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In a world that denies emotions, where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed.
Many times I'll pick up a much talked about, much hyped book and I'll think it was good but not be blown away. Sascha Duncan is a member of a race known for their emotional detachment, cold precision and deadly sharp minds. This story presents a complex but not complicated paranormal inhabited by strong personalities. Imagine a world in which all inhabitants are either shape shifters (known as changelings) or Psy. Keyes was born in Mississippi, but his father’s job took them to a Navajo reservation in Arizona. Keyes went to college at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi, where he earned a B.A. Greg Keyes is the New York Times-bestselling author of Star Wars, Babylon 5, Elder Scrolls, and Planet of the Apes tie-in novels, as well as the award-winning Age of Unreason fantasy series, and most recently the Interstellar movie novelization. With his latest publication, Footsteps in the Sky (2015), Keyes has now published twenty-two novels. During his college years Keyes wrote the riveting fantasy novel Waterborn.  The idea of this story came from a world history class where the class discussion centered on civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Well, it is similar to lacrosse , but instead of having one large stick, you have two smaller ones that you hold in each hand.
To reveal them would be to sentence herself to the horror of 'rehabilitation'—the complete psychic erasure of everything she ever was… Both human and animal, Lucas Hunter is a Changeling hungry for the very sensations the Psy disdain. Psy have varying powers and are interconnected through the PsyNet but the Silence has bred all emotions out of them. Gregory Keyes, also known as Greg Keyes, was born on April 11, 1963, in Meridian, Mississippi. Gregory Keyes, the main characters experience conflict at the hands of their gods and themselves. Some are very obvious, but others are skillfully blended in so that they are almost invisible. I have to stop writing all the time to go find out exactly what this person would wear, and what the fashions were. What if, instead of discovering science, Newton had discovered something more like…magic. After centuries of uneasy coexistence, these two races are now on the verge of war over the brutal murders of several Changeling women. Singh has created a paranormal universe that is fresh and interesting, with wonderful attention to detail and worldbuilding. She feels powerful emotion and she grows worried she may soon not be able to repress the building surge.
Lucas Hunter, the alpha of the DarkRiver leopard pack, is searching for a Psy serial killer who is kidnapping, torturing and killing changeling women. We deliver the joy of reading in 100% recycled packaging with free standard shipping on U.S. He entered the literary world of fantasy in August of 1996 with a highly-praised novel called The Waterborn. The time spent at the reservation combined with evenings with his Choctaw relatives telling stories forever left an impression on Keyes. Her grandparents made the one-way trip to the Fifth World, hoping to return to their way of life and the Kachina spirits that nurtured them.
The world of the Waterborn, although different and foreign, can be easily understood by all.The Waterborn is an excellent book that any avid reader with imagination should thoroughly enjoy.
Lucas is determined to find the Psy killer who butchered his packmate, and Sascha is his ticket into their closely guarded society. A business meeting with changeling Lucas Hunter, the alpha of the DarkRiver leopards, lures her even closer to the edge of certain discovery. In order to find out more about the mysterious Psy, he offers his business services as a consultant and agent for a construction project run by the Duncan family. Where you are connected with others by a mental link resembling the Internet as we know it now but in your mind.
Sascha Duncan has always hidden her inner core as she knows she is a broken Psy and would be sent for rehabilitation if this were discovered. The inspiration for both The Waterborn and its sequel The Blackgod can be found in Keyes’ fascination with languages, cultures, and history. He soon developed a deep interest in languages, myths, legends, and the art of telling stories.
Sand has her doubts, but she longs to believe that the real Kachinas live beyond the stars, and made this world ready for her people. Through their struggles, they mature and learn to be themselves rather than to conform to society.

