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While not everyone is pursuing a degree in real estate studies, it is very likely that many of us will acquire at least one investment property at some time in our lives. Taking a property management course would be beneficial in developing a successful management plan. Having a written plan covering all aspects of your operation from property selection, ROI, to tenant screening is imperative. Understanding the various laws, tax considerations, hazards, and regulations as a land lord, property owner (and seller), and their potential penalties is very important.

Planning leads to profit in real estate; creating a personalized comprehensive plan developed by utilizing your goals will create a strong foundation to build your own profitable real estate portfolio.
Erich Jett earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and an MBA in Business Administration from Maryville University along with a Master of Arts degree in Real Estate Management from Webster University. You’ll have to factor in the cost of inflation, and complex real estate market factors such as location, school districts, crime rates, disaster risks and more.
For a non-leveraged property you’ll want to aiming for 7% after inflation is standard practice.

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property management courses online free online

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