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Professor Matt McGarrity brought five undergraduates from the Public Speaking Center to Sammamish High School to help AP students refine their speeches. Hallock said when he comes to the University of Washington campus, he periodically sees students standing out in the middle of Red Square giving speeches.
After a 30 minute talk by McGarrity that addressed planning and delivering a speech, the five UW students led small groups to listen and give feedback to the high schoolers.
Evan Seguirant (Communication and Political Science major) said, “I came to help because I feel that brilliance doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you can communicate yourself and your thoughts.
Heather Wise (Communication and Public Affairs major) said, “I’ve been public speaking for many years and it’s always been a huge fascination of mine. Kathie Wang (Neurobiology major) said, “I think public speaking is a really important skill to pick up when you’re young, especially because once you get to college you sort of get thrown into a bunch of presentations and meetings.
Allan Grove (Comparative History of Ideas major) said, “I really wanted to come because I enjoy helping people speak. Stephanie Gero (Communication major) said, “I wanted to come because I like helping people as well and I think it’s important to learn public speaking.
One of the things they don’t teach you in school is that you should have great public speaking skills.
You have to walk into a room with people you don’t know and persuade them to hire you for your services. Even after you’ve built a name for yourself and snagged some decent recognition, you’re still going to have to get up in front of other people and speak.
All of these elements are useful when running a design business, or working for someone else.
It might seem simple, but the best way to get better at public speaking is to practice as much as possible. One of the best ways to appear prepared and confident in what you are presenting is to make eye contact with your audience.
When my daughter was a senior in high school, she was taking some photography courses at the local community college.
Many of our local homeschool graduates now teach choirs, Sunday School, children’s church or youth groups. A number of our homeschool graduates have public service jobs where speaking spontaneously is part of the job.

Years ago, I started a local homeschool public speaking club, which we quickly modified to make it more fun.
This light-hearted, step-by-step guide coaches teens through the Public Speaking process in such a fun way that they hardly know they are Public Speaking.
Download your copy today and help your homeschool high schoolers have fun with Public Speaking! The Titan’s program for high school students will prepare them to be competitive leaders in and out of school. Payment may be made at Enderun’s cashier's office (2nd floor, College of Business, Technology and Entrerpeneurship). In case of unforeseen events, Enderun Extension reserves the right to cancel and reschedule the classes. This Friday, the high schoolers will partake in a Speakers’ Corner, which is modeled after Hyde Park in London, where people bring step ladders to stand on and speak whatever is on their mind.
Verbal communication is huge whether it’s an interview or a presentation, it covers all spectrums. I always see a lot of people who are just scared to death of it and you really don’t need to be. I feel like the younger you are and the more you know how to present yourself that can really benefit everyone. I took public speaking in high school and in college, because I always thought it would be a good skill in the back of my mind. That’s tough, especially if you are first starting out, or you don’t have a lot of experience. Potential clients will be the 1st to tear you down, especially if they sense weakness or doubt. A killer presentation can help seal the deal and solidify a project and ongoing work, especially with a larger company. You can quickly become a star within an agency if you can take the reins and learn how to command a room with authority and success. If you meet with clients at all, I am willing to bet that you use most of the skills mentioned above. Whether you’re presenting your project or giving a speech, it can cause anxiety and major stress.

Practice to yourself in the mirror and go over your speech points until they are practically memorized. Remember to look at all sides of the room to make each member of the audience feel like they are connected to you. I know most people would rather die than do Public Speaking, but it is a necessary life skill.
One day her department chair grabbed her and said, “The board is deciding right now whether to drop our program. Over the course of the program, students will improve their presentation, coordination, and speaking skills. Although Sammamish High School will have their event be slightly more structured, the best speeches will move on and be presented to the whole student body. I like to be able to help students become a lot more comfortable with public speaking in general and to try to change their perspective on it. Public speaking skills will help you to address your audience in a professional way that will command attention and respect.
Not only should you know your stuff, but you should be able to walk into a room full of people ready to pitch your services without batting an eye. You get in front of other business owners and talk about yourself, your business and what you do.
As scary as it may be, being a good public speaker is a great trait to have, not only for your high school and college days, but for your future career. Use a video camera or voice recorder and record your presentation; play it back to find out where you could do better. I’ll tell you how to take the fear out of Speech and give your homeschool high schoolers a delightful experience learning Public Speaking. Come with me and tell them why they should keep it!” My daughter had only the time it took to walk down several hallways to prepare a speech for some very powerful people.
Fortunately, she was used to extemporaneous speaking because she was in our local homeschool Debate Team.

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