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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. My TEDx talk covered our road to becoming underwater explorers and documentarians, where marine biodiversity comes from, and how species and systems interact. I’m driven to get our marine awareness and conservation message out there—beyond the usual networks of the converted and the sub-aquatically informed.
Watching these videos is a great way to start your day off well, they are universally inspiring. So when someone calls you, introduces themselves as being from a TED event, and invites you to speak, you should feel honoured and take the whole thing pretty seriously. I suppose TED’s basic premise that good ideas need spreading is what attracts these people.
In my case, it was a ride that began on the 28 January 2014—that’s 486 days before the event. Without any specific thought on the matter, Liz and I had chosen to live in the only regional area in Australia to host a TEDx event.
Carol (Noosa Integrated Catchment Association) first suggested TEDx as the perfect forum for my “Every Species Matters” presentation. Offered a spot on the 16-speaker TEDxNoosa 2015 lineup headlined by one of my heroes Sea Shepherd founder Capt.
First read through of my presentation to the Exec Producer and Curator at the Noosa Regional Gallery. I am announced publicly as one of the speakers and learn of the other speakers sharing the stage.
I learn what a “run sheet” is, and my slot for the Big Day: I’ll be speaker #5, the last one in the first wave (there are four waves during the event).
Event day instructions: what not to wear, post-talk interviews, and other commitments lined up for us on the day.
I also highly recommend the free online edX course Introduction to Public Speaking, offered by University of Washington and Dr. In the last two months leading up to the event, I spent the first hour or two of every day working on my talk.
In the last week’s run up, and on the day itself, I wrote one word on the inside of each finger using sweat-resistant Sharpie ink. Every sentence and every word should be carefully chosen to make sure you don’t waste any of your precious time allotment.
Be brave, put yourself out there, and make sure the audience gets the very best you have to give. Please share my talk with your non-interested friends, it might just open their eyes and minds to a whole new world right under their noses. Would you like to receive our newsletter?We promise to make every effort to send you useful, relevant and sometimes amusing material. About UsUndersea Productions is an Australian business created and loved by underwater photographer Liz Harlin and underwater cameraman Josh Jensen.

Sometimes, the way we think about a task (let’s use public speaking as a wild example), will determine how we perform said task.
Public speaking: is an art form rather than a science, because different techniques work differently for different people.
Football: A team sport with an equal division of labor and effect in the game, every player makes a difference.
Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).
I’ve had no trouble finding choirs to preach to, but when it comes to reaching a larger and more diverse audience, there is no better stage than the one with the big red TED on it.
I have seen amazing people from every background imaginable, from all over the world doing or discovering incredible things. But as a speaker, they are collectively the single biggest ego booster and personal assistant you will ever find. TEDxNoosa volunteers—the amazing breed of folk that make this annual event happen—spread their ears and eyes all over the community. This is when the enormity of the thing hits me: stopwatches and word-by-word critique from people that know how to help.
I realise I could be waaaayy out of my depth, and surmise that I must have been cast as comedy relief or “fluff piece” in between the real TED speakers. A speaking coach gets us ready for the big day with warm ups, techniques, and another big dose of encouragement.
I reckon I scored the best slot possible: even though I’ll miss the first few talks (I’ll be waiting in the green room for my turn), at least I’ll get my talk done early on before my nerves are totally shot, and I’ll then be free to enjoy the rest of the day.
It was my first time on the actual stage, with a team of people wearing headsets and talking to each other making the whole thing happen, and telling me where to be, what to do, and when to do it. While criticism is often hard to take, it will make your talk more understandable and therefore better.
Considering all the helpers are volunteers and there to assist us, I can’t understand why this would be. Every speaker invited to the stage could easily talk about their subject all day; fortunately, the organisers make us refine our message down to its very essence.
TED events are carefully designed to encourage audience and speakers to mix, mingle and share ideas. And substitute a TED talk for the nightly news at least once a week, you and the world will be better for it. If you love football (who doesn’t right?), linking how football is like public speaking can give you a fresh, exciting new way to tackle a (sometimes daunting) task. A necessity for successful football players is creativity simply for the fact that they can’t use their hands. Time and energy invested into this step will help you create a team approach and an empathetic talk that your audience wants to hear. Are you speaking to a low or high risk audience? You’ll learn about moray eel protection rackets, fish that are sheep in wolves clothing, the extraordinary importance of fish poo, and how to become an underwater explorer yourself.
TEDx is the same idea, but done on a smaller and more accessible stage, although with the same slickness and wide appeal as its bigger cousin.

TED is the global forum where they get to spread their ideas, in their own voice, without an editor or journalist distorting or truncating their truth.
Every person involved—whether exec, volunteer, fellow speaker, or audience member—all just want to be informed and inspired, offering you their fullest support and encouragement.
Carol and Lucy heard me plead my case for local marine research and an underwater cleanup (our self-funded NUBA project), during presentations to the NICA board and later to the public at the Noosa Parks Association’s Friday Forum. I did a full rehearsal of my talk on stage in a nearly empty theatre with lights and audio and people mostly doing other urgent things.
This course which just so happened to pop into my inbox the same day as the invitation to speak. But the last few weeks were spent just running through my lines and making sure I didn’t ramble or run overtime. The only ad-libbing I allowed myself was when my nerves had me speaking too fast, so I had a few seconds up my sleeve; my fear of long silences had me throwing in some jokes (most had been practised in the previous months and edited out due to time restrictions). Nor is it a discussion of Jurgen Klinsmann and how he is changing the way the United States approaches football, with his interesting mix of European and traditional American styles. Players can use any part of their bodies, excluding their arms from the shoulders down, to get the ball into the net. The best way to find your voice is to get feedback on your authenticity… think of it as perfecting your own bicycle kick or developing a killer nutmeg. Is it a relaxed environment where your audience is on your side no matter what comes out of your mouth? Change the way you view your audience, think of them as part of your interconnected team… and you’ll be on your way to winning the Gingery World Cup of Communication for sure! For the uninitiated, I thoroughly recommend subscribing to TED’s weekly or daily emails, which include links to newly curated selections of some of these talks. The TED stage has been graced by world leaders, Nobel laureates, and experts in every field and from every corner of the planet. These people are enthusiastic listeners who want to understand and help you refine your message. I learn now that some others haven’t kept on top of the work, and the organisers are relieved that at least a few of the speakers aren’t waiting until the last minute.
The confidence you gain from a good speaking coach like Mary Eggleston was worth every minute of the session.
If you think how players have to use their legs to run in addition to maneuvering the ball you realize that their legs aren’t always free to do both things at once. This improvisational nature of football requires the highest levels of understanding and dedication amongst team-mates. It isn’t often you get a chance to meet these kinds of people, and that was the real bonus of the workshop. It was also comforting to learn I wasn’t the only one quietly thinking I was out of my league.

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