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Whether you need to be more confident and competent in one-on-one presentations or speaking before hundreds of people, or both, we, at Transformative Thinking can help.  We can help build the essential skills you need from the ground up, or, for seasoned speakers, we can provide you with the tools you need to go above and beyond where you are now to where you want and need to be. For instance, if I say, “I really am enjoying being here at your event,” but continually look at my watch and have an expression on my face that says “I’m bored and wish I were somewhere else,” what is the message I am sending? The audience, if they’re paying attention to your physical presentation, will not believe the words you just spoke. It is important speakers be aware of this.  For various reasons, they may unconsciously feel differently about a subject than the message they are delivering. Example: A PR spokesperson defends an oil leak for his tanker client, but is personally outraged by the damage to the environment.

If not making themselves aware of this difference, they may involuntarily tip their hand and let their personal feeling get out through an element of their Non-Verbal communication. Good posture not only tells people you are confident, but it keeps your body from getting tired.
After all, you are going to present yourself best if you are calm, confident and comfortable.
Good posture also makes you look more appealing, and standing or sitting tall will help you feel powerful.
You won't be comparing your outfit to the outfits in the audience, and you'll look like you belong there.

Only a few people can talk off the cuff, and their charm and charisma are most likely the reasons for their abilities.
Even if you are loaded with charm and charisma, as the expert you must know your topic inside and out. If I could, I'd do presentations in my jammies too, but unfortunately that sends the wrong message.

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public speaking zarefsky pdf

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