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TestimonialsCloud-based Ticketing Services Provider “Our project manager provided excellent guidance to our company and helped us solve a very hard technical challenge during our recent Azure cloud migration.
IT-based systems have long become critical for business processes and software apps have conquered almost all spheres of our life.
The necessity for outside QA experts arises when companies’ in-house resources are unable to cope with the volume of work or there is no possibility to involve a full-time QA team. Quality Assurance Solutions involves various steps such as review of quality of services and remove the deficiencies.Quality assurance isn't just testing, or analysis.
Naturally, QA outsourcing has its benefits and pitfalls but if you decide to delegate your testing activities to the offshore team remember that it’s absolutely vital to hire experts in your problem domain. Quality assurance is a program by which the incharge of department evaluates the work done by the department.
While it’s absolutely clear that QA is a must the question remains whether to accomplish this activity in-house or go for more affordable offshore services.

Good QA experts can understand what your goal is by taking a look at software application you’re working on. The main aim of the quality assurance program is to provide assurance to the services done by the staff so that it match the assurance standards. Software project managers struggle to maintain a clear window through which to keep an eye on the development process. We've won repeat business with almost all of the clients for whom ABTO completed projects on our behalf."ABTO Software's customer, Ireland(Name not disclosed due to NDA)UP-GREAT AG"Such a good quality, paired with the promptness and such a great price-performance ratio is very rare. Poor access to the process leads project managers gradually to lose control over the process, resulting in schedule slippage, frustration, and sometimes loss of customers.
Software Quality Assurance (QA) can plays a vital role in providing clear vision into the development of software. For us it is one of our success factors to rely on a partner with the professional approach like ABTO to be successful in our market segments.

Full support is expected from QA by the project management team in this matter, even though the role of QA is to ensure process compliance. As pre IEEE Standard "The quality assurance is a process for providing adequate assurance that the software products and processes in the product life cycle conform to their specific requirements and adhere to their established plans." Software Quality Assurance (QA)is done to bring visibility into the software development process of low- and medium-maturity organizations. Even though these processes are distinct, they both aim at providing visibility into the software development process. If managed well, both these processes together will provide better visibility and control over the software development process.

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quality assurance course nmmu

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