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March, 11th, 2006 - Fixed positioning of tooltip when displayed near the right edge of the browser. Do consumers love your brand so much that they are willing to permanently ink your logo on their body?
We all recommend products and services to friends, whether it’s mentioning a delicious craft beer we just sampled or actually posting an online car review because the dealership treated us like royalty. Brands build distinctive personalities that differentiate them in the marketplace – but it’s the consumer and the community that can make or break a brand.
When customers seek out your brand on social media, they’re looking for an opportunity to build an emotional connection, not just a pretty Facebook photo or Twitter profile.
Trivium is not only a fire-breathing thrash metal band – it’s an organization of savvy music marketers. While we’re all about automotive, powersports, technology and other fun enthusiast brand stuff here at Brandware, Maker Faire definitely takes the do-it-yourself (DIY) category to some very exciting new levels, thanks to the convergence of computer hackers and traditional artisans.
While many of us assume the answer may be a responding “no,” it’s comforting to know that word-of-mouth (with an emphasis on “mouth”) is alive and well. Social networks, despite their proliferation and popularity, may just not be as effective in swaying the minds of consumers – but you’d never know it from the constant stream of chatter about the power of social platforms. So, how can brand marketers reach into those valuable circles of friends, family, co-workers and everyday contacts? To show how that works, Keller referenced two case studies from MillerCoors, both of which make savvy use of owned media as a way to start conversations. Another example Keller cited is MillerCoors’ use of cold-activated cans for Coors Light where the mountains on the cans turn blue when the beer is at the right temperature. Once you have a creative concept for getting people talking, you also need a solid media plan, combined paid, earned and owned channels, to generate volume and reach. If there’s one thing today’s consumers have become accustomed to (and unhappy about) seeing in their shopping adventures, it’s rising prices. One day a year, people from across the world travel to the small town of Munster, Indiana for a festival that centers around Three Floyds’ “Dark Lord,” an incredible Russian Imperial Stout that is the envy of beer geeks everywhere (second-hand sales of the beer have been known to reach many hundreds of dollars). This year, I had the opportunity to go to my first Dark Lord Day, held on the last Saturday of April. The event itself is rather unremarkable to the casual observer: long lines, expensive beer and loud music – all hallmarks of a typical concert.
For the longest time, Three Floyds took a grassroots approach to growing the excitement for their yearly event: keep prices relatively low, but limit ticket sales and the bottle allotment of Dark Lord. However, in 2013 the brewery decided to double the size of the event: twice as much space with twice as many attendees. Three Floyds could easily sell tickets to Dark Lord Day for exponentially more than what they have been charging. The Los Angeles Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA-LA) is comprised of nearly 600 agency, in-house and independent public relations professionals representing LA-area corporations, academic institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Public Relations ProfessionalsPRSA-LA is your local career connection to the world’s largest and most prestigious association for public relations professionals.
Whether you are a student, a mid-career professional or a seasoned veteran, PRSA-LA has something to keep you a step ahead. She recently filmed a Hollywood movie ‘Basmati Blues’ with Donald Sutherland, Brie Larson, Scott Bakula and Tyne Daly. Actress Fagun was born in Leicester, England, she moved to London when she was accepted at University College London to study medicine. With her precious talent, enchanting persona and incredibly mesmerizing green eyes, Fagun has firmly established herself as one of the breakout stars to watch for and is lighting up the big screen internationally. It was recently announced that Google closed in on 67 percent of all search traffic in November 2012, so Google is the driver of search engine optimization tactics and strategies – one change to an alogorithm can mean big consequences for SEO experts and websites that depend on them. Off-page optimization allows search engines to find your website, so your customers find you too. Choosing the right Public Relations firm that will have your back, and give value to your business.