However, unlike most young children, she does not forget her questions, and she is determined to find answers. Perkar and Hezhi are forced to grow up and deal with issues that, while are not familiar, we can relate to them.
But he soon discovers that this ice-cold Psy is very capable of passion—and that the animal in him is fascinated by her. The society she's given us is rich with information you care about and that shores up the story as a whole. As she is assigned as the Psy contact for the ensuing project Lucas's company takes on, she soon begins to fear grave repercussions from her people. Treated as a cardinal due to her mother's high position on the Council, Sascha is placed in charge of a joint business venture between the Psy and the DarkRiver leopards- the first joint venture between the Psy and changelings. The seeds for the world of The Waterborn were planted in a world history class that Keyes took as an undergraduate at Mississippi State University. Someone has been seeding planets; nine habitable worlds have been found spanning the galaxies. He is now listed on the Savannah College of Art and Design as a researcher of Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology, and Military History, with interests in historical archaeology, and violence. The two main characters, Perkar and Hezhi are followed separately through most of the novel.
Her ever faithful guardian and friend, Tsem, disapproves of her quest, but he cannot persuade her to stop her searching. While discussing the need for flood control in civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia, Keyes began to formulate a vision of a city on a river that was literally alive. After two years of searching for her lost cousin, her search leads her to the castle’s library. I loved the chemistry between Lucas and Sascha and I loved the internal journey each one took to accept the other. It doesn't take long for the dominant male to begin asserting his blatant interest in her in traditionally pack ways. A Psy serial killer is stalking changeling women and one of his pack lost his sister to this vicious killer. The librarian, Ghan, becomes her reluctant friend, and he aids her to the best of his ability. The storyline has multiple layers but isn't hard to follow or confusing but still clever and with some interesting twists.
And Sascaha is flawed she feels and everyday she must fight this "breakdown" or she may face being "rehabilitated". Lucas' plan is to infiltrate the PsyNet through Sascha to obtain the killer's identity but he never expects to find a Psy who feels emotions. In these two novels, Keyes skillfully combines myths, ideas, and beliefs from Egyptian, Native American, and Mesopotamian civilizations. The problem is that Sascha understands that to feel is weak and that the Psy do not allow for weakness within its group. War is about to break out between changeling and Psy as the changelings believe the Psy are protecting a killer. He teaches her to read the ancient language, and this enables her to read the old books that tell of her families origins, the path of the river, and many other things.
As a Psy with connections amongst her race, Sascha will become the only saving grace in a race against time to stop two opposing groups on the brink of war.
Sascha and Lucas will have to learn to work together quickly as one of the SnowDancer's women has been kidnapped by the psychopathic Psy and her time is running out.
Her and Lucas's efforts will bring them to some shocking realizations as well as some heated and sensually stimulating encounters. If what they suspect is true, that the killer preying on changeling women is a Psy, that the Psy Counsel is covering up these murders, but quit possibly is also a Counsel member.
Nalini Singh is a relative newcomer to the romance scene but her stunning paranormal, SLAVE TO SENSATION, is sure to garner her many new fans!
She realizes that her family’s tie with the river is much more complex than she could have known, and that the tie which makes her family so powerful also destroys many of her relatives lives. And like any child that truly wants to know the secrets grown up’s keep, she continues to poke and prod until she finds the answers she seeks. The first impression of this romance was that it combined an awesome feel of not only paranormal elements, but sci-fi as well.
Sascha a Psy who must feel no emotion is thrown together with Lucas, a changeling whose entire existence is built upon feeling. The plotline is intriguing and provides a very refreshing approach to both the psychic and shape shifter themes.
His family laughs at his childish daydreams, and they tell him to be a good son and settle down with a wife. Also, as is often the case, when she finds the answers she so desperately sought, she wishes she could forget the truth.

Lucas's pack dynamics will ring somewhat similar to other paranormal romances, while having their own unique qualities at the same time, most notably their love for one another and family dynamics.
Keep a box of Kleenex handy, however, as you will be moved to tears as this story packs a very powerful punch!
The chilling addition of the Psy brings to mind a more futuristic sense with their sparse and utilitarian lifestyles. Importantly, however, is that the conflict in this story is external and does not rely on the Big Mis or hateful actions by the protagonists to drive the story forward. When he see a chance at getting more information as he and Sascha are brought together to work on a housing project. The king of his valley makes a journey to bargain with the forest god for more pasture land. Sometimes, a problem in fantasy is that it is hard to understand the world that is being created, and the ideas are too foreign. Since the two main characters are followed separately through much of the book, the reader keeps waiting for them to meet. There are some very interesting twists to the plot that makes good use of the pacing throughout the book, making for a very hard to put down read. As Sascha realizes that she is losing control over her ability to eliminate emotions, the worst thing that can happen to her no longer becomes having emotion but living without it. The more Lucas and Sascha work together, Sascha is finding herself becoming involved in the changeling world of touch and emotion. The Psy have made every effort to create a world of logical and emotionless beings similar to Star Trek's Spock. Sascha is a heroine readers may sympathize with in her plight to become fully herself, while Lucas is so wonderfully sexy in his concern for her welfare. And she soon realizes that she can no longer go on pretending indifference, even if it means her death. Instead, beings with no moral conscience are being formed as exemplified by the serial killer preying on the changeling women. Keyes introduces his world very smoothly, so that it is easily understood, slightly familiar, but unmistakably unique. Also, when Perkar begins thinking about his gods, many paradoxes form from the depths of his mind. While there is not significant intricate layering in the story, the subject matter is provocative.
Lucas is also finding out the Sascha is not like other Psy and as he begins to break Sascha defenses he is finding it harder and harder to just see her as way into the Psy's close knit society.
His veil of innocence was soon swept away when his companions suffered greatly because of his foolish actions. The story impels us toward the maxim that feelings, no matter how gritty and painful, are more worthwhile that living without. In a way, this is foreshadowing Hezhi’s beliefs, and how Perkar will have to face different views on a very complex issue. Nalini Singh breathes life into her characters and even secondary characters, such as Tamsyn, have an unexpected depth to them.
As Lucas and Sascha race to find a serial killer before a war breaks out between Psy and Changeling.
This story, although complete in and of itself, is wide open for sequels as the reader will want to know more about the fabulous cast of characters created by Ms. This book has it all: the paranormal aspect, the alpha hero, the strong heroine, the hot sexy romance, and external conflict. There was a plausible and believable ending which, if a little schmaltzy, suited me just fine. One can only hope that a sequel is in the works as SLAVE TO SENSATION is easily one of the best books published this year in the paranormal genre. In fact, I could have even endured a few more epilogue pages to show Lucas and Sascha enjoying themselves together.
SLAVE TO SENSATION is highly recommended and this reviewer cannot rave enough about how wonderful this book truly is. It's a book that fulfilled all my emotional needs as a romance reader, closing with a satisfactory HEA ending but still left me anxious for more. Sascha is one of the strongest, most endearing characters to come along in quite awhile and her acceptance of herself and her relationship with Lucas provides the reader with numerous gut-wrenching and heart-warming moments.

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