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The MA in Public Relations programme will prepares students for a career in the public relations industry. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Fitzwilliam Institute cookie policy. I am very happy to have participated in the Fitzwilliam Institute course Of Event management.
The practical elements of the course combined with the information imparted by the trainers means that the learning curve was steep but it has proved entirely true to real life and priceless during the course of my placement. Another goal of Wyckoff’s students is to help garner interest from students in the COMM 383 course in general.

Having promotion for a play webcast is a first for Cabrera-Baukus and her class, which produced a live webcast of Julius Caesar that was staged outdoors on the Old Main steps last year. The webcast, which will feature a magazine show with pre-produced content and interviews, will feature three cameras and microphones placed around the stage. Wyckoff’s class always features a real project and client portion, but it does not always implement the project.
The programme focuses on analytical and academic content, whilst also learning the practical and vocational applications of the course material. In addition, Wyckoff’s class must promote the webcast to a non-local audience, as a complement to ticket sales for the event.

That webcast could not be promoted beyond campus because of an agreement with the actor’s union.
At the end of the programme, students will acquire a sound knowledge of the theories of public relations, advertising and marketing and how they are applied in this thriving industry. The classes are fun, full of knowledge and I was asked to create a project for a real client which creates a real challenge.

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public relations courses boston

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