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As a member for over 18 years, and I’ve seen many miracles, where people not only overcome the fear of standing in front of an audience, but actually thrive on stage. A couple of helpful books on the subject are Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds and Resonate by Nancy Duarte.
Overall: Use the tips above to create a wonderful story that your audience is waiting to hear. Yet, there are some simple things that you can do to lessen this fear and actually overcome it. If you are in a job or belong to an organization that requires you to speak to groups from time to time, I recommend that you join Toastmasters. Toastmasters has local clubs all over the world, which offer a reasonably priced membership, mentorship, and leadership experience. One of the easiest ways to get comfortable in front of an audience is to outline what you are going to say into easy to remember chunks.
Founded almost a century ago, Toastmasters is the world’s largest public speaking organization.

For thousands of years, mankind has survived and thrived by passing stories down from generation to generation.
Instead of trying to memorize the whole speech word for word, all you need to remember is the bullet points of the outline, to trigger the individual parts of the story.
With over 240,000 members worldwide, the tools and experiences this organization offers are second to none. They put their entire text speech up on the screen in bullet points, and then read from the screen.
I suggest you base your speech around a story that has conflict, emotion, and offers a solution to a problem. When you are new at speaking, this technique will help you create an easy flow and help you move from section to section with ease. Realizing that they are your friend and not your adversary, can help you relax and be yourself. When you join, you get a basic manual that includes 10 speeches, each designed to help you develop specific speaking skills.

A much better way to use this presentation tool, is to use photographs or graphics to tell a story. Like a good novel or TV series, give them a compelling story, full of interesting information, with added conflict or intrigue. Make us think, tug at our heartstrings, and give us a reason to take action, all the while adding humor and encouragement.
Keep the text to a minimum on each slide, and find compelling visuals to illustrate your points.
I suggest you create an outline as in tip three, and then create a visual to explain each concept.
Having a laptop setup in presentation mode in front of you, lets you concentrate on the audience and not turn your back to face the screen.

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public speaking fear yahoo

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