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As we adhere to our customers, needs, we like to focus on every detail because we believe that is the only way to ad real value. We are allways open to provide services to medium and large occupiers of office buildings, thus allowing them to focus on their core business. MT&T offer complete solutions for you large projects like relocations, fit-out works and major refurbishment projects.

About UsEstablished in 2000 with the vision to provide excellent and unique value added products and services in personalized high-end real estate business, MT&T is a full-service professional management company, that provides integrated services for all kind of properties, creating a spirit of excelence into the high-end real estate business in the CEE Region. A 5-unit building located on a corner lot, some units have hardwood floors and screened porches.Unique floor plans and window arrangements make this a unique apartment experience. Vernon Towers your housing experience will be comfortable, compassionate, and personalized…Welcome Home!

Therefore high quality facility manangement services provided by professionals will have a significant impact on the lifetime of the building.

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property management mt pleasant mi

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