We can’t all be Harley-Davidson, Fender, Apple, or even Google, but we can do a better job of creating and growing a loyal base of fans online. When we recommend brands to others via word of mouth or social media because they did right by us, we become brand advocates.
Know your audience, set the tone, be consistent, create relatable and unique content and, most importantly, be human.
Re-tweet their comments, post their insights on your website, share their brightest ideas on your networks and make sure to give them credit for all that they do.
It’s the natural byproduct of developing good one-on-one relationships, providing great consistent service, and delivering on your brand promise. To promote their latest album, Vengeance Falls, Trivium used a variety of promotional strategies that not only work for bands, but for brands.
This is one area where Trivium has very clearly excelled by shredding contemporary wisdom (with Yahoo! That’s why it makes sense for marketers to include public relations in the earliest discussions of a sponsorship opportunity. I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at the New York World Maker Faire at the end of September, traveling with the nice folks at LiquidWrench and a couple of their savvy brand strategy and word-of-mouth-marketing agency partners.
While the 70,000 or so attendees could still learn how to solder (courtesy of Radio Shack) and craft kitty toys (courtesy of Purina), new technology like 3-D printers is really sparking the creativity of this new generation of makers. In fact, offline engagement at home, at work and at play accounts for 90 percent of all consumer conversation, according to Ed Keller, CEO of research and consulting firm Keller Fay Group and co-author of The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in the Digital Marketplace. According to Keller, online discussion is “relatively minor” when compared with the billions of actual conversations that take place every day across dinner tables, at the workplace, and in good ole’ fashioned gatherings like book clubs or at kids’ soccer games.
Three Floyds is well-known for making extremely high-quality, unusual craft beer and the brand has grown a cult following.
As an avid fan of Three Floyds, it’s been on my “to do” list for some time because of the stories I’ve heard. The thing that sets Dark Lord Day apart is the excitement surrounding the brand, the prestige of attending the event and the camaraderie that goes on inside the gates. Three Floyds had long held out on raising ticket prices and lowering the bottle allotment – and to their benefit. Members benefit from chapter events, educational and networking opportunities, industry advocacy and a wide range of professional development resources. After Reading the script, she felt compelled to play the role of an emotionally-demanding, domestically abused woman.
In addition to her film credits, She has also acted on the stage, performing in several Shakespeare plays. When your customer searches for a product or service you offer, you want to come up on that first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Google Panda updates have made many seemingly optimized company websites take a hard hit in traffic and search engine ranking. The ultimate benefit is giving these loyal advocates another great reason to talk about how awesome you are.
Comment on their posts about your product, thank them for posting a picture – do whatever it takes to join the conversation. Band members share thoughts and photos, even if they have nothing to do with grueling sword duels against demons. The team had identified the event as an intriguing venue for introducing both LiquidWrench products and their Tinkernation community. It is served at bars in a very distinctive tall glass with the Blue Moon logo, and garnished with an orange slice. Luckily for craft brewers in the United States, the last few years have brought a groundswell of support and growth. Friends and strangers alike stand around sharing samples of extremely rare beers, some of which have aged for years or are worth hundreds of dollars. Beer prices remained the same, with one catch: attendees were only able to purchase three bottles this year instead of four – a detail that was not divulged until one hour before the gates opened to the event.

By treating their customers so well for so long and by building a critical mass of intrigue around their event, Three Floyds was easily able to avoid what could’ve been a PR nightmare.
After these preliminary successes, Fagun then put her acting career on hold to study at the prestigious medical school. After filming, she wanted to help the victims of this form of abuse and became the international spokeswoman for SAHARA (South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency), a culturally sensitive organisation that supports women.
Gone are the days of link exchanging with irrelevant websites, spamming and overly dynamic and keyword-heavy website content. Trivium used Jamplify to reward top referrers with free tickets and backstage passes (aka ringing ears and scarred vocal cords). Corporate branding guidelines are often hundreds of persnickety pages demanding rigid adherence to proportions, pantones, areas of non-interference and other mind-numbing decrees. After making a few of their new singles available for free streaming, Trivium discovered the entire album had been leaked. The orange slice is the catalyst for word-of-mouth – it gets consumers asking the drinker or bartender “hey, what is that?”  Creating “retail theater,” according to Keller, is an excellent strategy for driving discovery and conversation. Many craft breweries even have legions of loyal fans (or “brand ambassadors and enthusiasts” as you may call them) that willfully support their brewery through the toughest of times. Festival-goers describe the craft breweries of their region and talk about the kinds of foods they enjoy pairing them with. To nearly everyone (including me), the experience was still worth much more than they were paying. Our development team can create for you an optimized website that will be easily found by your customers among all your competitors in the search engines. The Google Panda updates means that websites with organic, relevant and new content are rewarded in search engines. Trivium took the opposite approach with their logo, a stylized ‘T’ with a set of vertical serifs. Instead of trying in vain to crush the online copies, they created and promoted their own free stream of the entire album using SoundCloud, with links to all their important web properties.
These enthusiasts can be the key to avoiding negative buzz – as proven when Three Floyds Brewing Co. And, more importantly, any naysaying was quickly overruled by our very vocal and social community.
As algorithms change in search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing!, it’s important your SEO experts adapt to these changes. At Beverly Hills PR, our SEO services and strategies adjust based on trends and changes in algorithms. Not only has the band adapted it to literally dozens of different incarnations – vindictive cyborgs, swords and other classic metal imagery – they let their fans do the same without pursing copyright claims. Foreseeable negative effects that cannot be outright prevented can often be mitigated with quick thinking – or preplanning. Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that takes time, and if done correctly, can provide higher traffic, first page ranking and better visibility in the search engines. We factor in both on-page and off-page optimization so quality websites are linking to your website and boosting your domain authority.
Just as meaningful rewards can transform fans to advocates, rebukes will immediately turn diehards into intractable haters. Allow us to create a strategic SEO plan based on crucial keywords and keyword phrases that your customers are searching. Despite the band’s legendary status and large social media presence, the film BOMBED at the box office.
Touring has always been a strenuous but essential component of selling records; it also should have been part of their strategy for selling tickets.

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