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Too many of us have the idea that public speaking is a talent that you’re born with—or aren’t.
In truth, great speakers are made, not born and anyone can learn to deliver a speech like a pro. Whether it’s speaking at a town hall meeting or making a presentation at work, most of us will have the need to step up to the podium at some time.
When your fears are amorphous, free-floating things like ghosts, it’s easy to be afraid of them. If you keep telling yourself that you can’t speak in public and will never be an effective speaker, then you won’t be one. We are making progress but now it’s time to make a plan and overcome your fear so you can deliver a compelling speech to your audience.  Keep reading for some easy ways to put your fears to rest. You can start out by writing your speech on a piece of notebook paper and scribble changes in the margins, but before you actually deliver it, make a formal presentation. While you may be thinking that everyone can see that your stomach is in knots and you feel like throwing up, they can’t see what’s going on inside your head (or your stomach). A well-planned, thought-out speech will help relieve some of the stress of public speaking.
The biggest stressor for public speeches is the setting of unnecessarily high expectations. All world-class athletic competitors visit the arena, site or court of a big competition the night before the big game. Focusing too much on memorization is the quickest way to get yourself in a stressful tizzy about your upcoming public speech. Props such as podiums, easels and other tools are great at combating stress during a speech.
Any public speech you have to give can be a breeze if your remember UVISOR’s 8 Tips for conquering your fear of public speaking. I recently gave a talk to over 100 interns and young professionals about my career path and how I advanced through networking. You’ll sound a hundred percent more confident and authoritative if you you’re speaking on a topic that you have some knowledge about. About an hour before my speech, I bought myself some frozen yogurt, which is my ultimate treat. Levo League is the first online destination designed to provide Gen Y women with advice, mentorship and career opportunities. What is Your Coffee BreakYour Coffee Break is a lifestyle magazine for the professional woman bringing you the latest in Fashion, Career Management, Entertainment and Celebrity News, Beauty and Travel. Based in Covent Garden and Knightsbridge, in the heart of London, Your Coffee Break has rapidly established itself as a go-to magazine for career women and fashion-savvy ladies across the world, looking for inspiring content to read during their coffee break.
You don’t know what’s going to happen when you get up there on the podium and open your mouth. Not because there’s any physical or organic reason you can’t do it, but because you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t. Nothing can raise your confidence and allay your fears like taking a course in public speaking. Rehearse until you have them down pat, and put your speech on cards or a tablet so that you can consult your notes if you need to. The calmer and more relaxed you feel, the more you can concentrate on delivering your speech.
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Some of the most accomplished professionals are reduced to panic attacks over the prospect of speaking in front of a room full of strangers.

However, the more material that you have to create and remember, the more stressful it may be. That way you know how to target your presentation in order to pick the proper mood and tone for your speech. Remember that this next five minutes, or two hours, is an isolated period in time that will be over before you know it. You should adopt this mentality whenever you start feeling butterflies in your stomach over an upcoming public speech. While it’s a great idea to have your speech written out in prose or outline form, you should considered these tools as simple aids.
Some people hate standing still and get panicky or claustrophobic when stuck behind a podium. Taking a sip of water at certain points during your speech can allow you to pace your presentation. Prepare ahead of time by creating a script or outline, visit the site ahead of time, and always visualize success.
Studies have revealed that public speaking is one of the most common fears—even beating out death! It was the first time I had spoken in front of an audience since college and it was by far the largest audience I’ve ever spoken to.
Since I was asked to speak about my career path and networking, I didn’t have to do too much extra research. Pretty soon, you’ll be so comfortable with those former fears that you’ll see how unimportant they really are.
Some companies make these a requirement for rising execs, but just about any of us can benefit from mastering the ins and outs of speaking before a crowd. We know from watching last year’s presidential debates that practically every candidate made a gaffe or two at some time. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big proposal to pitch, or a wedding toast to give, the pros here at UVISOR have compiled this list of tips to help you conquer your fear of public speaking once and for all! Instead once you’ve done your homework you should create a broad outline that provides lots of details about the information that will be contained within your speech. Knowing your audience should also help settle some of your nerves and give you some idea of what to expect regarding the potential reception of your speech. Instead of focusing on what can go wrong, focus on the content of your speech and what you intend to communicate to the public.
Remember that you are the person given the speech and your outline is simply there for when you need it.
The use of a projector or other visual aid will provide for variety of physical activity in the delivery of your speech, while also giving you a chance to breathe, put your back to the audience and recollect yourself if things have gotten a little too stressful. A sip of water is also a great way to buy yourself some time if things have gotten a little too stressful. If you’re feeling the symptoms of stress during your speech utilize a prop, take a sip of water, temper your expectations and remember that strict memorization is extremely overrated. I was extremely nervous leading up to the event, but as a result of my preparation, I delivered a clear, concise, and engaging speech.
First, if you don’t have time to memorize it, you’ll end up reading straight from the piece of paper; which is not very engaging. They all had different, yet helpful pieces of information such as I was giving too much background information on myself and not enough on how to effectively network. If a sugary snack isn’t your style, there are lots of other ways to make yourself feel good. You never know when you’ll want to protest your city’s trash collecting policies or help a friend run for local office.
Looking and acting confident can inspire trust in your audience—and distract them from the fact that your knees are knocking together.

Practice makes perfect, and this is the surest way to look at yourself from the outside and perfect your speech before giving it. If the people who want to run this country can’t get everything right all the time, it’s not very realistic to expect perfection from the rest of us! The better grasp you have on the issues and topics you will cover, the more likely you will have confidence during your speech.
Most importantly, sometimes the only expectation that you should set is that you just finish your speech, and properly convey your message within the time allotted to you. Its okay to deviate from the originally planned speech, and the ability to do so will allow you to be more flexible when and if surprises or changes occur that are out of your control. A sip of water will also quench your thirst, and level your heartbeat if you’re sweating because of stress. If you’re speaking on something for a school assignment, you’ll probably have to do a lot of research. The more coherent and organized your speech is, the easier it will be to deliver.Be prepared. If you’re lying in bed worrying about what could go wrong, isolate each possibility and ask yourself what you can do to prevent the problem. If you have trouble pronouncing some words, maybe you should change them, or practice saying them until you get them right. Setting expectations about how the audience may respond is somewhat pointless, and ultimately out of your control.
Remember that visualization is a great way to manage your stress by redirecting your attention away from unnecessary worries and concerns. I also practiced in front of a mirror, because it exposed any weird physical quirks like if you play with your hair or use your hands too much.
Whatever it is, the goal is to assuage some of the nervousness and make yourself feel competent and confident. If you have to get out of bed and do something to help you be more prepared, then do it—provided you go back to bed and get a good night’s sleep! The more often you deliver your speech, the better you will get at making your words flow effortlessly. All you need to do is first write out a tentative speech that includes everything you would like to say. When you visit the site ahead of time get a good look at the surroundings, and whether there is a podium, and other aids at your disposal.
For your very first speech, you may need to do this 20 or 30 times before you have it down, but the time spent will pay off in the long run.
From there create a bulleted list that contains the main points from each section of your speech.
After surveying the land you should try to visualize you speech and maybe even practice it a bit if that would not inconvenience others.
When I did my speech, I had a one page outline with a bulleted list of terms that jogged my memory and led me through my speech without being spelled out word for word.
I remedied this by having a glass of water on hand and forced myself to take an occasional sip.
The longer you work with the outline you should be able to condense it into a couple of keywords per bulleted point.

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