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Are you interested in coming along to a supportive group and having fun in developing your skills in public speaking? This is a practical 4 week course where you will be encouraged to explore and develop how to improve confidence in speaking publicly for both work and social situations. Work will be mainly practical supported, including fun exercises to develop your public speaking skills.
You will receive regular feedback from David and there will be regular opportunities for group feedback. This group is for people who would like to practice and develop their public speaking in a positive, supportive and fun environment. Beginners who want to learn techniques to overcome nerves when speaking to a group and develop a structure for delivering speeches. More experienced speakers who want the challenge of speaking in a new group and developing their skills further.
We run short courses for all levels with the aim of having fun and developing our public speaking skills together.
Jason "Here I am on stage in front of 500 people winning a prize at a Tony Robbins event and interacting with the MC and I injected a humorous moment in my time to speak which made the crowd roar with laughter.
This Public Speaking course will help to overcome nervousness, boost confidence, and increase professionalism by teaching practical tools and techniques that can be utilised straight away. The PD Training Public Speaking course provides participants with valuable public speaking skills, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering presentation with confidence and power.
Please click on the Public Class tab below to view our Public Speaking Training course schedule by city or click the In-House Training tab to receive a free quote for courses delivered at your preferred location. We had members of our team from all aspects of our business, sales administration, operations and customer service, each person took from the training something that they will put into practice to improve their workplace communication.
Sally did a great job particularly as she had to contend with a whole group of women (and one man) during the afternoon after a full on meeting during the morning..

Public Speaking consistently ranks as people's top fear (the number 2 fear is normally death, followed by spiders). Full day courses delivered with a strong focus on activities and participation.No death by PowerPoint here! The trainer consults with the manager before each class, and tailors the course based on the goals of the manager AND the participants. The training tends to 'stick' because of the wide variety of reinforcement and support options available on-demand through PC's and mobile devices.
Costing, planning, administering and reporting on training is easier and faster than ever before. The Training Management Centre takes training administration to the cloud, and improves reporting and transparency like never before.
As it concerned the ways of Public Speaking, the attendees for the trainings were mostly comprised of Guest Relation Officers and Executive Secretaries, considering the topic at hand were something that could greatly contribute to their daily works.
KAGUM Hotels look forward to more opportunities for more positive trainings such as this, to improve the skills and knowledge of our employees. Body Language For Public Speaking & Presentations Course will provide you with a profound understanding that what is not said is just as important as what is said. Professionals, sales people, managers, leaders, presenters, and anyone who wishes to deliver powerful and engaging Speeches or Presentations.
Also anyone who would like to improve their already exsiting skills, find out more about structuring the speach, humor implementation, story telling etc.
You will poses all the knowledge to rehearse and deliver a powerfull and engaging presentation, you will know how to do it in a convincing and stylish manner using your Body Language to your advantage, you will also know what to avoid during speeches, how not to speak , move and what gestures to avoid. You will become a competent, intelligent and absorbing speaker with an army of tools to help you deliver every time, and any fear or anxiety you experienced before will be a thing of a past.
After course completion,there is a free hourly consultation session tha t you can book any time after the course, there are also a number of ways I can keep helping you, if any elements need clarification or you'd like to explore on some of the specifics of the course please let me know and I'll be happy to assist.

For more details on our Body Language for Public Speaking & Presentations Training Course, please contact us. From the outset Jessica made us feel welcome & dispelled any barriers that might have surrounded a group of strangers. Additionally, an astounding 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety. Do you want to change your fear of public speaking, improve your career, speak with confidence and deliver professional business presentations with impact and ease?
The attendees came from various KAGUM Hotels’ properties across Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, and more. Troy Fridatama addressed numerous things in his short course, beginning from redefining the concept of public speaking (“even speaking with just one person, can be considered as public speaking”) to giving information for the attendees about how to perform public speaking effectively. You will be taught a great deal of skills that would ensure you drive you point home, keep your audience at the edge of their seats, make them laugh, make them wonder if needed.It will also give you the ability to see their Body Language clues so you know when and how to respond. Highly supportive environment with passionate leaders who genuinely believe in the magic of overcoming this fear".
Mastering this fear and getting comfortable speaking in public can be a great ego booster, not to mention a huge benefit to your career.
The nature and content of the training was applicable to all the participants, despite their varying backgrounds. Troy also invited the attendees to perform various roleplays related to public speaking, and it was, as the title of the event suggests, fun!

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