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This course defines the concepts and the processes associated with being a project manager within the construction industry.
It will enable you to manage every aspect of the project lifecycle from inception to completion. Doing a Mastera€™s is a good opportunity to refresh my knowledge and experience and also to learn new skills and update my old skills to match todaya€™s requirements.
A good honours degree or equivalent in a relevant subject, or equivalent industrial and work experience in construction management or other related field. The course is divided into three stages, the first two stages are generally taught through formal tuition, with stage three covering independent research in an academic or industrial setting.You will build upon established fundamental construction engineering and project management principles in order to confidently apply them to a range of complex construction projects. Project Management Tools, Techniques and Processes: You will gain project management tools, techniques and processes in the construction industry.
Strategic and General Management: In this unit you will cover management in the construction industry, and the development of organisational and project strategic direction, taking into account internal and external environments. Independent Research Project: This covers the generic research framework within which new knowledge is discovered, and involves the practical application of research skills and techniques to a chosen system within the construction industry. Assessment can take many forms and is geared towards the subject matter in a way that encourages a deeper understanding and allows you to develop your skills.
Offering a range of consultancy services to clients, the Project Office gives you access to real clients and live projects. Modern, comfortable and a great learning environment, our library offers a wealth of information including 400,000 books, DVDs, maps and thousands of online ejournals and newspapers.
There may be extra costs arising from your studies which you will need to consider when planning your expenditure.
One of the benefits of studying at Portsmouth is the support that we provide to our Master's and Research Degrees students in career planning. We offer our postgraduate students and alumni one-to-one appointments with a careers adviser, or an online service for those not able to travel back to the University. In addition, regular employability events offer you the chance to meet employers, find out about different career sectors and improve your applications or CV. Regardless of whether you are seeking to build on your studies, further your career or pursue a career change, a postgraduate qualification adds to your achievement record.
Many graduate employers prefer the higher intellectual rigour displayed in postgraduate students. Recruiters for roles requiring specialist knowledge or research particularly target those with higher level qualifications.

Postgraduate study shows you can take the challenge of in-depth study; acquiring transferable skills in team working and problem solving techniques. If you have a passion for a particular subject, postgraduate study can also be something undertaken as part of your own development at an appropriate time in your life. Our Postgraduate Information Days are for anyone considering postgraduate study at the University of Portsmouth.
Meet with our postgraduate subject specialists and faculty admissions teams who will provide information and guidance on the range of Master's courses and research programmes available at the University.
Alternatively, If you would like to visit the campus you can download our free walking tour for a self-guided tour of the University.
The increased popularity of property management in the United States of America over the past few years is making people want to handle their real estate matters themselves. In order to facilitate people wanting to learn the basics of property management, there are several institutes in the United States which offer a wide range of courses — both online and offline. Finding property management courses in the United States is not hard, as state universities and colleges offer such programs.
Checking with your state university or a college is the best way to find a property management course.
At "property management courses," you can find links to property management institutes in almost every state. Even if you cannot find your state at "property management courses," you can still do a lot. Another good option to find property management course in the United States is Allied Schools Property Management. CarletonSheets is a one-stop shop for all kinds of real estate courses, diplomas and training programs. Cornell University, Ashworth College, Technical Career Institute (New York) and American International College are among the reliable institutes that provide property management course for both professionals and amateurs. Residential property managers assist investment property owners and homeowners in preserving and increasing the value of their real estate investments.A You willA look at the rapidly evolving field of property management and explore the daily issues facing practitioners, including maintenance, accounting, administrative and legal activities.
You will also master the technical, organisational, commercial, legal and financial issues involved in achieving a project’s successful execution.
You will also cover contracts' formation and performance issues, contracts' documentation and dispute resolution methods. It will also centre on supporting your independent learning strategies, which tutorials will help to develop.

This is a great means to gain real hands-on experience in order to support your design development and professional capacity.
With handouts on key topics to take away and computer-aided learning packages, we can get the problem solved and help you improve your numeracy skills. These may include the cost of study texts, reference books, photocopying and computer supplies.
The Graduate Summer Programme provides a range of guidance and employability seminars and workshops. Ita€™s your opportunity to learn about the University and the postgraduate opportunities on offer.
In addition, some of our current postgraduate students will be available to speak to you about postgraduate student life at Portsmouth, alongside staff from our Careers and Recruitment service, Student Finance Team, International Office and Graduate School.
To find out more about these and our visits to your region see our International Office exhibitions page. However when it comes to dealing with seemingly complex property issues, most individuals end up seeking help from professional property managers, and the help does not come without a fee. Since state universities are reliable and offer a wide variety of property management courses, covering all the fields of real estate. Every university and college has its website, which means that you can quickly get yourself enrolled with a distance learning program without having to worry about losing your job or business. In addition to that, the website also has links to state universities and colleges that offer these courses. Although the institute offers several courses, covering many industries, property management course are offered at affordable fees. In the past we have overseen or managed major building or design works in the city including the Hilsea Lido, the Isle of Wight Zoo, the University’s own 3rd Space and the Bursledon Brickworks. Others relate to specific courses and may include field trips, materials and specialist equipment. We have an open-door policy so you will be able to take a look into our buildings, speak to some of our support services and get a feel for the campus.

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