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Exclusively English is a market leader in total immersion, 1:1 English language training for the executive market. If you’re ready to learn how to demonstrate your strategic leadership in today’s evolving business and communications landscape, choose Kent State University’s Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations online. We believe the best way to build on our reputation as a top school of journalism and mass communication is to become the most relevant, student-centered and ethically driven program in the country. Our industry-experienced faculty members are personally invested in the leading role that PR plays in today’s business environment.
Draw from your broad understanding of public relations, communications theory and strategy. By addressing the specific solutions demanded by today’s employers—crisis management, internal communications, social media strategies, and investor relations—our program prepares students with the knowledge and ability to further their career, define their role or transition into a new leadership position. Public relations practitioners can no longer operate in a silo, focusing solely on communication issues. Choose Kent State and you can learn PR management, strategic writing and messaging, social media, ethics, finance, law, budget management, ROI and measurement. Today’s PR professionals have the power to transform organizational communications, shape brands and influence conversations in an increasingly busy and social-obsessed world. With careful strategic planning and strong attention to analytics, a stand-alone public relations initiative can deliver a substantial return on investment. The Experienced PR ProIf you have an extensive background in public relations, you are the perfect candidate for this public relations degree.
The Journalist and Career ChangerAs an innovative and experienced professional, you’re looking to complement your existing knowledge in the communications field.
You can complete your Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations degree in just 12 courses.

That’s because they’ve helped cultivate the profession’s rise to strategic prominence through their own career achievements.
Today’s most effective PR pros are integrated into every corner of operations and expected to solve core business challenges, too.That’s why our program weaves together key concepts and practical courses from multiple disciplines.
When studied together, these competencies can help you become a master strategist with the business acumen to justify the value of your work. That’s because modern business decisions often require leaders in more than one functional area to voice their ideas and expertise.
If you have a strong understanding of the past, you can move forward wisely with an informed perspective. All the multidisciplinary elements of our rigorous public relations degree lead up to this one important strategy: teaching you how to earn (and justify) your seat at the management table. In fact, they bring their real-world experiences and multidisciplinary perspectives into the online classroom every day.
They develop solutions that influence others and shape perceptions in a diverse and global society.
Our multidisciplinary education can also help you develop a new level of confidence for articulating your leadership to stakeholders. Today’s PR executives are challenged with satisfying many cross-functional demands and bridging the gap for various stakeholders. We value this approach because it can help you make actual and immediate contributions that earn the respect of senior management, even before you graduate. Modern public relations practitioners balance between monitoring public opinion (often via the social landscape) and accomplishing organizational goals. It’s probably been a while since you studied public relations—you’ve been busy practicing it.

Our master’s in public relations degree program can equip you with the skills and knowledge that today’s employers are looking for, with a strong focus on digital media and story sharing, as well as on building your business savvy and political acumen to help you move up the career ladder.
Choose Kent State for your degree, and learn from faculty members who are uniquely qualified to create an experiential learning environment that mirrors the evolving nature of PR in a 21st-century business setting. Each course in our public relations degree focuses on the challenges and definitive skills sought after in the modern world of public relations, including how to apply effective PR strategies that support enterprise goals and how to influence ethical decisions within the organization. By discerning how to best support other executives and align business objectives, PR practitioners can become a valuable asset to the organization. We also strongly encourage peer-to-peer engagement opportunities that further prepare you for organizational leadership by giving you practical situations to strengthen your business voice.
Our aim is to give you a solid foundation rooted in practical business capabilities and strategic thinking skills so that you have an established baseline to work from, no matter what digital media channels are introduced in the future or where the evolution of public relations is headed next. Our master’s in public relations program can help you gain new knowledge and skills related to public relations theory and management, social media, strategic writing and crisis communications, to name a few.
Learn how to communicate the value of public relations to your management team and key stakeholders as you head toward gaining progressively more responsibility (not to mention potential promotions and salary increases) as you go. Now is the time to gain new competencies in social media, crisis communications, modern story sharing and articulating PR’s value to management. Whether your experience is in journalism, media, marketing, advertising, writing, healthcare, public affairs or a similar area, our master’s-level public relations online program provides an opportunity to acquire the skills that can expand your career opportunities to various industries. Whether you’re interested in consulting or entrepreneurship, planning to move into executive management or heading for the C-suite, our program can provide you with the professional development that can help solidify your career advancement.

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