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Free Time Tracking software with screenshots and report for work and Projects, ideal for working with offshore outsourcing teams to track time and work.
TimeLive - Free web-based time tracking software for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. A new R1.45 version of the popular free web based time tracking software actiTIME Server is now available.
Time Tracking Software that tracks activity, clients, project management, billing time and the $ rates you charge your clients.
Visual TimeAnalyzer is a extensive reporting timesheet, project and time tracking software.
Timetracker Lite 2013 : Time management software for professionals Timetracker Lite 2013 is free time management software for professionals to track time spent on various activities in a project.
MyMaelstrom time management software is a great solution to help you become more productive. Time can be recorded to user-defined categories and sub-categories such as customers, projects and tasks.
The easy to use application automatically tracks all computer activities, working time, pauses, projects, costs, software and Internet use and presents detailed, richly illustrated reports.
Separate small chores from your large projects, schedule tasks for a later date, and find out just how much time you spend performing them.

ProjectCommunicator allows you to easily pull tasks from Microsoft Project and create easy to read reports or convert reports to Microsoft Excel, Outlook, or Word.
This time tracking software allows every worker to keep tack of his or her own daily tasks. TTT uses Perl (more scalable than PHP), Apache, and MySQL (doesn't get much better than this). The TimeLive suite of products deliver a time tracking solution for professional service providers. Automatic generation of Gantt Charts which displays the deadline of each created project, task and sub-tasks. Window based software which works on standalone system, thus, keeping all data related to your crucial projects safe on your own system’s disk drive. You can add details about all the projects, clients and team members who will work on the assigned projects. Hierarchy of project is maintained (as a tree-like structure) by dividing project into tasks and further, each individual task into its sub-task and so on. Graphical reports of status of projects, tasks, sub-tasks and team members working on tasks. With stunning charts and tables, this Project Dashboard will help you keep projects on track at all times.

This stylish Project Planner offers you all of the Microsoft Project features for managing tasks, and much more. You can build a new task list, schedule your tasks, allocate resources and monitor progress.
Your project dashboards, plans and reports will automatically be updated with your Timesheet information, so you're always kept up-to-date. You can track any type of expense such as people, materials, Equipment and office expenses. As you enter each expense, the Project Dashboard tells you whether you're still under budget.
This project management software allows you to track them day-by-day, so that you can quickly resolve them before they Impact on your deadlines. Just select the report you want to run, choose your Project Reporting period and click "View" to run the report across your projects. Upload all of your files, documents, forms, templates and reports into this project management software so that it becomes your central document store.

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project tracking software free download xp

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