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Please note: This training course is free, however, a $25 administration fee will be applied if booked attendees fail to attend without notice prior to the commencement of the course.
Suitable for the Residential, Commercial and Holiday Property Management Departments we cover every aspect of the Maintenance process from taking the initial call to paying the account.
Gain practical knowledge and skills you can put to use in developing and managing an investment portfolio. In view of negative travel advisories for Bahrain issued by many countries on the morning of Saturday, 19 February, ASIS International was forced to cancel the 2nd ASIS International Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition scheduled to take place in Manama, Bahrain on 20-22 February 2011. ASIS President Ray O'Hara, CPP, shares his insights on a range of membership issues in his new President's Page column.
Download or learn more about our published standards and guidelines, or review our standards and guidelines in progress.
For over 25 years, the IRC has been assisting ASIS members with their security-related questions.
On September 13, 2007, the US Dept of Homeland Security released the National Preparedness Guidelines and Target Capabilities List. Important: The US Dept of Homeland Security has asked ASIS to notify its members regarding the Federal Government Guide to Pandemic Planning (pdf) for businesses and other organizations.
The CSO Roundtable provides a dedicated forum for the most senior security professionals from the largest and most influential organizations in the world. The Security Industry Buyer's Guide is the Security Professional's Source for Products and Services. The POA is a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of security including access control, training, employee awareness, internal and external theft and fraud, security and civil law, investigations, ethics, alcohol and drug abuse and more. No part of this work may be reproduced without the written permission of ASIS International. ABOUT US Contact Us Staff About the School History of ACS Our Affiliates Media Releases Professional and Industry Organisations Published Articles Recognition Student Testimonials Workshops COURSES Search Courses Horticulture Agriculture Business and Management Construction and Engineering Ecotourism and Adventure Activities Education Environment and Wildlife Equine Health Science Health, Fitness and Recreation Hospitality and Tourism Information Technology Pet Care Photography Practicals and Workshops Psychology Research Science Special Offers Writing and Journalism ENROLMENT Why Study with ACS? There are nine modules; one is an industry based, practical project and the other eight are your choice. This knowledge presented in this course is fundamental for owning or successfully managing an equine enterprise. Students undertake core studies in marketing and business operations, combined with three stream units in horse care and two general elective units of study. Environmental concerns and the looming food crisis are confronting all agricultural enterprises.
Farmers are the front-line in dealing positively and proactively in managing environmental needs.
There is an immediate need for agricultural leaders who can respond in an intelligent and environmentally aware manner. This is a solid training program for people wishing to work in alternative areas of agriculture at a technician or management level in positions such as a farm manager, technical representatives, rural trainers or rural consultants.
Very few non-rural businesses are presented with the continuing changes and variations that confront a rural business. This course will help you to develop your ability to understand, analyze and manage marketing problems in an agricultural enterprise. Agronomy involves the biological and physical factors related to crop production, such as crop physiology, plant breeding, pest control, soil science and management, crop rotation and tillage. No matter which animal takes your fancy, knowing them inside and out will give you the opportunity to get the best from them.

