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TO DO LISTThe first thing to do is to draw up a to-do list with a list of tasks, ranked according to their importance and when they need to be done by. Recently, when I was speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event I was approached by an audience member who remarked she wished she was a naturally gifted speaker like me. You are an expert in your field, so there will be the tendency to give people much more information than they can digest.
Watch some of the great speakers, and notice the ease with which they get an important message across to the audience. About Yoon Cannon: Top business coach Yoon Cannon has helped thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and sales teams achieve dramatic results in growing your business. About Yoon CannonYoon Cannon helps entrepreneurs create thriving 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses. How to Whitelist Email Addresses How to Find a Business Coach How Shaving 30 Hours A Week Added A Quarter A Million and Increase Revenues Hiring Tips – How To Interview A Great Administrative Assistant Outsourcing and Hiring Tips – See How You Can Easily Work Less, Play More and Earn More! Mindset Mastery for Entrepreneurs – Online Summit Starts May 17th How Shaving 30 Hours A Week Added A Quarter A Million and Increase Revenues Christian Entrepreneurs Special Online Gift Event Worst and Best Business Advice for Entrepreneurs From “Making Money” to “Making a Difference” Achieve Breakthrough Success in 2015! After two weeks theya€™ll have an idea of how much time theya€™re wasting.a€?How much of that time was spent achieving the strategic goals of the business and how much was spent doing things that probably could have been put off or not at all?a€? he says.
Professional speakers have had thousands of opportunities to try their skills in front of people.

Your goal is to come up with a few simple points that support your message, and give just enough detail to make it relevant, understandable or entertaining. They, too, had to learn these tips, and watch other speakers in order to create their own unique speaking style.
If you bury your audience in facts, figures and details, they will still be digging themselves out at the end of your presentation, and will have lost the message in all of the other information you gave them.
Until you are comfortable with your own speaking style, have someone shoot a video of you presenting, and watch yourself. Consider joining a public speaking organization, such as Toastmasters International, to improve on your skills. Or, you can make them remember how you made them feel by telling a story including personal challenges and accomplishments. When you have a clear understanding of the outcome you want to achieve, you can be focused on that goal as you prepare. 7 Key Places Small Business Owners Need to Measure to Boost Profits – (Part 1) The Power of Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Are You Failing Enough?
For instance, if you have a list of all the phone calls you need to make, you could use a spare 10 minutes between appointments to get a couple out of the way.The second advantage is that it helps with prioritising tasks. The more you feel familiar with the people and the space, the more comfortable you’ll be during your presentation.

Getting to know the people he would be speaking with and the venues in which he would present allowed CEO Mark Weinberger to explain this very complicated topic to a room full of very busy people. A business owner might have a dozen things they need to read and seeing them all laid out in a list would allow them to decide which is the most important and has to be read immediately.BREAK WORK INTO CHUNKS AND STOP PROCASTINATINGOne of the key reasons people procrastinate is that they have a large or complex project to undertake and dona€™t know how to begin. When the subject matter you’re speaking about is complicated, knowing your audience allows you to better convey your ideas effectively. That way the time is blocked out and wona€™t be subject to other demands.a€?One of the most important things you can do is seize control of your time and make appointments with yourself,a€? he says. He recommends setting aside specific times for telephone calls and trying to limit them to three minutes.Shut your office door to send a message to would be visitors that you are not available and set aside specific times to take visitors. Another tip is not to invite visitors to sit down a€“ theya€™ll leave more quickly if theya€™re standing.

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