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For instance, if I say, “I really am enjoying being here at your event,” but continually look at my watch and have an expression on my face that says “I’m bored and wish I were somewhere else,” what is the message I am sending? The audience, if they’re paying attention to your physical presentation, will not believe the words you just spoke. It is important speakers be aware of this.  For various reasons, they may unconsciously feel differently about a subject than the message they are delivering. Example: A PR spokesperson defends an oil leak for his tanker client, but is personally outraged by the damage to the environment. Discovering some of what they stated wasn’t true puts a damper on much of what they preached, right?
If the speaker, and it could be you, checks their facts and does research before giving a presentation, they can add valuable Knowledge to their talk. You don’t have to be the leading authority on your topic, but know it well enough that people will perceive you as an Expert. Bonus Tips – Subtle little differences will make all the difference in your presentation. There is no need to have text, stating what I just said; flying, dropping or twisting in from one, two or more angles! I’ve spent more time than I’ll admit, building presentations, that, I thought, smoked!
The best way to get your message across, in all communications, is to keep it S-I-M-P-L-E and C-L-E-A-N! Did you see Steve Jobs presentation of the iPad — no words, just the product front and center and driving the presentation. Fred, thanks for the advice on my little projects and presenting them in a better light with more clarity. You are able to master quite a lot with regards to struggling with bad acne from discovering this report.
Steve Jobs, who many consider one of the best presenters ever, would practice for weeks before giving a presentation introducing a new product or service at an Apple event.
Bands that have been together for over thirty years still rehearse (practice) before performing. It’s not just what your say, but how you say it that conveys the meaning of your message you want the audience to understand. Enunciation and Pronunciation, Projection, Inflection, Cadence, and Pausing are all Verbal Elements of Communication you must be aware of and Practice. I had it well organized and was looking forward to the service, which would start in several hours. If you are one of those folks who ‘roll your eyes’ when you hear or see something you disagree with or think is silly – keep it in check!

Renting a studio is not necessary, With your cell phone or tablet, mounted in a position to completely capture you, an excellent recording can be made.
The Law of Primacy and Recency says the audience best remembers the first and last things they see and hear. We tend to practice what we do well, and avoid the parts of our presentation we don’t excel in delivering. Meditate and “See” yourself at ease, confident, and the audience watching and listening intently to you.
Follow the above suggestions for practicing your presentation and I guarantee it will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!
Anyone who aspires to be successful in business needs to pay attention to the points you’ve made.
Many years ago, Ben Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” That statement remains true today.
You can do all the intellectualizing you want about becoming a great presenter: Watch videos, read books and articles, listen to audios of presenters and go see professionals in action. That stuff is all good, but until you Speak! In this article, I’ll cover each element, and how it can be applied to improving presentation skills.
Remember: Delivery trumps content, and subtle little difference in delivery make all the difference. Sometimes, a person asking a question stands out by the way that query is phrased and delivered.
Search ‘Speaker Presentations’ on Youtube and you’ll find over 75,000 videos available for viewing. Sift and sort the tips and practices that stand out and you want to incorporate in your talks.
Contact chambers of commerce, trade associations, Meetups and other organizations that regularly host guest speakers. Toastmaster members know sandwiched feedback (Here’s what I liked, here is an area for improvement, and I really liked this!) is invaluable to improving one’s presentations.
When we get our of our comfort zones, we make them larger.For many, it will take you way out of your comfort zone. For several years I’ve been teaching a few courses through continuing education at a local community college. Content – The message, what the speaker wants the audience to understand and take away.
If not making themselves aware of this difference, they may involuntarily tip their hand and let their personal feeling get out through an element of their Non-Verbal communication. Maybe their words and delivery weren’t perfect, but their Passion was so powerful you assumed everything they said was true – correct?

Hearing statements they know are true grows their confidence in the speaker and increases the likelihood they’ll accept new information as truthful.
Steve Jobs, if he had a ninety-minute keynote presentation to deliver, would practice for weeks! This is someone considered to be one of the best presenters, ever!
Before looking at ways to practice, it’s important to remember a presentation has two components. You may have the greatest content in the world, but if it’s not delivered to your audience in a manner that educates, entertains, and explains it simply to them, they’ll never GET IT!
Sitting side-by-side evaluating the recording, he “saw” what I was praising and the segments where I saw room for improvement. Engage the audience – preferably you can explore what challenges your audience is facing before the presentation.
Pause so your audience can catch up, and change things up every 7-8 minutes in a longer presentation. Years ago, I attended a similar seminar where I learned great tips about what to do before leaving home, packing, and traveling abroad.
If not deliberately made, and done in sync with the information the speaker is talking about, they can give the audience a mixed message. The day of the memorial service, with the hope there would be an opportunity to say something about him, I started rehearsing, in my mind, what I would say. They need to know you care about helping them deal with change, offer stellar customer service, work more creatively in a team environment, become more robust in their business strategy. While you may cover the same material at times, the content needed to be tailored to your specific audience. We get together once a month and I deliver talks about the components, parts, and elements of a presentation. This is why it is imperative to be aware of what the audience is receiving visually from your presentation, whether it is deliberate or unintentional. Whatever your audience, they have hired you because they believe you can help them on their business or life journey.
Attendees and guests also give speeches on topics members will benefit from seeing and hearing.
But that would have distracted from the message I wanted to give those who gathered to celebrate his life. Fortunately, I had enough time to ‘practice out loud’ enough times to be able to control my emotions when it was my turn to speak.

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