This home study course will help you plan and implement animal breeding programs using genetic theory, practical applications to daily husbandry practice, and management of animal breeding programs.
This course includes a sound introduction to genetics and is relevant to any type of animal. Personal guidance from highly qualified and experienced animal scientists and practitioners. Explore the steps involved in examining sick or dead animals, and how to collect symptomatic information or tissue samples that will aid in making a diagnosis. Learn about metabolic, nutritional and inherited conditions as well parasites, virus, bacterial conditions, poisoining, diagnostic techniques and more.
With more pet ownership than ever before, there has never been a better time to get into the animal grooming industry. All you require is a passion for animals and we’ll supply you with the knowledge and skills to get your new animal grooming business started!
A solid introduction to animal health, where you learn to assess animal health, explain a variety of conditions and identify appropriate treatments or responses to a range of more common complaints or illnesses. This course has been designed to help you understand animal health care and basic veterinarian procedures. By studying this course you will gain invaluable experience in understanding the many different aspects of Animal Health Care.
This course may be used  as part of a career pathway towards becoming a qualified Veterinary Nurse or Animal Technician, or simply to enhance the quality of care you can provide to the less human members of your family or enterprise. Learn to care for the health of any type of animal and understand the scope of services offered by animal care services - including in veterinary practices.
You will learn about production systems, other species, feeding, harvesting and health of fish as well as set up of an aquaculture venture.
This course would be close to two years of full time study at most colleges; however, under our system you may fast track it or take it slow. To give yourself the best chance of success in this industry, a substantial course (around 1500 hrs or more) together with experience, is what is needed. Equine businesses are often run in conjunction with other farming or animal based enterprises. The course will teach you many of the different facets of running an equine facility or service. Particular emphasis is given to learning event management principles and to developing the skills to plan, initiate, host and evaluate a successful event in the equine industry.
This course is designed to help producers analyse and make decisions about the management requirements of beef cattle. After completing the course you should be able to understand and explain the principles and practices of beef cattle husbandry and management.
The course is excellent for learning the fundamentals of farming, to use as a refresher course, or for further skills development. By being different, you may well give yourself an advantage over your competition in business or work. A foundation course for people exploring opportunities for maximising farm income  while responding to environmental issues and changes. The course guides students in the development of skills and knowledge in alternative farming methods using materials which have a minimal impact on the environment.
Compulsory modules include units of study in sustainable methods of agriculture and organic farming.

Developed and tutored by a team of Veterinarians, Agricultural College Lecturers and Allied Animal Industry experts. Queenstown zealand activities events accommodation , Queenstown nz activities, accommodation, information directory. Queenstown attractions activities - tourism, Queenstown tourist attractions and travel activities directory, new zealand.
Totallytourism, Totally tourism is a tourism based company situated in queenstown and brings together some of the south island's best sightseeing options and adventure activities.. Zqn - queenstown tourism guide, Queenstown zealand' popular holiday vacation destination international visitors. Queenstown activities: queenstown, nz, Queenstown activities, attractions & queenstown zealand! We are a combined agency with a very large rent roll - 850 to 900 - and I am proud to say that we have been with Gateway since 2002. You’ll learn about balancing risk and return, how to measure investment performance, taxation on investments and more. Educational seminar, networking, exhibit hall, prize drawings, and afternoon cocktail reception-all free!
These monthly communications will draw on his experience as a volunteer leader, as well as his travels and conversations with fellow ASIS members.
Department of Defense to Develop Standard to Improve Performance and Accountability of Private Security Service Providers. The impact of climate means the rural manager has to continually consider, evaluate, assess (and reassess) often on a daily or even hourly basis, the numerous changes and types of information that may affect the rural business success. Agronomic practices refers to field crops such as wheat, and cotton but does not cover vegetable, fruit, forestry and flower crops. Developing a sound foundation in animal anatomy and physiology is important in understanding the care and management of animals. It involves the investigation of the relationship of animals to their physical environment as well as to other organisms. The course will help you to recognise a disease and determine an appropriate course of action to initiate, in order to obtain a diagnosis. It equips you with the skills required to evaluate feeding and select appropriate feeds - for digestibility and nutritional content - applicable to real life farming situations.
Whether you wish to start your own business or gain employment as a groomer, this course is a great first step along that path. It is also useful for people wishing to work in Companion Animal Services, such as pet shops and animal grooming. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in working with animals including on a farm, a wildlife park or in a veterinary practice. On successful completion of this course you will be able to independently analyse and make decisions about the requirements of calves. Alternatively you can simply choose the required number of related modules or short courses. It is a sound foundation course and designed to cover most of what is found in a typical veterinary assistant course in many countries around the world.

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property management courses online nz passport

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