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An obstetrician provides medical care for pregnant women until delivery and the postpartum checkup. Doctors must attend medical school, take additional clinical training, and pass certification exams.
In places like the US, students must get into college and complete a four-year Bachelor of Science degree, preferably in pre-med.
Equally important is score on tests to get into medical school, called the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Medical school takes three to four years, and those doctors going immediately into general practice must also complete a year of training thereafter.
The educational requirements are significant for those who want to become a doctor, but they are not the only requirements necessary.
Since requirements to become a doctor can change, it’s important to stay on top of any new laws, exams or licensing regulations that may apply. I think this is great because I would like to become a cardiologist and I have set my mind on this goal since I was in the third grade (seven and eight years old).

Becoming a doctor isn't an easy task, so what I have got for my friends who also want to become a doctor is that they should try very hard and they should set a reason why they want to become a doctor, because without this reason, there will even be a time where they might stop this course. I think the thing that was most nerve-wracking for me as a pre-med graduate was taking the MCAT. When I first began studying pre-med at my university, I was nervous about how many steps were involved to become a doctor. Eventually, as I learned more about my field and got into more advanced classes, I became less worried about the time commitment. I'm curious as to learning how other people dealt with the stress of the thousands of qualifications needed to become a doctor? Being a doctor pays really well and it is a prestigious job, so if you have the brains for this you should stick it out. It is so scary thinking that if you can't get a good enough grade on one test, everything you have worked for as an undergrad could be gone in an instant.
While all of my friends were focused on earning their degrees in four years (or less for some of my friends), I was thinking about the seven to eight years I'd probably spend on my education at a minimum.

I think the most important thing for anyone who is thinking about becoming a doctor to understand is why they truly want to become a doctor. If I was only interested in the financial aspect of becoming a doctor, I probably wouldn't have made it through the years of schooling.
High scores on this test plus solid grades help to increase chance of acceptance to a medical school. Not everyone who goes to medical school becomes a doctor and not all people who would potentially be good doctors make it into medical school or through training thereafter. Ultimately, it worked out fine though. So, if you want my opinion on how to become a doctor, study hard during your undergraduate career. Learn as much as you can so that you don't have so much anxiety over one simple test like I did.

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qualifications to become a leader

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