential learning, this workshop introduces the TOC approach to project management. Numerous organizations from different industries and size, such as IBM, Lufthansa Technik, Siemens, have implemented CCPM and enjoy shorter and more reliable projects. Christoph Lenhartz, MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb), CDDP, is a Board Member and Past Chairman of TOCICO.
In over 20 years he has acquired a wide-ranging, international experience in industry, as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consulting teams in high complexity TOC implementations. One of the leading TOC and management experts in Europe he is the General Manager of Catena Strategies, a leading consultancy in operational excellence consulting based on TOC principles. Christoph holds an MBA from Clemson University (USA), he graduated from the University Essen (Germany) as a Diplom-Kaufmann and has pursued post-graduate studies at Washington State University (USA). Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Project management is a useful skill to have in order to execute projects, run businesses, and establish new civilisations on the moon. Graduates and employees amplify skills and resumes with project management, marketing, and information technology workshops catering to all experience levels, conducted by trainers from USA with over 20 years of experience. Certificate of a€?40 contact hours of formal educationa€? and 5 day programme is approved by HRDF and Institute of Engineers of Malaysia. Engineers that are members of IEM, or planning on becoming members of IEM, will receive an additional Certificate of a€?40 CPDa€?. Collaboration Enterprises reserves the right to reschedule students if selected session is full.
Subscribe to Groupon newsletters and find out when this or a similar deal is available again. NEA develops and spearheads environmental initiatives and programmes through its partnership with the People, Public and Private sectors. You will understand the key elements of the solution and gain first insights in how to introduce them in your company. Mazda Motors, the Japanese car manufacturer, credits CCPM with a recent, major company turnaround.
He has lead strategic, business transformation, supply chain management and IT projects and his expertise also includes post-merger integration of supply chain operations for major international groups. She has a passion for classic men`s elegance and she is keen on giving advices to men in order to look and feel better.

Todaya€™s Groupon supervises master plans with a project management professional (PMPA®) workshop at Collaboration Enterprises in Kuala Lumpur.
Detailed courses, intensive boot camps, and refresher classes in accordance with PMBOKA® Guide Fifth Edition syllabus prepares candidates for various PMI certifications; and fulfils a€?35 contact hours of formal educationa€? requirements.
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It is committed to motivating every individual to take up environmental ownership and to care for the environment as a way of life. By protecting Singapore's resources from pollution, maintaining a high level of public health and providing timely meteorological information, NEA endeavours to ensure sustainable development and a quality living environment for present and future generations. Collaboration Enterprises is a 10-minute walk away from the Chan Sow Lin LRT station, and can be accessed via Rapid KL buses or secret wormholes.
Other companies need projects to develop new products and other offerings to their market or to run mission critical departments. Lack of focus and an inability to manage uncertainty are two significant causes of delays, quality issues, excessive durations, and low team spirit. By addressing these root causes, critical chain project management (CCPM) techniques improve project speed, quality, on-time performance, and team morale.

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